Best Quality Rear Car Cameras For Recording Accidents

Best Quality Rear Car Camera For Recording Accidents

When an accident occurs, it is just as important to have access to a recording from the back of your vehicle as it is in the front. It can capture images of hit and run drivers, as well as pictures of another car that may have caused the accident.

However, if your rear car camera does not effectively do the job that it was intended to do, you could be left with unanswered questions. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it can help determine fault quickly.

There are vast amounts of identifying factors that contribute to the quality of a rear car camera like durability, functionality, and most importantly, it should record crisp and concise videos that are easy to see and retrieve. After all, what good are these images to you, if you can’t get to them?

The Rexing V1P Front & Rear Car Camera

Purchasing the Rexing V1P from Amazon will set you back $129.99, but it is well worth your hard-earned money. It has an aesthetically pleasing design that allows it to fit right in with your style. It is black in color and blends in easily with your existing vehicle interior for concealment.

One aspect that sets this dash cam apart from the rest is the rear car camera. It can conveniently be mounted on the inside, or outside of your vehicle. The rear car camera is fully weatherproof making it ideal for use in various outdoor elements. On standard models, this cam mounts inside of the car, where it must contend with glares from the window, dirt, grime, and a variety of other elements to give you a clear video. Prominent features that set this rear car camera apart are…

  • Dual channel recording
  • Full HD recording at 1920X1080 Full-HD video resolution at 30fps
  • Night vision and Wide Dynamic Range capabilities with a 170-degree camera angle
  • Loop recording
  • Auto accident detection

The unit supports a 128GB MicroSD memory card, that must be purchased separately. It is also notable to mention that the company recommends using a Lexar High-Performance microSDHC, and it must be formatted while it installed in the cam. The rear car camera comes with an eighteen-foot cable, which gives you more than enough to mount the cam just about anywhere that you want, as well as leave you with enough extra to hide under the carpet or along the edge of the headliner.

Customer satisfaction is a high priority of the company. They offer 24-hour customer service response time and an eighteen-month warranty to ensure that your dash cam is working as specified. The first cam, as well as the rear car camera, are easy to install. A reliable 3M adhesive mount comes in the packaging, but there is also an optional suction cup mount available. The mount must be purchased separately though. All of these features, functions, bells, and whistles contribute to this the best quality rear car camera for recording accidents.

Thinkware F200D Front & Rear Car Camera

Sleek, efficient, and affordable, the Thinkware F200D, is another good option for recording accidents at the rear of your vehicle. It sells at over $100, making the purchase a little more on the expensive side, but the quality is worth it. It even comes with a compatible micro SD card for added convenience. Simply install it straight out of the box and start recording. Other remarkable features include…

  • 170-degree wide-angle front camera
  • The rear car camera features a 160-degree wide-angle with built-in night vision enhancement
  • The primary camera features Full-HD 1920x1080P, captured through a 6 Layers Glass Lens
  • Dust and waterproof rear car camera

Allowing for easy installation, you will likely not require outside assistance for the mounting, or other processes. Most importantly, when dealing with a rear crash, you need reliable, clear, and vividly detailed images, which this rear cam provides. Before deciding on one particular model, research, and find the one that best suits your needs, but you should definitely keep this one in mind.

Rexing V3 Front & Rear Cabin Facing Car Camera

The Rexing V3 Car Camera is equally, as equipped as the other two cameras to record rear crashes, but it records both front, and back views, from the front dash. It has a built-in double lens that captures the front, cabin area, and rear of your vehicle. Efficiently capture images simultaneously with this uniquely designed dashcam. It is a bit more on the expensive side, but once again you are paying for quality.

Thanks to the on and off functionality, you do not have to worry about draining your battery. The power to your car determines whether the camera is on, or shut down, so there is no forgetting to turn it off unless you accidentally leave your car running. The front wide 170-degree angle lens, and the rear wide 120-degree angle lens offer suitable images, even in dark places.

Playback mode provides you with the ability to watch your recorded videos, conveniently, on the device itself. Equipped with a 2.7″ 16:9 High Definition LCD screen, the images are highly visible, which is a convenience that is appreciated by consumers. It is also easy to install and set-up, only requiring the date and time to be entered to begin recording.

Rear Car Cameras Are Not All Created Equal

Look at reviews, discuss dash cams in forums, and be sure that you make an informed decision before making an impulsive buy. Many dash cams do not come with the memory card, so if that is important to you, read the fine print. Some models come with parking mode, while another brand may have excellent customer service. The possibilities are endless.

Make a list of your needs and wants, apply it to your researched findings, and choose the camera that makes the most sense for your unique situation. Not all dash cams are created equal, and to find one of the best quality is of the utmost importance. Just because a front facing camera captures beautiful images, if you need it for rear facing purposes, that does not help you one bit. Know what you are getting before you buy for optimal results and a better experience.