3 Simple Steps To Handicap Parking in Arizona

Handicap Parking in Arizona

Handicap Parking Permit
In order to park in a handicap parking space in Arizona, you need to be registered as a handicapped driver with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Upon registration you are given a handicap hanger that hangs down from your rear-view mirror. If you want to get a second handicap placard, either as a replacement or for another vehicle, you can do so by filling out the appropriate form.

Step 1. Form 96-0104

Download and print form 96-0104 from the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles website. Form 96-0104 is the application for a handicapped license plate/rear-view mirror hanger, also called a placard.

Step 2. A Doctor’s Signature

Fill out form 96-0104 with information about your disability. Once completed, take the form to your doctor or a hospital administrator and have him sign it. Your form cannot be processed without the signature of your doctor or hospital administrator, even if you already have an existing handicap placard with the state of Arizona.

Step 3. The Department of Motor Vehicles

Take your completed and signed form 96-0104 to an Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles location. Your application will be processed and, as long as it meets the appropriate criteria, you will be issued a handicap placard for your vehicle. There is no fee for this service from the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles.


According to the Arizona DMV, in order to actually receive a handicap parking placard once you have applied, you need to meet at least one of a variety of different conditions. You need to be unable to either walk 200 feet without stopping or unable to walk without assistance. “Assistance” is defined as either another person or an item like a crutch, cane or wheelchair. You may also have a lung disease with forced respiratory, use portable oxygen, or have a cardiac condition with “Class 3” or “Class 4” functional limitations. You may also have a limited ability to walk due to arthritis or some other condition. Meeting any one of these conditions qualifies you for a handicapped parking placard for your car.

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