The Best Texas Defensive Driving Course Online In 2023

Best Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

Driving is a key part of our lives, and the ability to have reliable transportation to and from work, school, and anywhere else that you need to go is very important. As a former driving instructor, I’ve seen the pure bliss of a 16-year-old obtaining their driver’s license to the fear and uncertainty of those who had their license suspended or revoked.

It doesn’t take a suspended or revoked license to feel the pain, though. Just one traffic ticket from a minor moving violation can increase your insurance rates and ding your driving record.

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This Is The Best Texas Defensive Driving Course Online In 2023

Let’s face it, at one point or another, we pretty much all get a traffic ticket. Thankfully, the state of Texas is pretty forgiving and allows you to take a Texas defensive driving course online or in a classroom if that’s what you prefer. Taking a state-certified Texas defensive driving course online is what most people do these days and it will reduce points on your driving record, dismiss a minor moving violation, and keep your insurance rates low.

In this short guide, I’m going to get into how you can find the best Texas defensive driving course online in 2023. I’ve written several reviews of Texas online defensive driving courses already, but I wanted to create this fresh article specifically covering Texas online defensive driving courses in 2023. Over time, online driving schools change. What was a good online driving school last year might not be a good one this year, so I like to keep things fresh by going through the courses and making new review articles every year.

Here are the 5 most popular Texas defensive driving courses online in 2023

What Is An Online Defensive Driving Course?

An online defensive driving course can help you keep your driving record clean. It was designed for those of us who generally have a safe driving record but might get a ticket from time to time. Not only does taking a defensive driving course act as a deterrent to committing any violations in the future, but it also gives people a refresher course on driving laws, rules, and safety. Unfortunately, these refreshers are necessary for a lot of drivers out there.

You’re allowed to take an online defensive driving course in Texas once every year and it can completely dismiss most minor traffic violations. You can’t take a defensive driving course in Texas if you have the following violations:

  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 25mph.
  • Operating a motor vehicle without valid auto insurance.
  • Hit & run
  • Passing a stopped school bus that had red flashers activated
  • Any violation that occurred in a construction zone.

The vast majority of other traffic violations can be removed by simply taking an online defensive driving course in Texas. In the below video, you can learn more about how the Texas driving point system works:

In every Texas online defensive driving course in 2023, you’ll learn things like how to recognize threats and avoid them, how to stay safe while in heavily congested areas, avoiding distracted driving, and more. This can help keep you and your passengers safe and could even land you a reduced insurance premium as well as keep your driving record clean.

Is Taking A Defensive Driving Course In Texas Online Better Than A Classroom?

You have the option to take your defensive driving course either online or in a classroom. In the state of Texas, all online defensive driving courses in 2023 must include course timers. Honestly, this sucks, because that means if you need to take a 6-hour defensive driving course (the most common course length in Texas), it will really take you 6 hours whether you do it in a classroom or online.

The VAST majority of drivers are choosing to take their Texas defensive driving course online in 2023. I really don’t blame them, either. As a former driving instructor, you might think I would recommend classroom-based defensive driving courses, but it’s actually the opposite. Who wants to sit in a stuffy classroom with strangers all day to get lectured at about driving safety? Online defensive driving courses in Texas are way easier, about the same price, you can start and stop the course whenever you want, and in general, it’s just a much more pain-free way to get the requirements done.

How Does Online Texas Online Defensive Driving Work In 2023?

Learning online has become one of the biggest changes to the way that people gain degrees. But driving courses taken online often surprise people since driver’s education often involves driving in person with an instructor. But there are plenty of classroom-based programs for even teen driving programs.

When you sign up for the best Texas defensive driving course online, you’ll be able to complete your defensive driving requirements as quickly and as easily as possible. Lessons are delivered through text-based lessons, videos, and even through interactive lessons. You can complete your lessons as you have the time to do so, and do them in your free time. Instead of having to constantly try to make it to a class in time for the appointed start times, you can learn at home on your computer or even through a smartphone or tablet.

