Delaware Permit Test (Everything You Should Know)

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Can you take the Delaware permit test online?

How many questions are there anyway?

How do I prepare for the Delaware permit test so I can ace it on my first go?

We’re going to answer all these questions and many more here. 

Yes, we’re going to tell you everything you should know about the Delaware permit test. This way, you won’t be caught off-guard and can perform as best as you can. 

So shall we begin? 

Can You Take the Permit Test Online in Delaware?

No, you cannot take the permit test or knowledge exam online. You have to go to either one of these DMV offices to take it:

  • Delaware City Division of Motor Vehicles, 2101 Mid County Drive, New Castle, Delaware 19720
  • Greater Wilmington Division of Motor Vehicles, 2230 Hessler Boulevard, New Castle, Delaware 19720
  • Dover Division of Motor Vehicles, 303 Transportation Circle, P.O. Box 698, Dover, Delaware 19903
  • Georgetown Division of Motor Vehicles, 23737 DuPont Blvd., Georgetown, Delaware 19947

How Many Questions are in the Permit Test in Delaware?

There are a total of 30 multiple-choice questions. You have to answer 24 correctly to pass the test. That means you have to get a score of 80%. 

All questions are based on the Delaware Driver’s Manual Handbook

Also, there is no time limit. So you don’t need to rush it. 

How Much is the Permit Test in Delaware?

The permit test costs $40. If you have to retake the test, you need to pay the test fee again. 

Do I Need to Schedule a Permit Test in Delaware?

Good news!

As of July 20, 2020, the DMV no longer requires scheduled appointments. You can just walk in any time you are ready to take the Delaware permit test. 

That said, all scheduled appointments will still be in effect. 

Another thing to note is that, for the road test, you will have to make an appointment. But for the permit test, it’s no longer required. 

What Happens if I Fail the Delaware Permit Test?

If you fail the Delaware permit test, you have to retake it until you pass. Otherwise, you cannot move forward with getting your learner’s permit.

When you retake the test, it should be at least 10 days after your last test date. So you can’t retake the test right away. 

And, as we mentioned earlier, you will be asked to pay the test fee of $40 again. 

The worse thing that can happen if you fail your Delaware permit test is that there will be delays to your driver’s license application. 

How Many Times Can I Take the Permit Test in Delaware? 

In Delaware, you are allowed 3 retakes of your permit test. Or, you have to pass your Delaware permit test within 90 days of your application. 

If you fail to pass even after 3 tries or if the 90 days already passed, you need to do the whole application again, starting from filling up the driver’s license application.

However, if you prepare for the permit test diligently, you will not have to worry about failing the permit test 3 times. 

How Can I Prepare for the Permit Test in Delaware?

Yes, nobody wants to fail their Delaware permit test. 

So to make sure that you pass on your first try, you need to prepare for it. 

Since all the questions are based on the Delaware Driver’s Manual Handbook, the best way to prepare is to study it thoroughly. 

Make sure you take special note of the driving laws, road rules, traffic signs and symbols, safety driving tips, and all that. 

Another way to prepare for your Delaware permit test is to take online practice tests. 

These practice tests can help you see which areas you struggle in. Do you mostly get wrong answers about driving laws or maybe road signs?

This will help you see your strengths and weaknesses. And in turn, it will help you see where you need more study. 

Not only that, but practice tests also give you an idea of how the test is run. 

Once you know how the questions are formed, how to answer these questions, and all that, you will be more confident going in. Confidence is always a good thing. 

Finally, don’t cram. 

Prepare for the test the night before and arrive at the examination area 15 minutes before. This will make you more relaxed. 

Is the Delaware Permit Test Hard?

Yes and no. 

What we mean is, if you prepare for it, then you should be able to pass it easily. Even if you don’t study the manual, you could still get the answers right. However, there is a bit more risk of failing on your first try. 

So we’ll say that the difficulty level for the Delaware permit test is just moderate. And we’ll say it is easy if you prepare for it. 

What Do You Need for the Delaware Permit Test?

During the testing day, bring a valid ID, your learner’s permit application, your social security number (or proof of it), and proof of your Delaware residency. 

For those who are under 18 years old, you need to have your learner’s permit application signed by your parent or legal guardian. They should also accompany you to the DMV office to sign waivers. 


The Delaware permit test can cause some anxiety. 

And we don’t blame you. 

I mean, you need to pass it on your first try so you don’t have to go through delays, and extra steps and payments. 

But if you just faithfully prepare for it, it should be no problem acing it. 

And also, now that you know everything you should know about the Delaware permit test, you won’t be caught by surprise. You know exactly what to expect. 

So if you’re about to take your Delaware permit test, why not start studying the Delaware Driver’s Manual Handbook right away. 

From there, you can take online practice tests, too. 

We wish you a happy test day!

Good luck!

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