Know Before You Go: Florida Road Tests

Florida Road Test

Once you’ve taken your TLSAE Drug and Alcohol course, the next step is to complete the Florida road test. It may seem daunting, but know it’s the last step you’ll take before obtaining your driver’s license. Here’s what to expect.

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Your Road Test Appointment

You’ll be able to take your Intermediate Florida Driver’s License test once you have satisfied the following requirements:

  • you’ve turned 16;
  • you’ve had your Florida Learner’s License for at least 12 months and incurred no moving violations;
  • you passed all your required drivers ed courses;
  • you practiced for a minimum of 50 hours for behind-the-wheel driving, with 10 of those hours occurring at night.

To take the road test, visit the OASIS website and select the driver’s license skills test option.

Preparing for Your Florida Road Test

The state of Florida developed its road test to test how you implement your driver’s training in real-life situations. The bulk of the test will put you on busier, local streets, to see how you do in traffic. Nervous? Don’t be. Remember that you’ve done your training and know what’s required of you.

Your driving examiner will want to see that you’re in complete control of your vehicle. To demonstrate this, make sure you’re familiar with your vehicle and its controls. (Quick note: We recommend using the vehicle you learned to drive in for your road test.)

As you continue through the Florida road test, your examiner will look for signs that you’re confidently handling each maneuver safely and skillfully. This includes staying in your lane (not swerving), proper use of turn signals, checking blind spots, and smooth transitions from stop to start.

Other items important to your examiner: adhering to speed limits, driving at a safe distance from other vehicles, and obeying all road signs and signals.

Reviewing Basic Skills

In addition to demonstrating that you’re a confident driver, you will be tested on a few specific skills, such as:

  • Obeying speed laws, road signs, and traffic signals
  • Safe lane changes
  • Proper use of turn signals and mirrors
  • Parallel parking
  • Backing up
  • Making proper turns including a U-turn and a 3-point turn

3 Ways to Show You’re Ready for Your Road Test

Take the following actions when behind the wheel for your road test to show your examiner you are prepared for different driving situations. The examiner will be watching your behavior in each situation.

Keep your eyes forward, on the road, and your hands at the 9 and 3 positions on the steering wheel. These are extremely important first steps that demonstrate you’re a safe driver.

Check your mirrors frequently—especially the side mirrors—shows you’re aware of your surroundings.

Continually scan the road and expect the unexpected: quick speed changes, pedestrians, or sudden increases in traffic.

Also, you’re driving examiner will likely be taking notes. This is routine; don’t let it intimidate you! The examiner may simply be checking off requirements as you complete them. Stay focused on the road ahead—and not on your examiner—and you’ll do great.

VIDEO: What The Florida Road Test Will Be Like

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