How to Get A Maine Driving Record (A Complete Guide)

How to Get A Maine Driving Record (A Complete Guide)

There are times when you will need to get ahold of your Maine driving record

Say the court is asking for it. Maybe it’s your auto insurance company or prospective employer. 

Or maybe you just want to see if your record is clean or not. 

Whatever the case, it’s important to know how to get a Maine driving record. 

This is why, here, we’ve made a complete step-by-step guide for you. On top of that, we also share how to improve your record (if it’s less than stellar), as well as help you understand the point system in the state. 

So are you ready?

Let’s begin!

Types of Maine Driving Records

In Maine, there are four types of driving records available:

  • Three-Year Record
  • Ten-Year Record

It’s best to know the differences between these, so you know which one you need. Let’s explore them one by one.

Three-Year Driving Record

As its name implies, this driving record shows your tickets, accumulated points from various offenses, and previous license suspensions for the last three years.

You can request an electronic record of this (online), but it will be non-certified. This means it can only be for personal use. Also, it will not show personal information. 

You can request a certified record, too (certified copies are for official purposes). However, it can only be obtained through the mail and in person. 

Ten-Year Driving Record

A ten-year driving record contains the same information as a three-year record but for a longer duration. Sometimes, prospective employers prefer this, especially if you’re applying for a job that requires you to get behind the wheel.

And just like the three-year record, you can only get certified copies if you request by mail or in person.

How to Get Your Maine Driving Record 

As you saw, there are three ways to get a copy of your driving record in Maine:

  • Online
  • By Mail
  • In Person

Let’s look at the steps for each one. 

How to Get A Maine Driving Record Online

The most convenient way to get a copy of your driving record is to do it online. So unless you need a certified copy, it’s your best option for a three-year and ten-year record.

To complete the process online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Maine BMV’s online portal for Driver Records.
  1. Encode the following information:
    • Full name and date of birth 


  • Social Security Number and driver’s license number
  1. Follow the prompts on the screen.
  1. Pay the appropriate fee ($7 for a three-year record, $12 for a ten-year one)
  1. View and download your driving history. You can also print it if you want.

NOTE: Remember that electronic records do not show your personal information. You must request your driving history in person or by mail if you need it to appear on the document.

How to Get A Maine Driving Record By Mail

If you need a certified three- or ten-year record, or if you need a non-certified one with your personal information, then consider requesting by mail. 

Now, getting your driving record through mail requires sending a request in writing. Unlike other states, there is no standard form to use.

However, to ensure that your request is processed, do the following:

  1. Prepare a written request and include the following information:
    • Complete name (as it appears on your driver’s license), date of birth, and address
    • Whether or not you want copies of traffic reports, accident reports, or license suspensions
    • Whether you need a three-year or ten-year driving history
    • Whether or not you require a certified copy
  1. Enclose a check or money order payable to the Secretary of State ($5 for a three-year record and $10 for a ten-year record; you also need to pay a certified fee of $1+. If being faxed, there is an additional $2+ fee).
  1. Send everything to this address:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Driver License Services Division

29 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333

  1. Wait for your driving record to arrive via mail.

It’s important to note that requesting your driving history by mail may take longer. If you need your driving history immediately, you might want to use the in-person method. 

How to Get A Maine Driving Record In Person

Getting your driving record in person ensures you walk out of the BMV with it in hand.

If this fits your needs, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to a BMV branch near you. You can find all BMV locations here.
  1. Ask for a copy of your driving record and provide the required information.
  1. Pay the fees ($5 for a three-year history, $10 for a ten-year, and $1+ for a certified copy) 

How to Improve Your Maine Driving Record

As promised, we’re going to show you how to improve your Maine driving record if it isn’t the cleanest. 

  • Wait. Points only stay on your record for a year. Once that period passes, they’ll expire.
  • Stay conviction-free. You earn one credit point for each year you don’t commit new violations. You can accumulate up to four credit points and use them if you commit an offense that earns you points. This way, the demerit points won’t be counted. 
  • Complete a driver improvement course. An approved course earns you three credit points. However, you can only attend one per year.
  • Practice defensive driving. Be mindful of road signs and follow road rules. Try to spot potential hazards early to give you more time to respond to the situation appropriately. If you’re a defensive driver, you won’t receive demerit points. 
  • Drive when you’re in the right state. Driving requires focus, so you must be in the appropriate physical, emotional, and mental state when you’re behind the wheel.
  • Don’t drink and drive. It’s best to avoid having alcoholic drinks if you know you’re going to drive. If you can’t avoid drinking, ensure you have alternative ways of getting home.

Understanding the Point System in Maine

Like most states, Maine uses a point system to track drivers’ violations. Some offenses add two demerit points to your license, while others add eight, depending on the severity.

Here’s a list of possible offenses and their corresponding demerit points.

Offenses:Demerit Points:
Violating a traffic signal
Railroad crossing violation
Veering off your lane or losing control
Making an illegal turn
Obstructing or impeding traffic flow
Driving slower than the minimum allowable speed
Not using your headlights or taillights
Exceeding the allowable speed limit of not more than 15 mph
Accelerating excessively
Failure to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and vehicles
Driving with an obstructed view
Driving without a valid license
Failure to obey a stop sign
Driving in the incorrect direction
Exceeding the allowable speed limit by 15 to 30 mph
A minor possessing drugs and alcohol
Improper lane change
Passing violation
Leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage
Violating license restrictions
Driving with a suspended license8

If you accumulate too many demerit points, there are different penalties you will face. Let’s look at these in the table below. 

Demerit Points:Penalty:
6 points within a yearA warning detailing the penalties if you continue to accumulate points
12 points within a yearLicense suspension of up to 15 days
+1 demerit point after 12th point within the same yearLicense suspension of up to 15 days per point
3 suspensions within three yearsAdditional license suspension of up to 120 days for future offenses

The Wrap Up

And that concludes your complete guide on how to get a Maine driving record. 

If you just want a non-certified, electronic record, then it’s best to obtain it online. 

But if you need a certified record, then you might want to request for it by mail to avoid waiting in line. However, if you need the record immediately, then it’s best to ask for it at a BMV branch.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know what to do, go ahead and get your Maine driving record. 

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