Donation Line Review

Donation Line Review

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If people don’t give more freely to charities than they do, the difficulty of the vetting process is an important reason — not only does it take time to check a charity out on the Internet to make sure that it is aboveboard, you need to go through the process over and over before you decide on one. It takes a great deal of effort, and people tend to not have the patience. This is where third-party donor administrative agents come in. While there are some definite disadvantages to donating through a 3rd party, this article will go over some of the positives and whether you can choose Donation Line as your vehicle donation source.

Administrative agents are good for donors

Administrative agencies are services that charities in need of donations tie up with for fundraising help. To donors, they are like department stores. Rather than search all over the Internet for different charities, they get to go to one place that they trust for trustworthy charities of every description.

Turning to administrative agencies cuts down on the work involved in vetting charities. You simply need to vet one agency to gain access to hundreds of trustworthy charities. The agent does the hard work for you. All you need to do is to look for a great BBB rating for the agency (you should also check out the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance at, and then look through their list of available charities before picking one to give to.

Agents are good for nonprofits, too

Administrative agents do all the legwork necessary in seeking donations for the charities that they tie-up with. When they are successful, they collect the cash, deduct a fee for their efforts and hand over the rest to the charities that they’ve collected for.

Many articles offering advice to people considering giving warn them against using such services, though. If they were to donate directly to their charities of choice, they tell them, all the money would go directly to them.

This is flawed logic, though. If a charity seeks donations on its own, its efforts wouldn’t be for free, either. The cost of their efforts would come out of the funds that they raised. They would be significant, too. Charities tend to not have much expertise in fundraising, and their efforts tend to be less productive than those of agencies that specialize in collecting funds. These efforts would also require them to take attention away from the good work that they did.

Who is Donation Line? 

With more than two decades of administrative agency experience, Donation Line has established itself as one of the most credible support systems for charities. They specialize in programs allowing individuals to donate various vehicle types to their clients belonging to the non-profit sector. 

Their services help those who want to make donations save time. It pertains to selecting an organization that’s sure to be legit since this step typically takes a large chunk of donors’ time. Sometimes, it takes too much of their time that some get dissuaded from pushing through with it. 

Another part of the donation process that most donors find tedious is the itemizing of their tax deductions. Difficult economic times have also affected people’s decisions to give their property to charity.  

To address this ongoing inconvenience, Donation Line has expanded their services and, since 2018, have started purchasing vehicles directly. These typically result in higher prices and a more efficient process.  

It’s a win-win for all parties involved! 

How Donation Line Does Things 

Nothing puts a potential donor’s mind more at ease than having a better understanding of how a third-party administrative agent works. Choosing to go with Donation Line gives you the following experiences: 

Charity Selection 

Donation Line shares a complete list of all their partner non-profit organizations. You also have the prerogative of selecting a charity using location, causes, or keywords, given that they represent over 500 outfits across the country. 

Provide Your Information 

You need to fill out a Donation Form online. Once they have your details, Donation Line’s towing agent will contact you and arrange a schedule for your vehicle to be picked up, after which they issue you a receipt. 

Conversion to Cash 

Vehicles are typically auctioned or sold for parts if considered a junk car. The charity of your choice receives the proceeds and, in turn, sends you a tax return-ready letter. 

Efficient and easy — what else can you ask for?

What a good administrative agent looks like: specializes in seeking donors who wish to give their cars to charity. It ties up with hundreds of charities working for different causes — everything from AbleChild, a charity that works for informed consent in psychiatric services for children, to P A W S for People, a charity that puts loving pets in the hands of the elderly, and Youth Pride, an organization that helps youths of the LGBT community. If you have a car to donate, then, Donationline offers you an excellent choice. It’s easy to find out if Donationline is trustworthy — the Better Business Bureau gives it an A+ rating, and it has plenty of positive attention on review services such as Yelp. 

Donation Line makes it very easy for anyone to donate an old car, too. They accept vehicles of any description and in any kind of condition (even cars that are totaled) at no charge, make sure that you receive your tax deduction letter to use with your tax return, and pass the value of your donation to the charity that you like. In other words, Donationline takes the unpredictability and doubt out of car donations, and helps hundreds of charities come by the funds they need without running a fund-raising wing. 

For donors, services such as Donation Line help smooth the process of donating old cars, making it much easier to handle.

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