Cheap Dash Cams That Still Work Well

Cheap Dash Cams That Still Work Well

Cheap Dash Cams That Still Work Well
Just because something has a low price tag does not mean that it is a piece of junk. Rather at looking at the items in this light, think of them as giving you a product that is worthy of the amount of money that you are spending on it. There are some good cheap dash cams available that deserve recognition. Many of them provide sophisticated, elegant, and sleek designs, without sacrificing functionality.

The first characteristic to look for, in cheap dash cams, or any camera for that matter, is the quality of the recordings, as well as the video playback. After all, if you can not see the images, what good do they do you? The lens should be able to zoom in, adequately, to snap clear pictures of license plates and other debris. The items to look for in a camera, depend entirely on the user, so know what you want your dash cam to do, and research thoroughly to get the most out of your experience.

A Couple Cheap Dash Cams That Are Reliable

There are several cheap dash cams to choose from, but these reviews are for two cheap dash cams that are still high quality and receive good ratings.

NexGadget Dash Cam

NexGadget Dash Cam

The NexGadget camera sells at for $39.99 and even comes with 1-year warranty service from the seller. The manufacturer also offers superb customer service and technical support to make sure your product is working to its full potential. Not all cheap dash cams are created equal, and this one tends to stand out among the rest.

This model comes equipped with a 3.0-inch HD display screen for easy visibility during playback. Recordings are in 1080P at 30 fps and captured through a 6-Layers glass lens at a 150-degree angle. It can provide indisputable evidence for officers at the scene to prove fault, provide additional support for insurance adjusters, and in some states and with some companies, it may even lower your insurance costs.

It offers loop recording in variously timed intervals, so you can decide how long you want each vehicle video to be. After the allotted amount of time, it seamlessly transitions to the next recording, without you having to do anything at all. It supports a class 10 MicroSD 32GB memory card, but one does not come included in the packaging. A 32GB card will give you roughly 3-4 hours worth of recordings.

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This NexGadget Is One Of The Best Cheap Dash Cams Available

It is small, inconspicuous, and does not stand out to the mere passerby. The easy to install suction cup mounting system is sturdy to hold the camera steady, even on bumpy roads. The dash cam can be turned around, 360-degrees, while the mount stays in the same place for recording your car’s cabin. This little feature can be particularly useful for Uber and Lyft drivers, or for parent’s wanting to keep an eye on their children, to see who did what.

There is a parking mode that will record impacts, even when you are not in the vehicle. The video becomes locked and easy to retrieve to reference back to for insurance adjusters, police officers, and yourself. G-Sensor technology locks videos in place when sudden brakes, or accidents, occur. They are locked away, and will not be overwritten by the loop recording process. If you are considering looking into cheap dash cams, put this one at the top of your list for consideration.

Apeman Dash Cam Dash Cam

Apeman Dash Cam Review

The Apeman Dash Cam is also one of the more moderately priced and cheap dash cams that has to offer. It lists at $38.99 and includes everything that you need to start recording, except for a memory card. If you decide this is the right cam for you, make sure to purchase one separately to avoid delays. The camera has a maximum memory storage of up to 32GB, which is an adequate amount for extended recording time. The videos can then easily be transferred to your PC for a backup copy or to make more storage room.

Many cheap dash cams are elegantly designed, and this one is no different. It is small, black in color, and easy to keep hidden from wandering eyes. The included suction cup mount is simple to install, or take down, and offers ideal support, to hold your camera securely in place. Even when conditions are less than perfect, your images and recordings turn out nice. Some of the most impressive features are…

  • Sensor for crystal clear images
  • Wide Dynamic Range capabilities to automatically adjust focus and brightness
  • Loop recording available in various time frames
  • GPS functionality to quickly track your course

The 170-degree wide-angle lens takes the pictures, which are then displayed on the 2.7-inch TFT LCD Screen. It is large enough to see the images clearly but small enough to remain concealed. The zoom is sufficient to make license plates, and other essential items, visible. There is an included instruction manual that is easy to understand and teaches you the ins and outs of our new dash cam in no time.

VIDEO: Apeman Dash Cam Review

Considerations Of The Apeman Dash Cam

Are you looking to protect your vehicle while it is parked? The Apeman camera does have a motion sensor function, but it may not do what you are expecting. It is only activated when your car becomes struck by another vehicle, and even then, it has to be a hefty amount of contact. A minor bump may not be enough to make the camera start recording, and it provides no protection against humans that happen to be walking by ogling, or attempting to get into, your transportation.

Not all cheap dash cameras are good, but they are not all bad either. Some have more features than other models, while others are way more user-friendly. Your decision depends on what your needs are, what you want out of your cam, and you do not want to have to break the piggy bank for exceptional quality. Keep informed about cheap dash cameras, as well as more expensive ones, to find the perfect option for you.

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