How To Pick The Right Online Driving School

How To Pick The Right Online Driving School

So you’re of age, coming of age, or already well past being of age and you want to get a driver’s license. 

Things have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Back in the 20th century, there was only one way to get into a driver’s school. 

You had to pick up a huge, massive book known as “the yellow pages,” which listed all the businesses, alphabetically, according to class, then go to “D” for driving school, call up the school, pay your money, attend and hope your roll of the dice paid off and you got into a good school. 

Unless you had friends that attended the same school, there was no way of knowing what your experience was going to be like.

Fast forward to the 21st century, which still somehow doesn’t have flying cars, jetpacks, or colonies on Mars, and things are pretty different. 

The Internet exists! The yellow pages are now this thing that some people still get that might be used for kindling in the fireplace, or maybe like a cat litter box. 

Everyone else just Googles up the results that they’re looking for, so you now have instant access online to all the driving schools.

But one of the other big changes that come with driving schools these days is that they don’t just have to be physical buildings with classrooms where you go inside, take notes, listen to lectures and watch videos.

That CAN be the way to learn if you prefer it, it’s just not the only way. You can attend some of your driving schools online! Just not all of it.

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Why This Is A Good Idea

First off, it’s important to understand that there is no such thing as a 100% online driving education. 

This is flat out impossible, because, at some point, you will HAVE to get into a car and get some actual real-world experience. 

You may choose not to do this with a school, and either try learning on your own or with your friends or relatives to save money. 

Even then, however, you’re still learning, you’re just not doing it with a certified instructor.

But learning driving theory and traffic law is pretty easy to do from just about anywhere, which is why an online driving school for this specific component of your driving education doesn’t just make sense, in some cases it can be a lot more convenient and efficient for you. 

With an online driving school, you can study and work on your own time, do all your work and your tests on your computer, and even be tested this way. 

This gives you a lot more control over your schedule and workflow, which is great for people with other commitments like jobs, classes, or other things that take up their time.

But not all online driving schools are created equally. So even if you’ve decided that this might be the right solution for you, how do you pick a good one?

Your First Step Is Right Here

Fortunately for you, if you’re already reading this article on this website, you’ve taken a smart first step. 

One of the big challenges in finding the right driving school is quality. Slapping together a website and saying “I teach driving online, so gimme all your money” is pretty easy to do. 

What you want to do is find a reputable source that takes the time to evaluate these different schools and provide the low down you need to make an actual decision.

Drive-Safely.Net was put together explicitly for this purpose. 

We’re not owned by a big company, we don’t have any agenda other than making sure the schools that want to teach people how to be responsible drivers are put in touch with the people that want to BE responsible drivers. 

We’re like that guy that throws all the house parties that bring people together but ends up drinking alone at the end of the night. That’s not your problem though. Your problem is this next one.

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Location, Location, Location

The good news is that an online driving school can be anywhere on the planet! The bad news is, if it’s not in your particular part of the planet, the education you get there may not do you much good. 

You may find traffic law in Zimbabwe fascinating, but that won’t help you get a license in California. However, the same thing applies if you live in California and you’re looking at an online driving school based in New York.

Always make sure that the school you’re looking for teaches driving—and more importantly traffic law—for the state you live and will be driving in. 

There are variations from one state to the next, and these little differences matter. Make sure you get them right.

Read Lots Of Reviews

Even once you’re on Drive-Safely.Net and studying up on the various schools, you shouldn’t necessarily stop with just what we have to say about a school. Lots of resources exist where people just like you have left online reviews of different places. 

If you want a more complete picture of what the school is like and what people who attended liked and didn’t like, take the time to read these reviews. 

You may find out more specific information that can help clarify your decision, or even point out a concern you specifically have that others might not.

One source of reputable information like us is always a good place to start, but that doesn’t mean you need to make the endpoint of your search. If you want more information, you can always find it. 

Your driving education is important. Taking it online is a great decision, but make sure it’s the right school for you.

Think About Your Learning Preferences

At the end of the day, you are the one going to sit through the entire course and take the exam. Take advantage of the several options available to suit your learning style.

Visual learners will find courses that utilize videos and animations to explain important courses more suited to their liking. 

Auditory learners may want to consider looking for courses that have read-along features – some courses have this for free, while you’ll need to purchase it as an add-on feature in others.

Kinesthetic learners might do well in courses that have a lot of interactive quizzes.

Still, there will be some of you who prefer to read the text and take notes while completing the course.

You can also choose if you want to do it alone at your own pace, or if you want to learn together with online classmates – this is possible through Livestream classes that some schools offer. You’ll also get an instructor who can answer your question in real-time while still being comfortable at home.

You’ll find all of these options available in online courses, you just have to check carefully – that’s why reviews such as this exist so that you don’t have to do a lot of research.

Wrapping Up

With all things said, the bottom line is picking the right online driving school can be a bit of a challenge because there are several options to choose from.

It’s also likely to fall into online scams if you don’t know what to look for. But checking out reliable reviews such as what Drive-Safely.Net offers can help you start. 

And, as we’ve said, there are other factors to consider when choosing a school, but in the end, it all boils down to which school will be able to provide the best learning experience for you. So choose carefully!

Good luck! 

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