Louisiana Online Traffic School Reviews

Louisiana Online Traffic School Reviews

Louisiana speeding ticket dismissal has never been easier! If you’ve recently fallen victim to a Louisiana traffic ticket, chances are you can take a defensive driving class to get that ticket dismissed. But instead of taking it in a traditional classroom (very boring) you can do it all online in your PJ’s from the comfort of your own home (slightly less boring).

But here’s the thing. There are a ton of Louisiana online driving schools available and most of them are pretty awful. They just set up low budget crap courses and take your money. That’s where I come in to save the day.

These Louisiana speeding ticket dismissal courses are legit

Louisiana Online Traffic School ReviewsLet me explain something. Other than this website, I pretty much live a very boring and sad life. To spare you from the same fate, I’ve personally gone through dozens of online driving schools to see which ones are the best for Louisiana speeding ticket dismissal. Out of all the driving schools I went through, only 2 of them make the final cut? Why? Because they are the only online traffic schools that meet my standards on price, course quality, state certification, and a bunch of other boring crap you don’t have the time to research.

Warning: I’m tellin’ ya now… If you sign up for any online driving class other than what I’ve listed, you’re either signing up for a junk driving school or are simply getting ripped off. For the love of your wallet and your sanity, listen to me on this!

Note: Not all jurisdictions allow online defensive driving courses to dismiss your Louisiana speeding ticket or other traffic ticket. The below online driving courses will verify that you’re eligible before you dish out the cash.

Drum roll please! Here are my recommended and state approved Louisiana speeding ticket dismissal courses

My top pick: iDriveSafely

UPDATE: Use link for special Louisiana pricing.

Why I recommend them:

  • This is the quickest course allowed by law to dismiss your Louisiana speeding ticket or other moving violation.
  • When you get bored (you probably will) just come back to it later. They keep track of your progress.
  • Course is broken down into really short sections. It makes time go by a little less slowly.
  • Animations and graphics that help keep you awake.
  • No technical knowledge needed. Anybody could figure out how to use this course.
  • After each section, there is a really quick interactive quiz so ensure you pass the final exam on your first try (you’ll be overly prepared).
  • Here’s a good one. You can’t fail it! Just keep taking the final exam until you pass.
  • They have 24/7/365 customer service if you need it.
  • They are the original online driving school with more than 2-million people (guinea pigs) that have already used it.
  • Money back guarantee.

Click here to visit the iDriveSafely Website

(Use link for special Louisiana pricing.)

Want to know more? Gosh, you’re needy. Click here for my detailed review of iDriveSafely

My second choice: GoToTrafficSchool

Why I recommend them:

  • Lowest price guarantee. They really are the cheapest online driving school. I looked.
  • Save your spot and come back later if you want to.
  • Use any computer at any point throughout the course (start on one, continue on another, etc.).
  • The animations they use are pretty low budget, but it’s waaaay better than the “text only” courses.
  • My dog is smart enough to use this course. And he’s not a real smart dog.
  • If you fail the final exam, just keep on taking it until you pass. They have a 100% pass rate!
  • 24/7 customer service (I didn’t need to use it, but it’s there).
  • Good rating and solid history with the Better Business Bureau.
  • More than 10 years in business. They’re a pretty safe bet.
  • Don’t pay till you pass.

Click here to visit the GoToTrafficSchool Website

(Use Promo Code MRD000A23 during signup!)

Still want to know more? Check out my detailed review of GoToTrafficSchool

My third choice: MyImprov Traffic School 

Why I recommend them:

  • Very convenient to take.
  • Considering the quality of education you’ll get, this course is very affordable!
  • 100% online – it’s accessible wherever you are using any mobile device connected to the internet.
  • They offer fast, humorous, and effective lessons, with hilarious comedy skits to boot!
  • You can access their customer support 24/7 if you need help.
  • You’ll get 4 FREE tickets to Improv Comedy Club for completing their course.
  • Professional comedy writers and road safety experts wrote the course, where else can you find that!
  • Their humorous, interactive, and engaging course material will keep you focused without getting bored.
  • They offer some of the shortest and fastest lessons out there. 
  • You’ll be able to complete the course in 30 minutes or less (if your state doesn’t require course timers). 
  • They can send your Certificate of Completion directly to your issuing court or your insurance carrier. They will also do all the filing for you and it’s for free! 
  • They offer a money-back guarantee.

Check out this fun video explaining MyImprov to you:  

Note: MyImprov is not yet approved in Louisiana. If you want to avail of their course, you have to ask special permission from the court handler. 

Final thoughts

So there you have it, my top three recommended online traffic schools in Louisiana.

I’m sure I got you convinced by now that online traffic school is far more convenient than in-person classes. 

Not only can you avoid having to drive between places and face time-consuming traffic, but you can take the course comfortably at home and also get more benefits!

Just make sure that you contact your court handler or insurance provider first to ask permission to enroll before you register! 

Good luck!

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