How to Get A Louisiana Driving Record (A Complete Guide)

How to Get A Louisiana Driving Record (A Complete Guide)

Need to get hold of your Louisiana driving record?

Don’t know where or how to get it?

Don’t fret. 

We’re here to help you out. 

In this article, we’re going to give you a complete guide on how to get a Louisiana driving record. We’ll show you how to get it through all the different channels. 

Plus, we’ll also help you improve your driving record (if it isn’t the cleanest), and help you understand the ticketing system. 

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s go! 

Types of Driving Records in Louisiana

Some states have different driving records available — that isn’t the case in Louisiana. Here, there’s only one version.

The ODR, or Official Driving Record, contains the following information:

  • Whether or not your driving privileges are active (including CDL holders)
  • Any accident involving you, regardless of whether you were at fault or not
  • All your recorded offenses, such as tickets and accidents 

NOTE: Your ODR shows ALL your offenses, including those committed in another state.

Now, because there’s only one type of driving record in Louisiana, you can use the same document for personal or official use. 

Also, lawyers, prospective employers, and insurance and government agencies will see the same information when they request it.

How to Get My Driving Record in Louisiana

Drivers in Louisiana have three channels available to them if they want to secure a copy of their ODR:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In-person

The best method for you depends on your circumstance and preference. 

Our guide covers all three, so you’ll know what steps to take no matter which one you choose.

Let’s look at these channels in detail. 

How to Get Your Louisiana Driving Record Online

These days, convenience is key. 

That’s why so many Louisiana drivers take advantage of the online option.

The benefit of this approach is you don’t need to leave your house to get a copy of your ODR. 

The downside? It’s the only channel where you have to pay an additional amount because of an electronic commerce charge.

If you choose convenience over the expense, then here are the steps to getting your Louisiana driving record online: 

  1. Go to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles online portal.
  1. Encode the following information in the appropriate fields:
    • Name
    • Address and ZIP code
    • Date of birth
    • City and state
    • Driver’s license number
    • Driver’s license class

NOTE: Your information must match what’s written on your driver’s license.

  1. Follow the rest of the prompts.
  1. Pay the $16 fee, plus a $2 electronic commerce charge, using a debit or credit card.
  1. View your ODR (it’s only viewable for 30 days). You can also print a copy if you need to submit it. 

One more thing to note. The only time you cannot access your ODR online is between 11:30 pm to 4:00 am.

How to Get Your Louisiana Driving Record Through the Mail

Although most people prefer to do things online, it’s not for everyone. 

For one, you might feel iffy paying electronically. Or, maybe you don’t have ready access to the internet. 

Still, maybe you want to save as much as you can. 

Whatever the case, here is how to get your Louisiana driving record through the mail: 

  1. Download a copy of the ODR Request Form.
  1. Fill out all the necessary fields.
  1. Enclose your $16 payment through money order, cashier’s check, or certified funds.
  1. Mail everything to this address:

Office of Motor Vehicles

Attention: ODR

P.O. Box 64886

Baton Rouge, LA 70896

  1. Receive your ODR via mail

Remember, purchasing a copy of your ODR this way takes some time to arrive. You have to factor that into your plans. 

An online or in-person purchase might be better if you need your ODR immediately. But if you’re in no rush, then it’s not a problem. 

How to Get Your Louisiana Driving Record In-Person

The last option is getting your driving record in person. It might not be the most convenient way to do it, but it works if you’re not tech-savvy or in a rush.

Here’s what you need to do to get your ODR from a local OMV office:

  1. Download and fill out a copy of the ODR Request Form.
  1. Prepare the $16 fee.

NOTE: You can only pay through a cashier’s check, money order, or certified funds.

  1. Submit your application form and payment to an OMV office in one of these locations:
    • Alexandria
    • Baton Rouge
    • Lake Charles
    • Monroe
    • Shreveport
  1. Get a copy of your driving record.

Still very easy, right?

How to Get Someone Else’s Driving Record in Louisiana

What if you’re requesting someone else’s Louisiana driving record?

Well, you can only do so by mail or in person.

The process is the same, except you need to let the owner fill out the Authorization/Waiver to Release Sensitive Personal Information in the ODR request form. 

Plus, you must also present an authorization letter from the licensee confirming that they’re permitting the OMV to release their ODR to you.

How to Improve Your Louisiana Driving Record

So you already have a copy of your driving record.

When you look at it, you see that it isn’t as clean as you might hope. 

Remember, your driving record contains committed offenses. Unfortunately, there’s no way to erase these — the best thing is to wait until it no longer reflects on your ODR.

However, you can prevent your driving record from getting worse. And that means doing everything possible to avoid future offenses.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Brush up on your knowledge. Louisiana has many road rules, and it’s best to be familiar with them to avoid violations. It also helps to refresh yourself on traffic and road signs.
  • Practice caution when sharing the road. You’ll likely find yourself driving alongside other vehicles, including bicycles, motorcycles, and trucks. How you respond to them may keep you from getting into an accident. 
  • Keep an eye out for pedestrians. Vehicles aren’t the only things you share the road with — there are people to consider. Remember, they’re smaller and more challenging to see, so they’re more likely to catch you off guard.
  • Drive defensively. It’s normal to encounter different hazards while on the road. These include how other drivers behave. You might follow Louisiana road rules to a T, but it doesn’t apply to everyone. Responding quickly and appropriately to a potentially risky situation can help you avoid a crash.
  • Work on your emotional intelligence. Your physical condition isn’t the only thing affecting your driving ability. Your emotional state does, too. You’re more likely to engage in road rage if you have difficulty bouncing back after a bad day. 
  • Stay sober. We all know you mustn’t drink and drive. Although you only reach “legally drunk” status when your BAC hits 0.08% (around four drinks), having two is enough to affect your driving ability.
  • Attend Traffic School: If you still get a ticket after all this, a defensive driving course can help you keep it off your record. Besides that, it serves as a refresher for safe driving techniques.

Understanding the Ticketing System in Louisiana

Some states use a point system to keep track of your violations. Louisiana isn’t one of them. 

Instead, it’s part of the Problem Driver Pointer System, which shows information such as:

  • Personal details (name, gender, birthday, etc.)
  • Driver’s license number
  • List of suspensions, revocations, and traffic offenses
  • Previous license cancellations

The state decides whether or not you should be licensed based on your information in the PDPS. Too many violations also mean the OMV could suspend your driving privileges.

Here are some violations that could result in a license suspension:

  • DUI or DWI conviction
  • Refusal to undergo a breath/blood test
  • Felonies committed using a vehicle
  • Reckless driving
  • Texting while driving

The Wrap Up

And that was how to get a Louisiana driving record. 

As you saw, the steps are all very straightforward. Plus, you have several channels to choose from. 

So go ahead and choose the method that fits YOU.

From there, you can get hold of your Louisiana driving record, check its status, and try to improve it by being a better and safer driver. 

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