What Is The Best Online Dallas Texas Defensive Driving Course?

Safe Driving Tips 101: You Have To Stop At Red Lights

After reviewing many different online defensive driving courses in Texas, I’ve discovered that there are several high-quality traffic schools available in Dallas. By far, my favorite online traffic school for Dallas Texas is the Aceable course. However, if comedy is more your thing, you might try out the Improv Traffic School instead. Either one of those schools will work as they’ve been around for more than a decade and millions of people have gone through those courses already. If for whatever reason you don’t like either on of those, you can get a full list of every online defensive driving course approved in Texas here.

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How Long Will My Dallas Texas Defensive Driving Course Take?

Both classroom-based and online defensive driving courses in Dallas are required to be 6 hours long. Not all online traffic schools have to use this minimum time, so make sure your defensive driving course uses the minimum time required like this school. Your online course will actually be 5 hours long from my experience. The unfortunate news is that the state of Texas does require the use of course timers. That means you can’t just rush through the entire thing in 30 minutes. Each page will actually be timed and will prevent you from moving forward until the timer runs down. Yeah, it’s a bummer. But since you can log in and out whenever you want, it’s easy to split the course up into chunks instead of wasting 6 straight hours of your life.

Can I Take Any Online Traffic School Approved In Texas?

Yes, every online traffic school approved in the state of Texas is also approved as a certified Dallas Texas defensive driving course, so you don’t have to sign up for a school specifically approved in Dallas. Just be aware that not all online defensive driving courses are created equal, even if they have been state-approved. Some are better than others and pricing may vary as well.

Is There Any Advantage To Classroom-Based Defensive Driving in Dallas?

In short, no. The price will be about the same (if not more) in a classroom. Usually your defensive driving class will take place in a community college, high school, or town hall somewhere. Sometimes it can be split into two different 3-hour sessions and other times it is an all-day event. When you take your defensive driving course online, you can log in and out whenever you want, there is no instructor, and you basically just do your own thing whenever you feel like doing it. It’s amazing people still choose to use the classroom option.

Why Are Defensive Driving Classes So Boring?

Is there any way to give safe driving tips and driving facts in a way that isn’t boring? Actually, these online traffic schools do a pretty good job these days. They have interactive games, videos, graphics, and try to spice things up a bit. You can even take a video based defensive driving course if you prefer. For those who are especially easily amused such as myself, you might even enjoy the Improv Comedy Club Traffic School. It’s not going to make traffic school fun, but it does help a bit.

What Happens When I’m Finished With My Dallas Texas Defensive Driving School?

In the state of Texas, you still need to hand in your completion paperwork by hand. Whatever online traffic school you sign up for will mail you a copy of your completion certificate. You then have to physically take that certificate into the court and show them that you completed it. After that, the court handles the rest.

A Couple Warnings About Your Dallas Online Defensive Driving Requirements

Online traffic schools are notorious about charging a ton of money for “shipping and processing fees.” Almost all of them have free standard shipping, but it can take 2 weeks for them to “process and ship” your certificate. So, if you are approaching the deadline, make sure you sign up and complete the course ASAP! Otherwise, you’ll need to pay for their unbelievably expensive expedited shipping options that sometimes cost $20 just for a 1 or 2 day shipment of a simple certificate. Your only other option is to call the court and ask for an extension, which they are usually pretty good about granting. But if you stop procrastinating and just get it done early, that’ll save you a lot of headaches.

Time-Saving Tip For Your Online Traffic School in Dallas

Make sure you take a screenshot of each page. At the end of each section you will need to take a quiz and at the end of the course, there will be a final exam. Sure, you could just try to remember everything. Or, you can take screenshots of each page of the course. Once you get to the quiz or final exam, simply go back into your screenshots for the answers you need.

Use A Discount Or Coupon Code

I hope this information was helpful, but I wanted to give you one final tip before you dash off in your excitement to complete your Dallas Texas defensive driving course. Almost all of the defensive driving courses certified in Texas have coupons or discount codes you can get. Either do a quick Google search for “online traffic school discount codes” or you can use any of the online traffic school discount codes I have obtained.

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