9 Reasons Online Drivers Ed is Better Than a Classroom

9 Reasons Online Drivers Ed is Better Than a Classroom

Taking online drivers ed instead of going to a classroom is becoming more and more popular as technology improves. While home-based online drivers ed is nothing new, only recently has it become more popular. But the real question every parent asks never seems to get answered… Is online drivers ed as effective as traditional classroom drivers ed?

As a certified driving instructor, creator of online driving courses for truck drivers, and long-time reviewer of online drivers ed courses, I’m here to tell you emphatically that YES, taking drivers ed online is not only as effective as a classroom, but for many students, it is the most effective way to learn. All students are different and it’s true, there are some who learn better in a traditional classroom. But for most, the interactive nature of an online drivers ed course helps students retain information much better.

Below is my list of the top 6 reasons online drivers ed is better than a classroom.

Reason #9: Students Only Learn When They CHOOSE To Learn

Online Drivers Ed
In a typical classroom environment, students are forced to sit still in a rather uncomfortable chair and listen to lectures about driving rules and safety. To make matters worse, students don’t get to choose when to go to class. They are forced to go at set times including early mornings or in the evening when they’d rather be playing video games. With an online drivers ed course, students have to take the initiative. They go at their own pace with special tests and checkpoints along the way to make sure they are retaining information. If they don’t feel like going to class today, they don’t have to go. If they feel like going to class at midnight, that’s fine. Trust me, most teenagers don’t have any problems finishing their online drivers ed course as quickly as possible!

Reason #8: It’s Probably Cheaper

Online Drivers EdYeah, I know, this isn’t the main concern. But let’s face it, money IS a concern for most of us. Since online drivers ed has been shown to be as effective or more effective than a classroom, why not save a few bucks while you’re at it? Better yet? Many online traffic schools, like this one, guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Plus, any reputable online drivers ed program will have 24/7/365 live customer support via phone, chat, or email. As a certified driving instructor, I think an online drivers ed program is a great way to save money without taking any sort of risk. In fact, according to many studies, you’re probably better off with an online course. That’s why states allow online drivers ed in the first place!

Reason #7: Online Drivers Ed Teaches Responsibility & Self Discipline

Online Drivers EdFor most young adults, learning how to drive is more than just learning how to drive. It’s a huge milepost in their life (pardon the pun). Learning how to drive and getting that drivers license is like a transition into adulthood and increased freedoms. For parents, it’s a time of stress, worry, and wondering about what happened to their little baby! In the end, learning to drive really is a right of passage and with this right of passage comes responsibility (I know, I sound like a boring old man saying that). With an online drivers ed course, the student is the one who must be self-motivated to take the course and complete all of the proper requirements. If not, no license. There are no class times, there are no due dates, and there is no teacher there to hold your hand. It’s self-study, self-discipline, and self-motivation. The reward is increased freedom.

Reason #6: It’s A Science

Online Drivers EdSome online drivers ed programs, like the iDriveSafely online drivers ed course, have been around long enough to have this down to a science. iDriveSafely has had about 5 million people graduate from their courses and have been offering home-based online drivers ed since before the internet was a viable option (remember VHS tapes and – GASP! – books made out of paper!?). In other words, they have lots and lots of experience helping millions of teens get their drivers license. Their course has been revised and perfected several times. And iDriveSafely is just one example. See more examples here.

Reason #5: Parent Resources Included

Online Drivers EdI’ve always been baffled that most online drivers ed programs leave parents entirely out of the equation. Apparently, you as a parent, are supposed to automatically know how to teach your kids how to drive. Where do you start? Should you hit the highway from day one? Should you start in a parking lot? What about being asked certain questions you might not know the answer to? Thankfully, most online drivers ed courses include parent help guides and some of them are extremely thorough. Finally, someone is looking out for “the rents.”

Reason #4: Insurance Discounts!

Online Drivers Ed

Enrolling in an online driverś ed course usually means you’ll be entitled to receive insurance discounts after completing it. This is something that is seldom offered by traditional in-person driving schools.

To give you an idea, you can save up to 10% on your insurance costs for completing an online driver’s education (or a defensive driving) course. Of course, this will be subject to terms and conditions set by your insurance provider. But if you find the best deal, you may even end up getting more discounts here!

This is a big deal especially for first-time drivers who are students without any means to support their financial needs just yet.

Reason #3: Extra Perks Included

In addition to insurance discounts, most online driver’s education providers add something of value to make their product more enticing (as several options are now available, they have to up their game to gain more interest and customers).

For example, MyImprov gives away 4 FREE tickets to the renowned Improv Comedy Club to those who successfully complete their course. 

DriversEd has a limited-time offer of 20% discounts that comes with 1 FREE month of Allstate® Roadside Services. It may just be offered for a month, but think about how much you can save up in case you happen to meet an unfortunate roadside need during that first month.

There are many other special offers out there, you just need to have a quick eye to spot these special offers.

Reason #2: Several Course Options Available

Another thing I like about online driver’s ed courses is that there are several course options for me to choose from. You’ll find text-based courses, interactive classes, classes with audio-read-along features, and even live stream classes. Some even offer DVD course options.

Unlike traditional schools, you have an option here to select the course format that will best suit your learning style – you’ll have more control over how you’d like to learn.

Reason #1: It’s INTERACTIVE!

This is the #1 reason online driver’s ed is better than a classroom. These days, our brains are bombarded with TV, video games, music on-demand, social media, and text messages 24/7. It’s like we all collectively have ADHD at the same time! Well hey, you can either fight it or embrace it. 

These online driver’s ed courses are jam-packed with videos, animations, quizzes, games, and all the other sensory flashy things needed to keep us entertained. I’ve gone through many online driver’s ed courses myself and even I was entertained by most of them. 

Think of this as the opposite of a classroom. If you’re not clicking’ buttons, the course isn’t progressing. Needless to say, this is ultimately why online driver’s ed is way better than a classroom.

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