Best Georgia Online Drivers Ed: Reviews & Comparisons

Best Georgia Online Drivers Ed: Reviews & Comparisons

Certain milestones in every child’s life are thrilling and exciting. Perhaps, driving is arguably one of the most significant events that a teenager will accomplish during their developmental years. It can be pretty exciting or even scary for both parents and teens. Luckily, several Georgia online drivers ed programs can be used in lieu of a classroom to fulfill drivers ed requirements in Georgia.

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Preparing your teen to be the very best driver that he or she can be is a great thing to do. It will protect them and other motorists as well. To start a Georgia online drivers ed course, under Joshua’s Law (Senate Bill 226), the student must be 16-years of age. The drivers ed class, either online or off, must be accredited by the state of Georgia and include 40 hours of supervised driving time. It is notable to mention that people who decide against taking the program have to wait until they are 17 to become eligible for their license.

Students may not seem too enthused about attending a Georgia online drivers ed school, but the task is necessary if they wish to get behind the wheel legally. Being safe should be everyone’s top priority, but unfortunately, some teens feel as though they are invincible. This kind of thinking makes it even more vital to enroll them in a top-notch school.

Is A Classroom Or Online Drivers Ed Better In Georgia?

Most commonly, drivers ed programs take place in classrooms. This method has been around for years and gets the job done. However, it is also the main reason teens find the experience unpleasant. They have to attend a classroom and get lectured to at a specific time and at a specific place, which is inconvenient and students may not retain information well during lectures. Students and sometimes even instructors themselves don’t want to be there. They just want to drive! Hence, the experience as a whole is not very enjoyable. Luckily, a Georgia online drivers ed program can help the new driver learn in a more fun and engaging way.

There are some clear advantages of choosing a Georgia online drivers ed school. For one, an Internet-based course can be done from the comforts of home. Teens are more likely to pay attention, complete the coursework, and retain the information when they can study on their terms and when they are ready to learn. It also reduces the amount of time that parents have to drive them across town. This aspect saves time and money as well. Just about every teen has a smartphone or tablet these days, and most online drivers ed courses in Georgia can be taken from any device from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

The 4 Best Georgia Online Drivers Ed Courses Reviewed & Compared

Here are reviews and comparisons of the 4 best online drivers ed courses in Georgia. As a former driving instructor, I helped to create various online driver training programs and am very familiar with which online drivers ed courses are best. If for whatever reason you don’t like my recommended courses, I have also provided a full list of all online drivers ed courses approved in Georgia further down this guide.

1. Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable is one of the newer online drivers ed courses approved in Georgia. While most people would recommend more experienced programs, Aceable is probably the best choice as it is fresh, modern, works the best on mobile devices, and offers more advanced features that most other online drivers ed programs don’t have. Aceable has already helped several hundred thousand students obtain their driving permits, and more are sure to follow. The enrollment process is fairly simple, and with just 4-steps, your teen will be well on their way to enjoying the open road.

The company offers one of the very best apps making the work truly mobile-friendly across any device. This app comes at no extra cost to you and is available with your subscription to the service as a whole. You can switch between devices at any time. They even offer virtual reality enabled features if you have the setup for it.

By far my favorite feature of Aceable is simply how the content is delivered. You’ll be initially greeted by a robot named Ace. Throughout the course, you’ll see him in videos and tutorials as you are walked through everything. If you have any trouble along the way, the U.S. based customer support team can help 7 days per week. You can learn more about Aceable in my full Aceable review.

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2. is an exceptional program for the vast majority of teens out there. The coursework was designed with beginner drivers in mind and covers everything that you need to fulfill your Georgia drivers education requirements. To help make sure that students are retaining the information this Georgia online drivers ed program offers an unlimited amount of free practice tests. That way, students will be confident that they are prepared for the real thing on the exam day.

The lessons keep the student engaged due to their interactive nature. My favorite feature of this school is the interactive “make your own choice” animations. Students are shown a specific driving situation and must make the best decision on how to deal with that situation. Materials also include assigned readings, informative videos, animations, and even some games. For example, learning about road signs with this school is a bit enjoyable as they actually make a game out of it. The variety of different exercises is sure to keep your teen from becoming bored, and they may actually enjoy their drivers ed experience as well. has been around for over 30 years at this point. They originally started by sending home study booklets to students, but now that the internet is around, all their coursework is online. In other words, this driving school isn’t exactly a newbie on the scene. They know what works for students and have implemented lessons that make sure students are being taught what needs to be learned in order to successfully pass with ease. They are able to work at their own pace too, which prevents them from feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to consider this Georgia online drivers ed program for all of these reasons and more. Want to compare Aceable and Check out my comparison of Aceable vs here.

