Online Teen Driving School – A Good Or Bad Idea?

Online Driving Class

By now, it’s obvious the world of education has changed in a big way. What used to require a classroom, an instructor, desks, and a chalkboard now only requires an internet-connected device. From certifications to online traffic schools to full-blown college degrees, and yes, even drivers education courses – they are all offered online now.

But just because an online teen driving school is available, does it really make it a better option than classroom-based driving schools?

As a certified CDL-A driving instructor, I wanted to shed some light on this subject and help parents, as well as teens, decide if taking a teen driving school online or in a classroom is the best option.

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Who Should NOT Take An Online Teen Driving School

I can say with certainty that the vast majority of drivers ed students would, in fact, benefit from taking a teen driving school that is online-based. I’ll get into the reasons why below, but like anything else, one solution doesn’t fit all.

If you are the type of student that requires some structure, going with a classroom-based teen driving school is probably a better option. With an online drivers ed course, you will be required to be self-motivated and go at your own pace. You also don’t have an instructor available if you have any issues while you progress through the course. Your instructors become mom and dad.

Truth be told, some drivers ed students simply learn better in a classroom environment where questions can be asked, group projects are completed, and you actually get real face-to-face interaction while you learn from an instructor while amongst your peers. If this sounds like you, there is nothing wrong with completing your drivers ed course “the old fashioned way”. Just be honest with yourself and go with whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Why An Online Teen Driving School Is Better For Most Drivers Ed Students

Taking an online teen driving school really is the best option for most new drivers ed students. Teens today were born long after the internet became mainstream, so figuring out how to navigate and use the course normally requires almost no learning curve. But what about the course itself?

Fortunately, most higher quality teen driving schools such as this one are interactive and require feedback from students. In a world where we all seem to be ADHD and constantly need something to do, teen drivers ed courses that are based online meet this need. By being interactive, it helps students to retain information better. Let’s face it, learning about driving rules and regulations is not the most fun thing in the world, so when it gets spiced up with videos, graphics, cartoons, games, and other things to keep the brain awake, it leads to better test scores on the written driving exam.

In addition, students are able to log into and out of the course at their own pace. With a classroom, you have to be in your seat whether you’re truly ready to learn or not. With an online course, students only take the course when THEY are ready to learn.

Since everything is based online, it is also easy to go back and review information, re-watch videos, and re-take quizzes/exams. No more worries about disrupting the class or taking notes that you don’t understand later.

But how does this all translate into safety? Fortunately, multiple studies have shown that students who complete their teen driving school online tend to be SAFER in the long-term. Isn’t that really what this is all about? The driving habits teens form now will likely last the rest of their lives, so going with the most proven option is advantages. The safest option is now undoubtedly taking drivers ed online.

Why Not Go With Both?

Why not get the best of both worlds? If you’re a teen reading this, you’re probably rolling your eyes. Who would want to take a classroom course AND an online course on the same subject? If you’re a parent, however, you probably already see where I’m going with this.

Look, it’s an unfortunate fact, but driving is the most dangerous activity we perform on a day-to-day basis. The freedom driving provides us with is incredible, but the safety issues are still a massive concern. It has been proven time and time again that most of our driving habits are formed early on during our driving career. After that, our habits just get reinforced and tougher to break, whether you have good habits or bad ones.

Most parents recognize this and many are now sending their teens to a classroom-based course, then having them complete an online course after that. Investing in your child’s safety is always money well spent.


Sometimes parents are concerned about these “new” driving schools that are online, but as long as your teen signs up for a quality course, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned with. Be sure you check out my list of online drivers ed reviews and find the online teen driving school you are most comfortable with.