Then, once you’ve finished the best Texas defensive driving course online, you’re given a certificate of completion that you can then use to get a reduced insurance rate, dismiss a traffic ticket, or other benefits – along with the fact that you’ll be safer and feel more secure when you’re out on the busy Texas roads.

How To Find The Best Texas Defensive Driving Course Online In 2023

When you start looking for the best Texas defensive driving course online in 2023, there are several different things that you’ll want to keep in mind. The elements that make a program one of the best includes:

  • Entirely online – The vast majority of Texas state-certified online defensive driving courses in 2023 are 100% online. If you find a course that is not 100% online, you should find another course. You should never have to go anywhere to take a test other than your online class, and your certificate of completion should be automatically mailed to you.

  • Good online reviews from past students and from multiple sources – While I will be giving you my own personal opinions about the best Texas online defensive driving courses for 2023, you shouldn’t just take my word for it. Get reviews from as many sources as possible and compare them all to help weed out the fake reviews and get a good idea of the pros/cons of a course.

  • Flexibility with schedules – Some online defensive driving courses have shortened customer service hours such as 9-5 and on weekdays only. That doesn’t help those of us who work for living now, does it? The best option is to never have to use customer service, but if you need it, they should be available for you during the hours you’re taking the course, which typically isn’t 9-5. Finding a course with 24/7/365 customer support is ideal.

  • U.S. based support team – To continue with the above points, you should really try to find an online defensive driving course that has a United States based customer service team that is in-house. Many online driving schools outsource their customer service to offshore agencies who are just about useless when you call them.

  • Mobile friendliness – While it seems ridiculous, not all Texas online defensive driving cousres in 2023 are mobile-friendly. That means, many courses will not work (or won’t work well) on mobile devices such as your smartphone or tablet. As crazy as that seems, many online defensive driving courses in Texas really are that outdated.

  • Specifically certified for the state of Texas – While this may seem obvious, you need to verify that any online defensive driving course is actually certified for the state of Texas in 2023. A course that was certified in 2017 might not be certified this year. Every year I get an email from someone who spent a ton of time going through a defensive driving class when it wasn’t a class that is certified in Texas. Before signing up for ANY online defensive driving course in Texas, you should verify the course is approved with the Texas Department Of Licensing & Regulation here.

These are some of the main things to pay attention to when you’re selecting the best online Texas defensive driving course in 2023. It’s also vital to know just what you’re looking for and what you need from a program. Then, you can select the program for you and your needs. Of course, there is a wide range of different choices and it’s important that you take the time to choose carefully and consider the right programs.

My Top Picks For The Best Texas Defensive Driving Courses Online In 2023

So, what are the best Texas defensive driving courses online in 2023? There are numerous options out there, and I’ve taken the time to find the top 5. These five choices are chosen because they offer a good blend of results, ease of use, the ability to learn quickly, great support, and a solid history of excellent reviews from past students. They also meet all of the criteria I’ve stated above.

Take a look at what these five top picks for 2023 have to offer and you’ll be able to find the best Texas defensive driving program for you.

Pick #1: Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable is a relative newcomer in 2023. This is EASILY my top-rated online drivers education course for 2023, and I still think it’s a phenomenal online defensive driving course as well. Aceable delivers content through multiple formats including text, video, animations, and even interactive features like games. They have a phenomenal customer service team based at their headquarters in Austin, Texas and this is a very advanced course of its time.

This is one of my favorites of all the best Texas defensive driving programs, for numerous reasons. It offers some of the best diversity in terms of program choice, and each program can be completed entirely online. However, Aceable goes further. It offers its programs over the most advanced and well-running apps that can be used on any of your mobile devices. Instead of stale lecture videos, you can use interactive learning apps to stay engaged and learn all that you need to know about driving safely. And the support team is unmatched, so if you encounter an issue you have a solution fast.

