Cameras For Cars: Reasons to NOT Get One (Myths)

Cameras For Cars: Reasons to NOT Get One

If you’ve been weighing out the pros and cons of investing in cameras for cars, you’re gathering evidence and support for getting one, and for not getting one, and we want to break down a few reasons why some would consider not getting one that may just be more myth than reality. There are few downsides to cameras for cars that provide stealth, protection, and different functions, and this becomes apparent when these myths are broken down.

Safe Drivers Don’t Need Cameras For Cars

The first myth is that a safe driver has no need for cameras for cars, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not the safe drivers that cause accidents most of the time, and it’s not just safe drivers on the road, so your cameras for cars keep you protected should you run into a driver that is maybe not so safe. Of course, accidents may also be caused by weather conditions and other factors, and not brought down to a safe driver versus an unsafe driver, and your car camera system will be able to show this fact as well.

For protection against unsafe drivers, you’ll want to seek out a stealthy dash camera that really takes care of the road around you on all sides. The ITrueX6D is just the dash cam for the safe driver looking for cameras for cars that will simply keep them protected from other drivers or hazards on the road. This small and stealthy dash cam is actually a dual cameras for cars unit, simultaneously covering the road ahead and behind to provide even large vehicles with full protection on all sides. As for mounting, no complicated mounting system is used, and all that is required is a little 3M tape for perfect placement.

These types of cameras for cars don’t just protect safe drivers, they can also make safe drivers as well. For parents of teens just learning to become safe drivers out on the road, cameras for cars hold them accountable for their actions while driving. Knowing a parent is with them at all times via the cameras for cars, they will take extra precaution before making important road decisions, which helps to mold them into more cautious, less aggressive, and smarter adults on the road.

You’ll Never Use The Footage

Cameras For Cars: Reasons to NOT Get OneAnother myth about cameras for cars is that the footage will never be used. In truth, if you do find yourself in an accident, the locked in footage from the G sensor will make great evidence to be used in court, allowing you to get the compensation you need or prove that you weren’t liable for the accident as a whole, but instances of accidents aren’t the only times it comes in handy. If you’re going on a cross-country road trip, your footage could become your most favorite souvenir. Cameras for cars capture all those little moments that typically get forgotten along the way, and give you a way to reflect back on them or edit them to make something you’ll treasure for years to come. When looking for cameras for cars that suit this need, it’s best to prioritize memory capability, as this will allow you to take the most footage without needing to switch out or change your micro SD card.

One such model of cameras for cars capable of taking and storing lots of footage is the Rexing S500, which comes fully equipped with a 32GB micro SD card ready to use right from the box. This size of micro SD card will allow drivers to take and store more than 10 hours of footage at a time, as the built in G sensor of the unit locks in any relevant footage in case of an accident. Great memory capability isn’t the only thing the Rexing S500 offers, as it features a dual camera system, HDR technology, 170 degree front facing and 120 back facing sweeping angles, and a rotating front lens.

I Just Don’t Need Cameras For Cars

Lastly, some believe that they just don’t need cameras for cars. They don’t think they’ll be in an accident anytime soon, they don’t have children about to take on the road as fresh drivers, and they’re not planning any trips or adventures that will make them want to record their time – so why invest in cameras for cars? Well, today’s cameras for cars aren’t like the models of yesterday, and like smartphones, the technologies used are getting more and more advanced each and every year.

One such example is the car camera GPS, which allows some cameras for cars to act as a GPS and a car camera at the same time. What these models offer are the dual benefits of both devices, and you can feel safe knowing you’re protected while simply getting directions to get to where you need to go.

The KDLINKS X1 dash camera boasts a full working GPS, as well as a plethora of other perks along with being a solid durable dash camera. Using Google Maps, you can check your route, directions, and speed simply and easily with included dash cam player software, making this a dash camera that always lets you know just where you’re going and how to get there. If you are found to be in an accident, you’ll get peace of mind that your high-tech dash camera has you covered, and you’ll be glad you have the footage on hand.

The KDLINKS X1 isn’t too high-tech that it’s no long user friendly, however, and this is also one of the most easy to learn cameras for cars one can invest in. A one year warranty is provided by KDLINKS to ensure all hardware works properly, a 100% satisfaction guarantee makes sure you’re happy with the GPS and car camera, and 24/7 customer support teaches all users all features in a way that lets them know they’re making the most from their car camera purchase.

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