New Illinois Traffic Laws

New Illinois Traffic Laws

Illinois traffic laws protect all who share our streets and highways. It is important to obey the
orders of a police officer, firefighter, highway authority official or uniformed adult
school crossing guard who is directing traffic or performing his/her official duties.

New Laws

  • Slow-moving vehicle emblems may not be displayed on an object other than an animal-drawn vehicle, farm tractor, implement of husbandry and certain special mobile
  • The Secretary of State’s office may adopt rules to establish informational restrictions that can be placed on a driver’s license specific to conditions of the licensee.
  • A vehicle used by someone driving on a suspended or revoked license is subject to
    seizure and forfeiture if the driver’s privileges were revoked or suspended for certain violations in another state.
  • Using a wireless/cellphone device is prohibited while driving within 500 feet of an
    emergency scene, except in certain circumstances.
  • A person driving a commercial motor vehicle is prohibited from using a hand-held
    cellphone or texting.
  • The prohibition of wireless/cellphone use in a construction or maintenance zone
    includes the area where signage is posted advising drivers that a construction or
    maintenance zone is being approached.
  • A motorcycle rider may proceed, after yielding the right-of-way to oncoming traffic,
    through a red light that fails to turn green after waiting for at least 120 seconds.
  • A driver involved in a motor vehicle crash resulting only in damage to a vehicle may
    move the vehicle as soon as possible to the nearest safe location that does not
    obstruct traffic in order to exchange and render aid.
  • The Secretary of State’s office may suspend the driver’s license of a person determined by a court to have engaged in child visitation abuse.

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