Reasons Why You Should Have A Dash Cam In Your Car

Reasons Why You Should Have A Dashcam In Your Car

People have grown accustomed to feeling secure, especially while driving their vehicles. Over the years, cars have become equipped with anti-lock brakes, seat belts, airbags, and more to keep drivers and passengers safe.

More and more consumers are relying on safety ratings, and other sources of information, before making a purchase. However, there are many other reasons, aside from security, to have a dashcam in your car.

A Dash Cam May Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Depending on where you live, and who your insurance provider is, installing a camera in your car might reduce your insurance costs.

Many insurers offer discounts, on vehicles with additional safety features, so it could be worthwhile to ask your provider if the option pertains to your policy. After all, who couldn’t stand to save some money?

Consider installing a Nextbase NBDVR122, if you are looking for a low-cost option, to lower your monthly insurance bill. While it may not be as flashy as some of the other models, it is an excellent option to give you the most bang for your buck. You are not looking to spend a fortune, but you still expect to receive a high-quality product.

It has a 4-times digital zoom and records video in 1080P x 720P HD. The 120-degree wide-angle lens and infrared night vision, allow for detailed images to be captured, regardless of the time of day.

Recordings are easy to view on the 2.7″ LCD screen, and the functions are simple to learn how to use. The dash cam will support a 32 GB TF card, but one does not come in the package. It does not have loop recording, so after the memory card becomes full, the screen will turn blue, and no recording will commence until you have made room by deleting files.

This dash cam can also connect to a monitor or television, with an HDMI wire, to gain the full effect of the exceptional analytical playback. It also features G-sensor technology, which locks in the video when an accident occurs. The motion detection option starts recording when movement occurs to keep your vehicle safe, even when you are not inside. This dash cam is worthy of a chance to prove its worth to you, especially if having it can save you money.

Get A Dash Cam For Aesthetic Appeal And To Have A New Toy To Play With

If you haven’t thought about purchasing a dash cam, just because it looks cool, then you have not looked at the right ones. Okay, so maybe this is not the best reason to have a dash cam, but it does happen. Many models have the appearance of a tablet or smartphone, while others have an out-of-this-world look. They often have touchscreens, or keys, and who doesn’t enjoy exploring pushing new buttons? Choosing an item, simply because it is nice to look at, is not always the smartest practice, but you should consider this dash cam if appearance is one of your main concerns.

Unlike many of the other cameras for sale, the TSV 1080P Car Dual Dash Cam, is ready for action. The package includes a compatible 32GB SanDisk Class 10 TF Card for added convenience. It is small, has a sophisticated and inconspicuous look so that it won’t attract attention from people walking, or driving, past your car. The 150-degree 6 Layers lens captures images in 1920×1080 Full-HD resolution at 30 FPS. In other words, the videos are clear and easily viewable on the 2.7″ TFT screen. Other aspects that make this dash cam stand out among the others are…

  • Loop recording overwrites old data first, for a seamless transition, without gaps in time
  • G-sensor technology locks files from accidents in place, to prevent them from becoming erased
  • An optional GPS mode keeps track of your route

The TaoTronics dash cam, TT-CD05, sells at for $69.99 and is even offered with a 30-day money back, 12-month replacement warranty. For under one hundred bucks, you receive a user-friendly camera that is functional, easy on the eyes, and plenty of features to justify the price. Not everyone buys a dashboard camera for the same reason, but this option is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons.

Keep Track Of Your Teen’s Driving Habits

Just because your teen is old enough to drive, does not mean they are always going to make the right decisions. Attempting to keep your child out of harm’s way, should not be considered spying. Many models come equipped with GPS, which tracks routes, and some units even keep tabs on how fast the vehicle is going. Utilize your camera’s abilities to ensure that no childish behavior, or reckless driving, is taking place. All it takes is one minor slip-up to have devastating consequences, so promote safe driving practices with your dashcam.

You do not have to go behind their back or feel sneaky about putting it in, but instead, show them how to operate the camera. If young drivers embrace the benefits that these cams provide, their driving can improve significantly. The Indigi NEW XR300 BlackBox Car DVR Dash Cam resembles a smartphone, which most of our teens have these days, so learning to use the interface should be a breeze. It has a large 4″ touchscreen display that allows for the reviewing of stored data and on-the-fly adjustments. The company offers a solid 5-year warranty, along with stellar, lifetime customer service.

The 170-degree wide-angle lens captures images in 1920×1080P resolution at 30 frames per second. The recordings are crisp and clear, so license plates, street signs, and other items will be highly visible. Are you worried about your vehicle, being parked at your teen’s school, or another area? The Touch PRO HD has a motion detection feature that starts recording once movement is recognized. With any luck, nothing will happen to your car, but if it does, your camera might capture an image of the perpetrator. You can then show the photo to the proper authorities, and insurance adjusters, to prove fault.