The Best Dual View Car Camera To Buy

The Best Dual View Car Camera To Buy

Choosing to purchase a dual view car camera is a big decision. There are so many different models, with different capabilities and features, that choosing the perfect one for your situation can seem nearly impossible. Some dash cams feature an only front facing cameras, but often, consumers choose to go with a dual view car camera for multiple views to help protect them better. It is always important to research these cams carefully, and thoroughly, to make sure you get the best product for you, at a reasonable price.

A Review Of The Best Dual View Car Camera

The Haoponer Dual Camera with GPS dash cam offers you a variety of great features and options, at an affordable price. It has a model number of B00WQY7H1I35 and sells for $53.99 at Amazon. This dual view car camera allows you to take crisp, clear, and detailed images from the front or rear of your vehicle simultaneously. Regardless of the time of day, it has a high-quality photographic element, to capture perfectly lighted pictures. Some of the other more notable features include…

  • 2.7” HD LCD monitor
  • Ultra wide angled lens of 140 degrees for the front
  • Ultra wide angled lens of 120 degrees for the rear
  • Video playback
  • GPS scanning and positioning

Built-in lithium battery with recharging capabilities

This dual view car camera is an excellent choice for helping prove fault in a rear-end related crash. It clearly displays a view of the inside of your car. Playing on your phone, or allowing yourself to be distracted in another way, will be caught by your camera as well, so it encourages safe driving in you. The visual aides provided by this camera effectively give you indisputable evidence when an accident occurs.

Being Easy To Install, And Allowing For Ease Of Use, Are Added Bonuses

The Best Dual View Car Camera To BuyThis Haoponer dual view car camera is simple to install and use, for the consumer’s convenience. Simply start your vehicle, do a quick, initial, and one-time set-up of items like the date and time, and the camera does the rest. It starts recording immediately after your vehicle is cranked and stops after the ignition is turned off. The camera is compatible with Class 10 micro SD cards. The formatting process is quick, easy, and does not leave you wanting to pull your hair out. It is notable to mention that a micro SD card does not come included with this dual view car camera and needs to be purchased separately.

Another added bonus is the reliability of the mounting system. It can be mounted in just a few seconds and has staying power to keep the camera in place. Secure and sturdy, it does not let the camera bounce around, resulting in better all around picture quality. After all, what good does a dual view car camera do you, if it is riding in the floorboard because of a faulty mount?

This Best Dual View Car Camera Is A Great Choice For Uber Or Lyft Drivers

Safety is always a concern when you are allowing a stranger into your car. Making a few extra bucks can be great, but it can also pose an increased risk to your safety. With this camera’s ability to record the cockpit of your car, it will deter criminal activity, or capture it on video. Not only does it provide you with protection on the outside of your vehicle, but it can help you stay safe, inside of your car, while driving to make a living.

A Close Runner-Up

The KDLINKS R100 dash cam sells for $199.95 at, and has a lot of great features and options included. However, due to the monumental price difference between these two models, the R100 is a close runner-up to being the best dual view car camera. Some of the best options that it offers consumers are…

  • 1296P + 1080P HD quality video
  • 140-degree wide angle lens in the front and back
  • Supports 64/128GB card
  • Advanced Parking Mode
  • Works in single or dual view

The rear camera is designed for use in the back windshield of your vehicle, and it is held there using a reliable sticky pad. The downside to this is that it does not capture video on the inside of your car like the Haoponer dual view car camera does. It is effective at proving fault in an accident and recording devious acts outside, but it may not be the best option for a car service driver.

Convenient, Easy To Use And Install Too

This KDLinks cam quickly and easily installs in place of your current rear-view mirror. It is uniquely designed to simply attach directly to your existing mirror. The anti-glare capabilities are astounding and still allows for adequate vision through the mirror. Simply plug it up to your existing 12v port and let the crisp and clear recording begin. The discreet design allows it to remain firmly in place, without having to remove it, from fear of your car getting broken into.

2 Causes Of Concern

The way in which the KDLinks cam mounts, may allow significant and unwanted glare to occur from the windshield. This may make your videos unclear and hard to make out. An obstructed view does not do you or anyone else any good. If you can not make out what is going on in your video, no one else will be able to either, which will make it difficult to prove fault if an accident occurs.

There is also a blue light that is always on while recording, regardless of whether there is an image being displayed or not. This can pose a distraction and increase the driver’s risks of being involved in a crash. It is also notable to mention that the function buttons may be difficult to see, especially when it is dark out. Overall, this is a very good dual view car camera, but it is not the best.

Choose The Haoponer Dual View Car Camera For An Effective And Convenient Option

Effective, convenient, easy, and affordable are all words that can be used to describe this camera. It provides consumers with great functions, reliability, and it is easy on the budget. Due to all of these different aspects, the Haoponer dual view car camera is the best, and it is provides you with crisp, clear, and easy to manage videos to prove it.

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