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Sears Driving School has a solid reputation in the drivers education industry. How Sears got involved in drivers ed, I have no idea. But nonetheless, they have established themselves as a very reputable driving school.

The Pros

Unlike many other local drivers education schools, this one is backed by a multi-million dollar company. That means the facilities and classrooms will be nice (sometimes within a Sears store itself) and the vehicles will be in top shape. In most cases, the Sears Driver Ed School has its own mechanics which ensure their driver training vehicles are in top condition. That’s a serious advantage to the smaller driver ed programs.

Sears driver training is known for its quality instruction. It’s considered one of the best driving schools in the country. They hire very well qualified instructors who all undergo background investigations. Going with the Sears drivers ed program is about the safest choice you could make. While I personally prefer online drivers education for the classroom and book work portion (it’s way more interactive and effective), this is still a great choice for those who are unable to take their classroom portion online (not all states allow online instruction yet). It’s also a good option for parents who want their teens to learn the driving portion from a qualified instructor (example: Texas allows an online home study course where the parents act as driving instructors).

By far, the biggest advantage you get with this school is the peace of mind. You don’t have to question whether it’s a good program or not. They are well established in the industry and have been providing quality driver training for many years.

The Cons

By far, the biggest con is price. Sears Teen Drivers Ed is pretty expensive. The price varies by location, but even Sears admits that their program is pricey. It is claimed that the quality of instruction reflects the increased cost, and I tend to agree with that from the research I’ve done.

Another problem is there aren’t any online modules. Quite a few drivers ed schools are now offering a chunk of their “classroom training” online. This limits commute times to the school as well as the boredom of being lectured to. Online drivers education programs have been proven to be more effective than typical classroom settings. Luckily, they do accept online driving school certificates from online driver ed programs such as iDriveSafely and TeenDrivingCourse. That way, you can still get the quality driving instruction from a Sears driving instructor after you do the book work online.

Other than that, I can’t think of too many bad things about this program. It’s a very solid driving school and if you are willing to pay the added cost, Sears Driving School is one of the best programs in the country.

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