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Pick #2: Approved Course

Approved Course Defensive Driving

Approved Course is one of my favorite defensive driving courses in Texas and they’ve made some amazing updates for 2023. The entire user platform was updated making it one of the easiest to use courses you can take. They also recently updated all of their videos. Prior to this year, you had to have your certificate of completion mailed to you, but they now have electronic delivery available included in the price. You can even purchase some extras for cheap such as obtaining your Texas driving record. But perhaps the best part of this defensive driving course is that it is run by a small business out of Houston, Texas. It is becoming more and more difficult for small businesses and small driving schools to survive against the big corporate guys, but Approved Course has proven themselves over a 10+ year period that they provide a certain value the big corporate schools simply can’t match. The attention to detail and user satisfaction is unmatched. If you have any issues while going through this course, there is a good chance your customer service rep will actually be the owner of the company.

Approved Course works really well on mobile devices, so if you plan on taking this course from a smartphone or tablet, it’s a great choice. This course is also EASY! They break the course up into easy to manage sections with super simple quizzes and no final exam. The price is also on point. So, if you want to support a local small business that focuses 100% of their time and effort on Texas-specific courses and offers a low price point, Approved Course is a fantastic option in 2023.

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Pick #3: iDriveSafely

idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2019

iDriveSafely is one of the very first online defensive driving courses I ever started to promote back in 2011 when I first began reviewing online traffic schools. To this day, iDriveSafely remains as the best online defensive driving courses in Texas. This is the fastest and easiest online defensive driving course I know of and it always has been. They, unfortunately, got rid of their 24/7/365 customer support in 2023, but they do still offer extended customer service hours It works across all devices, and quite frankly they simply get your requirements done with as little hassle as possible. I won’t claim this is the most technologically advanced course, but it just gets everything done in the most simple and straightforward way.

In addition to helping you dismiss a traffic ticket, this online course is designed specifically to help you learn how to stay safer on the roads, and it’s a course I’d certainly recommend to my friends and family if they needed to take a defensive driving class. Each class can be completed entirely online, and you’re given a certificate of completion that can be used for a discounted insurance rate.

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Pick #4: A Sense Of Humor Defensive Driving School

A Sense Of Humor Defensive Driving

A Sense Of Humor is actually new to my list of the best Texas defensive driving courses online as of 2019, and I’m keeping them on this list for 2023. This is not a new defensive driving course as they’ve been around for many years, but their course has only recently caught my attention. If your the type of person who has a goofy sense of humor, this is going to be your best option. What I like about A Sense Of Humor is they don’t sugar coat anything. They know you aren’t taking a defensive driving course by choice, so they attempt to make things humorous and somewhat enjoyable for you. This online defensive driving course is really raising through the ranks quickly in my reviews.

The comedy doesn’t mean a lack of quality, however. You still get a certificate of completion and all the skills you would from another option. And it’s available entirely online, just like the other choices above. It also works on just about any device and has current certification for 2018. This is another great option you should consider if you want to mix entertainment with your online defensive driving experience.

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Pick #5: Get Defensive

Get Defensive

Get Defensive is another course that is relatively new to my list. Prior to last year, the biggest advantage of Get Defensive has been their price. They guarantee to be the cheapest online defensive driving course in Texas. If you find a cheaper course, they will match or beat the price. However, the course quality was always a bit lacking. Prior to 2019, it didn’t really work well on mobile devices and the content of the course seemed extremely outdated.

Fortunately, Get Defensive is like a whole new course as of 2019. While it still remains one of the lowest-priced defensive driving courses in Texas, the entire course has been updated including the course content, user platform, videos, etc. That’s why I can now recommend Get Defensive as one of the best (and cheapest) online defensive driving courses this year. I’m glad drivers in Texas have more options this year and Get Defensive should be one of the schools you consider.

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No matter which Texas defensive driving course online you end up going with, just make sure it is state-approved and that you are indeed eligible to take a defensive driving course online in Texas. When in doubt, call the court clerks office where you received your traffic citation for clarification. You can find a current list of Texas county clerks offices here.

All Defensive Driving Courses Approved In Texas For 2023

While I very highly recommend you stick with one of the above courses I recommend, here is a full list of all courses approved for Texas defensive driving online in 2023.