Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Review

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Review

As a former driving instructor and co-creator of the most popular free online truck driver training program, I’m often asked about my opinion of various online driver training courses.

I decided to write this Florida Virtual School review (also called FLVS), because while you have some different options available in Florida for completing your Florida Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course (also called TLSAE which is their version of “driver’s ed”), Florida Virtual School is by far the most popular option.

While Florida Virtual School has a lot of advantages, I actually don’t think they are the BEST option.

If you are willing to spend roughly $20, there are far better options available. I’ll get into that a bit later, but if you want to quickly check out my top choice for completing your TLSAE course, check out this online TLSAE program.

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An Overview Of Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

Florida Virtual School officially launched in 1997 and since then, they have become the go-to place for teens completing their TLSAE requirements online.

This is a government-funded course and it has become so mainstream that many parents and teens don’t even look into other options. They have had more than 2 million students complete their courses so far.

Pros Of Florida Virtual School

The biggest advantage of Florida Virtual School is the price. It’s FREE! As a government-funded course, the TLSAE course offered at Florida Virtual School is free unless the course is failed.

Any retakes must be paid for. The reviews found online for FLVS are mostly positive and there is absolutely no question that this is a legitimate course.

This is the most recommended course by both public and private schools. Florida Virtual School will enable you to obtain your Florida driving permit once the course has been passed. Pretty cool!

Cons Of Florida Virtual School

While Florida Virtual School is entirely legit, I had mentioned earlier that this is not my top-rated online TLSAE course.

One of the biggest disadvantages is the time it takes to complete the course. The Florida Virtual School TLSAE program takes 14 to 16 weeks to complete and the course also expires.

If you don’t finish the course in time, you will be required to pay for the course and possibly take it all over again. Also, while all of the course content is state-approved, I believe there are many more engaging options and higher quality courses out there.

Sure, you might have to spend $20 on a higher quality course, but teens usually only take driver’s ed one time. As a former driving instructor, I will always recommend parents sign their teens up for the best possible course, even if there are free courses available.

My Recommended Alternative To Florida Virtual School

As stated above, Florida Virtual School is free and totally legit. However, if you have an additional $20 to spare, my top recommendation is the Aceable TLSAE online driving course.

The reason I recommend Aceable is due to this being a more modern course in every way imaginable. The course content is FAR more engaging, they use sneaky methods to help students retain the information being learned, they include top quality videos, animations, and the best platform I’ve seen for an online driver training program (especially in Florida).

Really, when it all comes down to it, I think the quality of the course content itself is WELL worth the $20 investment over the free FLVS course.

The Aceable TLSAE course is also the only course in Florida to have stand-alone iPhone and Android apps. Students are able to switch between devices seamlessly and the course functions absolutely perfectly on whatever device they choose to learn from.

I can also attest to their amazing customer service. Want to give them a call? They answer. Want to message their customer service through Facebook? They’ll be there!

Feel like emailing instead? That’s fine, too. In fact, Aceable even gave me a special customer service number that I can share with my site visitors. This is a special dedicated line that you can use if you have any issues at all. Feel free to give them a ring at 844-685-8458.

A couple of other advantages is the Aceable course does not need to be spread out over 14 to 16 weeks. You can complete the course in less than one week if you want to.

If you do want to spread it out over a period of time, that’s fine too as the course never expires. They have a 99% pass rate as well as a money-back guarantee, so there isn’t much risk in signing up.

I might be going a bit overboard here and while I don’t think the Florida Virtual School course is necessarily bad, I do think signing up for a course such as the Aceable TLSAE online driver training program is a no-brainer considering it’s a measly $20 and will help keep new drivers safer through superior training.

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How The Florida Virtual School TLSAE Course Works

The first step is, of course, signing up for the course. The signup process is pretty painless, but you will be required to fill in some information before you can start. The signup process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes or so.

Once you’re signed up, you can start to progress through the course. While the TLSAE course fulfills the 4-hour course requirement, it must be completed over a 14 to 16 week period which sort of stinks. Fortunately, you can access the course 24/7.

Assuming you pass the course, you will be issued a TLSAE waver at which point you are able to go to your local motor vehicles department to take your Florida permit test.

Once you pass the test, you’re ready to drive! If you do fail by chance, it isn’t the end of the world. You are able to re-take the course, but you are only allowed one free try so you will need to purchase a course again if you fail.

What Is The Florida Driving Permit Test Like?

While the Florida driving permit test is not overwhelmingly difficult, preparation is absolutely required to pass. As long as you pay attention during your online TLSAE course and pass the quizzes/tests throughout the course, you should be able to breeze the permit exam.

The Florida driving permit exam consists of 50 questions and you must complete the exam in 1 hour or less. You will need a score of at least 80% which means you can only miss 10 questions in total.

If by chance you fail the test, you are able to retake it, but you must pay an additional fee. All of the areas you will be tested on will be covered during your TLSAE course, so don’t be nervous!Check Out Real Florida DMV Permit Test Questions In The Video Below

What About Behind The Wheel Training In Florida?

In addition to passing your TLSAE course and written permit exam, you’ll also need to complete a minimum of 50 hours of driving instruction from someone 21 years of age or older.

Of those 50 hours, 10 of them must be during nighttime driving conditions. Depending on how long you’ve had your permit, these are the hours you’re allowed to drive…

  • 1st 3 months: during daylight only
  • After 3 months: 6 AM to 10 PM

To get your license, you’ll need to hold your permit for at least 12 months without any convictions or until you are 18 years old, whichever happens first.

Once you have completed your behind-the-wheel driving requirements, it’s time to go take your driving test to get your license!

Watch A REAL Florida Behind-The-Wheel Driving Test!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement to take driver’s ed?

Yes, each state has its own age requirement to be able to take the driver’s ed course, whether you’re taking it online or in-person. 

Check with your local Department for Motor Vehicles or Licensing Office to know the details. You can also visit their website or check their respective social media pages.

Do online driver’s ed courses include practice driving?

Unfortunately, most online driver’s ed does not include the practical part of learning to drive in their curriculum. More advanced platforms though will include driving simulations and instructional videos that introduce students to real-life driving situations. 

Can I only take this course to get a learner’s permit?

Of course not. Some states require applicants to complete a driver’s education before they can get a learner’s permit. But even if you already have a license, you can still take the course for supplemental learning or to avail of an auto insurance discount.

Whatever your purpose is, online driver’s ed courses are meant to educate drivers about the rules of the road and the most current driving laws in their respective states. Taking this course voluntarily is at your discretion, but it is going to be worthwhile.

Can I get an insurance discount for completing driver’s ed?

Yes, most online driver’s ed providers offer insurance discounts as an incentive for completing their course. But remember that the insurance provider will have the last say here. So, before you sign up for any online driver’s ed course, consult with your insurance provider first.

Some Final Thoughts

I hope this Florida Virtual School review helped you to decide the best option for completing your TLSAE requirements.

While Florida Virtual School is completely legitimate and is very enticing due to the course being free, my honest recommendation is to spend the 20 bucks by signing up for a course such as Aceable (my top choice).

I think the $20 investment is well worth the superior level of training provided. As drivers, we form most of our good and bad habits early.

Driving is also the most dangerous task we perform during our day. Don’t cheap out just to save $20. Go with the best course available.

Do you have experience with Florida Virtual School? Please let us know what you thought of the course by writing a review in the comment section below. And as always, drive safely!!