American Cancer Society Car Donation Review For Cars For A Cure

American Cancer Society Car Donation Review For Cars For A Cure

Cars for a Cure is the name of the American Cancer Society Car Donation program. This is one of the most popular car donation charities because most people are familiar with the American Cancer Society and trust that a large amount of the proceeds will go to causes directly associated with fighting cancer. But is this actually the case?

I decided to create this American Cancer Society Car Donation review to either warn people about some shady aspects of their Cars for a Cure program or give peace of mind to those about to donate.

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All Funds Are Used To Help The American Cancer Society

Many organizations, such as Kars4Kids, funnel money earned through car donations through multiple charities before funds are actually distributed. In other words, you may donate to one charity, only to have that money funneled into a place you didn’t know about.

My main concern with the Cars for a Cure program was if the funds they received actually stayed within the organization. Fortunately, I found this to be the case. So you can rest assured, when the American Cancer Society sells your vehicle, they do keep the funds for themselves.

How Are The Funds Used?

It appears that most of the funds received from donated cars goes towards a wide range of areas within the organization. They do not have a large marketing budget for their car donation program and it appears their expenses related to this program are low. We also know that the American Cancer Society has a great reputation for handling donations ethically and responsibly.

Overall, 72% of the American Cancer Society resources go to cancer research, patient support, prevention information and education, and detection and treatment. The remaining 28% of resources are spent on management compensation and general infrastructure, and fundraising expenses. While they will even take cars that do not run, a vehicle in good condition may be used directly by the American Cancer Society instead of them reselling it. Since 1991, there has been a 20 percent decline in cancer deaths and this is largely attributed to the work done at the American Cancer Society.

To learn more about how donations are distributed, visit this page on the American Cancer Society website.

It Is Better To Donate Directly To The American Cancer Society

Some car donation programs will indicate that all of their proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. However, we have found that you are much better off donating directly.

Anytime you go through a 3rd party, money gets lost. Even though you’re giving your car away, there are still expenses involved in transporting, prepping, and selling the vehicle, so every dollar counts. Except in rare cases, the American Cancer Society should be able to accept your vehicle in almost any part of the country.

How Does The Process Work?

It’s pretty simple. Just hop on over to the Cars for a Cure website and fill out the short application. Assuming it gets approved, which it probably will, you will then need to mail them the title for your car.

If you don’t have a title, they can help you obtain one. After they receive your car title, they will call you 24 to 72hrs later and schedule a time to come pick up your car and tow it away. No-fuss!

How Much Can You Deduct From Your Taxes?

This figure will be the same for any car donation service, but you automatically get a $500 tax deduction on any car. If your vehicle is sold for greater than $500, they will send you a tax form with the actual sale amount.

Final Thoughts About The American Cancer Society Car Donation Program

After researching the Cars for a Cure program for this American Cancer Society Car Donation review, I’ve determined that this is one of the absolute best car donation programs in existence today. With so many low quality, unethical, and downright scam car donation programs out there, it’s nice to see one where funds actually go to a good cause and where donations are handled responsibly.

If you have a vehicle you want to donate and you want it to help fund the American Cancer Society, you definitely want to go through the Cars for a Cure program directly on the American Cancer Society website. Rest assured, your donation is going to a good place.