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3. Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go also has quite a bit of experience. They have been in business for decades and have helped many students become safe drivers. Driver Ed To Go offers several upgrades that you can purchase to make the experience better. This makes it one of the cheapest online drivers ed courses in Georgia as you can pick and choose which features you want in an a la carte type of experience. Some of the more notable options include the ability to earn credits high school credits, audio read-along, same-day processing, and immediate email confirmation. These extras will cost you a tad bit more than what you would typically pay, so just keep in mind that the price can rise depending on your specific wants and needs.

One thing that’s really great about Driver Ed To Go is that the entire course was just redone to make it one of the most modern online drivers ed courses in Georgia. Many online drivers ed courses in Georgia still have surprisingly outdated content with very old videos or even just plain text without any videos at all. Driver Ed To Go does a great job by splitting the information up into easy to digest portions and delivers the content in multiple ways.

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4. Improv Drivers Ed

Improv Traffic School

Improv Drivers Ed is one of my personal favorites. Like comedy? If so, you should check this state-approved Georgia online drivers ed class out. The program was created by a team of notable Hollywood screenwriters and comedians from the Improv Comedy Club.

Initially, Improv Drivers Ed started out as a traffic school program. They wanted to make what is usually a boring and unenjoyable experience a fun one. Thus, they coined the term “edutainment”. I absolutely love this approach as students really seem to retain information much better when they are paying attention and engaged.

Students can access the coursework from anywhere that they please as the course is mobile friendly. One could say that the curriculum offered here is what truly sets it apart from most other options available though. The hilarious videos make the time pass quickly and promise loads of laughs. They also offer 24/7 U.S. based customer service in case you have any issues along the way.

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Full List Of ALL State-Approved Online Drivers Ed Courses In Georgia

While I highly recommend you stick with one of the online drivers ed courses I reviewed above, you have many other options available to you in Georgia. Listed below is a full list of every online drivers ed school that is approved in the state of Georgia. You can also access this information directly from the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Awesome Driving School
Atlanta Area DUI and Driving School LLC
Alpha Defensive Driving
#1 Joshua’s Law by Improv (Recommended)
#1 Safety 1st of Georgia, LLC
Approved Driving School
1st Choice Driver Improvement Center
1st United Driving & DUI School, LLC
2 Wings DUI & Risk Reduction School LLC
A Bell’s Driving School (Martinez)
A Driving Advantage 2
A+ Rome Driving School
AA2Z DUI & Defensive Driving Academy, Inc.
AA-Academy of Action Driving School, Inc
A-ABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving School
AAPL Driving School
ACE Driving School, LLC
Aceable Drivers Ed (Recommended)
Advance Driving Academy
Albany Technical College
Alex Driving School, LLC
Alfa Driving School
American Driving School
American Safety Council, Inc.
America’s Driving Schools
Bainbridge State College
Barber’s Driving School, Inc.
Best Driving School, LLC
Brock’s Driver Education School
Calhoun City Schools
Costech Technologies, Inc.
Dalton Whitfield Drivers Education, LLC
Dickerson Driving School, Inc. (Recommended) (Recommended)
Driving Georgia Inc.
Dudley’s Driving Center
First Class Defensive Driving
Flower Driving School
Freedom & Mobility
GA Driving Lessons, LLC
Gainesville High School
Gandhi Driving School
Georgia Driver’s Education, Inc.
Gwinnett Co. @ Peachtree Ridge Community School
Haman’s New Drivers
I Drive Safely, LLC
Jireh Driving School
Just Drive Right
Just Driver Training
Kennesaw Driving School
Modern Driving School, Inc.
Nathan’s Driving School
National Driving and Traffic School
New London School of Driving, Inc.
Public Driving School, LLC
Rockdale-Newton Driving School
Safe America Foundation, Inc.
Safe Teen Driving Academy
South Cherokee/Jasper Driver Improvement Clinic, Inc.
Southern Defensive Driving School
Splindit Driving School, Inc.
Taggart’s Driving School
The Wiser Driver
USA Driving School of Excellence
Vijuma Driving School Corporation
West Metro Driving School