Want Free Online Traffic School?

Want Free Online Traffic School

Okay, so maybe you were driving a little too fast. It happens. But a ticket doesn’t necessarily have to result in hefty fines, points to your driver’s license, or rising insurance premiums. Many states allow you to go to traffic school to get your ticket dismissed. Some states, such as California, Texas, and Florida, even allow you to attend online traffic schools to meet this requirement.

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What’s so great about online traffic school? Well, it revolves around your schedule, not someone else’s. Traditional classroom traffic schools force you to choose a time and place from the options that they give you. And, of course, these options are available to all the people that need to take traffic school, so the most convenient times are always booked by the time you get around to signing up.

With online traffic school, your lessons are available on demand on your computer. This means that you can start, stop, and resume your lessons when you want from any location with an internet connection. You no longer have to waste a weekend sitting in a dingy basement to go to online traffic school. You can complete your lesson 30 minutes at a time whenever you have spare time in your busy schedule.

The other benefit of online traffic school is that it helps you become a better driver. You can proceed through the course at your own pace, pausing the lesson whenever you feel yourself zoning out. In a classroom setting, the instructor would continue covering important information while you lose focus, but with online traffic school, you can take a break and resume the lesson when you’re ready.

If that sounds appealing, is the online traffic school you’re looking for.

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Traffic School 101 Discount Code offers an amazing promotion that can allow you to attend traffic school absolutely for free. Every 100th customer on is an automatic winner and will receive their course for free. Granted this offer is not available in all states because some states have laws that prevent such discounts for traffic school, but you won’t find a similar offer from any other online traffic school.

Even without this promotion, is one of the best deals available among online traffic schools. Their prices are low. Some other online traffic schools may advertise lower prices, but they usually only apply to small, very specific jurisdictions. When you look up the cost for the jurisdiction you actually need, it will likely be much higher than the advertised lowest price.

More importantly,’s prices don’t include hidden fees and extra charges that some other online traffic schools charge. For some other online traffic schools, if you need your certificate of completion processed the same day to meet a deadline, that will cost your extra. FedEx or UPS delivery? That will cost you extra too. Need more than one attempt to pass your final exam at the end of the course? That will cost you extra for every attempt. These fees can add up rather quickly and easily double the advertised price of your course. is also dedicated to making sure that their customers are completely satisfied with the product they receive. They are one of the only schools that have a start now, pay later policy. What this means is that you can sign up for the course and start immediately and pay for it later. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee so that if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the course, they will refund your money.

How can they offer such a guarantee? They are confident in their exceptional customer service. Their mission is to provide not just a cheap online traffic school, but the best online traffic school at the best possible price. They will process and mail your certificate of completion the same day to make sure that you can meet your deadlines. also offer 24/7 live customer support services. We’ve all experienced nightmare customer service before. Sometimes you call customer support and you’re greeted by an automated call service that throws you into an endless maze of menu options that never seems to have the options you’re looking for.

Sometimes you’re greeted by nothing more than an answering machine telling you to leave a message—even during business hours. They tell you to leave a message and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible, but what does that mean? Will they get back to you in an hour? A day? A week? You don’t have that kind of time to waste when you have a technical issue that is preventing you from completing your course. offers person-to-person customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will never be left stranded without an answer. Is A Proven Service started in 1998 and was one of the first accredited online traffic schools in the entire country. This type of longevity and success is not easy to achieve. To have that type of staying power, not only provides a great product at a great price, it also does everything it can to keep its customers happy. In fact, has had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2001—15 continuous years of exceptional customer satisfaction.

Online Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for taking an online traffic school course?

The requirements will vary depending on the state you reside in. To be sure you have the correct information, it is recommended to check with the appropriate court or government agency that issued your citation or points. 

Your state DMV website is always a good source of information.

Most online traffic schools will also include this information on their website’s FAQ section if it’s available, or you may find this in their course description FAQ section.

What if I fail to complete the traffic school before the completion due date, can I get an extension?

There will be courts that will allow extensions, but again, it will depend on their decision. You must contact your court directly to request an extension. 

Where can I find the information about my court handler?

Most states issue a notice letter if you are required to attend a traffic school. So you can find the information on your court handler in the letter.

If you haven’t received a notice, you can find this in your original citation.

In case you lost the traffic citation issued by the police officer, you may be able to check your ticket details online.

Is completing online traffic school the only way to dismiss a ticket?

This will also depend on your state, but mostly, completing an online traffic school is only an option to dismiss a ticket. You can also fight your ticket at court, but the process will be more daunting. It’s still better to choose the online traffic school option if it’s available to you.

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