Three Tips for Scheduling Your Tests Before You Visit the Local Texas DPS

Texas DPS

Soon-to-be drivers in Texas, don’t just assume the day you’re ready to take your driving and written test, you can show up and be attended to immediately. Texas drivers visiting local DPS offices have the painstaking issue of long wait times. And, the sheer number of people who visit the local DPS, only to sit, wait, and have to come back on another day, is reason enough for you to consider planning early. Before you visit a DPS, make sure you follow these steps.

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1. Book Your Spot in Advance

Not all DPS offices allow drivers to book in advance. Mega centers allow those who are ready to test to book in advance. What this means is that you can use a text-enabled mobile device to reserve your spot in line before you visit the office. You can also book your driving test on a designated date/time.

2. Know the Best Times to Visit Local Offices

If there isn’t a mega center close to where you live, or your local DPS office doesn’t allow you to book in advance, knowing best time to visit is key. When planning to take your driving and written test, consider these times:

  • Early morning time slots aren’t as busy as lunch hours
  • Tuesday through Thursday isn’t as active as Mondays and Fridays
  • Book during non-peak times (avoid going around holiday seasons, three-day weekends, etc.)

In addition to these times, make sure you arrive early. If you want to wake up extremely early and come before the offices even open, you’ll likely find a line of people waiting. But, this guarantees you’ll at least test on the day you visit.

3. Have all Proof Required During your Test Date

The last thing you’d want is to arrive at the DPS, only having to leave because you didn’t satisfy all the requirements or bring the right documentation. While several states don’t have a steadfast requirement, the state of Texas mandates all new drivers complete a formal drivers education course.

When coming in for testing, make sure to bring:

  1. Proof of drivers ed training
  2. Proof of Texas residency
  3. Social Security Number

All information is available on the DPS website and Texas State Driving Handbook, so it is essential to ensure you know what is required when testing. If you don’t present all documents requested, you won’t be able to sit in for your exam.

Texas teen drivers often wait weeks, if not months to take their driving test. Many busy offices in the state administer more than 1,000 tests weekly. It is, therefore, important to ensure you book your appointment in advance to avoid further delays. If there is a mega center where you live, utilize the online booking tools. Otherwise, plan ahead, and avoid the busy periods mentioned above. Planning in advance will ensure you sit in for your written test and and driving exam at the earliest date possible. Being proactive is the best approach for drivers who need to take a driving test.

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