Driving School Is For Adults Too

Driving School Is For Adults Too
Most people in America have, traditionally, gotten their license to drive as quickly as humanly possible, already reading up on license applications at the age of 14-15 and chomping at the bit to get in there and get certified by the by the time midnight on their 16th birthday hits. But just because that’s the way most people do it, that doesn’t mean that all people do it that way.

Some people may not have been so eager to learn how to drive. Maybe in some cases they couldn’t. There are specific examples, such as people with eye problems that were initially declared legally blind—and so not to fit to drive—until recent advances in corrective eye surgery fixed the problem.

Now, as older adults, they’re good to go. Other people might have spent most of their lives living deep in the core of some downtown urban center like New York city and didn’t actually NEED a car to get anywhere… until they moved to a town in Texas.

Whatever the case, there are a lot of people in America who are adults and are only now in a position where they want—or need—to learn to drive.

And that’s TOTALLY okay. There’s no shame in starting later, and for all we know, this could be a moot point in 30 years anyway if cars are driving themselves. In the meantime however, if you need a car, you’re going to need to drive it yourself, and you’ll need a license to do that. The best way to learn how to drive—aside from getting lots of practice—is to go to a driving school, but why go to building to attend school when you go online?

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All The Kids Are Doing It

If you’ve never been to a driving school, now, at least for the theoretical component, you may no longer have to. In the same way that the Internet has made it possible for you to do your shopping, movie watching and cat video binging all online, they’ve done the same thing with driving schools.

Most teenagers are already aware of this, since they pretty much live on the Internet, but if you’re a fully functioning adult that still has ties to the physical world and doesn’t live off Mountain Dew, Doritos and Internet memes alone, this may come as news to you.

You can study your driving techniques and traffic laws online, and there are a lot of good reasons you’ll want to do so. We’ve got a few of them right here.

Do It On Your Time

For an adult that already has a lot of family and professional commitments, this is the #1 top reason to consider your theory component online. The old way involved signing up for a school, getting a weekly schedule, and then pushing all your other commitments around to make time for getting down to the driving school, attending classes, watching videos and taking exams.

All of this stuff is absolutely necessary to get a good, safe, thorough education in what it means to be a responsible driver, so don’t knock the info, it’s good stuff.

But, it’s a HUGE time-sink.

Between the transport to and from the school, and the hours required to attend, which are usually during business hours, or just after, this is going to wreak havoc with any adult that has a full life. If there’s a family involved it becomes even more difficult.

With an online driving school, you don’t have to consider travel-time to and from a facility, you don’t have to do your work on a fixed schedule for the class, and—and for some this is a big motivation—you don’t have to be in the same room with a bunch of teenagers that will make you feel old and obsolete before your time.

If you’re a fast reader, you can also get through materials at a much faster pace on your own, and, it’s more interesting to study the driving theory online because it’s a little bit more interactive than just reading off a sheet of paper handed out in class, or watching a presentation on a screen. Testing is also done online, so you really have the luxury of controlling your own pace and schedule in a way you couldn’t with old driving schools.

Basically, if you waited until now to get your driving license, then, as a mature adult, you’ve actually come at a great time to learn. It’s so much better for you NOW than it was for your peers when they were 16.

Make Sure To Do It Right

So great, you’re sold. You know you want to get your license and you even know you want to do it online. Now you’ve got to make sure you do it the right way.

Just being right here, on this website, means you’ve already taken the first, important right step; get good information. Drive-Safely.Net is the place to go for honest, unbiased and professional reviews of different driving schools. A good rating here means a good school, period.

But beyond that, you have to make sure that the driving school you’re interested in offers courses for your state. If you live in one of the bigger states like California or Texas, this is usually not an issue, as most of these schools service these states.

If you’re living in some place smaller like Rhode Island or Vermont, then be a little more careful and make sure the school you’re interested in is certified for your state of residence.

Also, and this cannot be stressed enough, GET GOOD DRIVING LESSONS. All the theory in the world isn’t going to help you if you don’t get some quality time behind an actual steering wheel, learning to drive properly. Your driving education is super important, but your actual driving experience should also be done right. Don’t skimp out on that.

Best Adult Driver’s Ed Courses Online

So here you are, you’re now ready to take the course. But where to start?

Well, here are two of the best online driver’s ed for adults that I recommend. Not every course will be available in your state so make sure to double-check before you sign up.

Here are the schools:

If you live in California, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Illinois, or Pennsylvania, I highly recommend Aceable as it offers the most modern course content. 

Their main selling point is their dedicated app for mobile devices that allows for a seamless learning experience on the go. The app seldom encounters technical issues. You’ll also be acquainted with a very cool mascot, Ace, that can assist you throughout the course.

In addition to video lessons, animations, and graphics, they also included 3D Driving simulations to make their lessons more interactive. 

This school is fairly new, though. Even if it’s already one of the highest-rated online driving schools, some of you may prefer signing up with a school that has more experience in the industry.

If that’s your preference, then I’d recommend iDriveSafely for you. It has been around for more than 20 years and has already served over 5 million students. You’ll get to choose between text or video-based programs, each for a very affordable price. 

What’s more, you’ll find their course content pretty straightforward. Each chapter is broken into small, digestible units that allow you to take in concepts one at a time. It’s perfect for those who want a simple course that they can complete quickly.

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