The Best Dash Camera of 2023

How To Find The Best Dashboard Cam For Your Car

The year 2023 has arrived, and it is the perfect time to discuss the best dash camera for this year. Multiple models deserve to be at the top of any list, but two cams have set themselves apart from the rest. What makes them so unique? The answer is quite simple really. They perform at a high-level, provide exceptional picture quality, and the cameras do it all while being user-friendly for added convenience. However, the pros and cons of each unit will be discussed, to help you decide, which one is the best dash camera of 2023.

Consider The Vantrue N2 Dash Cam With Dual Camera Option For Added Protection

The Vantrue N2 is a steal at under two hundred bucks, as it sells on for $169.99, and is an ideal candidate to be considered the best dash camera of 2023. The seller offers a 30-day money back policy, as well as, an 18-month free replacement policy for quality-related issues. The manufacturer provides excellent customer service, which is another aspect to take into consideration before purchasing a dash camera. After all, anything human-made can malfunction, or break, and you will want a company that stands behind their work, to give you the best experience possible.

The camera features a front-facing lens and one that records the cabin of your vehicle, making it ideal for drivers of Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare organization. If a passenger attempt to stiff you on a fare, or attempts to cause you harm, the dash camera catches it on video. Officers, insurance adjusters, or other interested parties can view the images to prove fault. However, it is notable to mention that the memory card might need to be kept by the police for evidence. The manufacturer recommends that consumers use a Samsung Evo 32GB card with this model, but one does not come with it, so make sure that you have one to avoid delays in the setup process.

The Best Dash Camera of 2019One primary concern is the rear cameras ability to record in the dark, without the use of the vehicle’s interior lights. Obviously, you can not drive around with these bulbs illuminated, so the cam is limited in the protection it provides at night. However, the night-vision on the front-facing dash camera captures detailed and crisp images, regardless of how bright it is outside. A resolution of 1920×1080P at 30fps is utilized for front recordings, while 1280×720P at 30fps is adequate for the cabin. Wide-angle lenses of 170 and 140-degrees allow you to see more, while virtually eliminating fisheye distortion. Some of the prominent features that set the cam apart are…

  • Seamless loop recording that overwrites the oldest files first
  • A parking mode with motion detection or time-lapse capabilities
  • Auto power on and off to prevent draining the car battery
  • There is an optional GPS mode, but a different mounting bracket is required for it to function properly, which is also not included
  • The built-in microphone records audio

The dash camera is capable of operating properly at temperatures between 32 and 158-degrees Fahrenheit, which is the standard operating temperature range for commercial-grade integrated circuits, so it is suitable for use in various climates throughout the world. However, if you live in an extremely hot, or cold environment, always take these ratings into consideration before purchasing any electronic equipment that is for use in the car. Unfortunately, one bad experience can ruin your whole outlook on all dash cameras, so give the device an opportunity to be successful.

The Popular KDLinks DX2

The KDLinks DX2 is equally deserving to be considered as the best dash camera of 2023

. It costs a little bit more than the N2, but it is still well worth the $199.95 that it sells for on Unlike many of the other options on the market, the DX2 comes with a memory card, so it is ready to use straight out-of-the-box. The initial setup is straightforward, and functions are easy to learn, which allows you to start recording videos quickly. A two-lens system of 165-degrees for the front, and 125-degrees for the rear capture detailed images to provide vehicles with optimal protection.

The manufacturer also offers stellar customer service and answers emails, within 24-hours, to exceed your expectations. They also give consumers a 1-year warranty, that covers any dash camera hardware issues so that you can feel secure with your purchase. There are still more reasons to buy this camera, and some distinguishing features include…

  • Full HD videos in 1920×1080p resolution at 30 fps for the front, while the rear records in 720P HD
  • Night-vision by world class F1.6 Six-Glass lenses
  • Comes equipped with a 3-inch display, which makes images easy to see
  • Tested for over 6 hours at170 and -40-degrees Fahrenheit temperatures

The camera has a parking mode, but it requires a continuous power supply, as well as, an adequate light source for the motion detection to work at a high-level. There is not a GPS location or speed function, but it does have an emergency lock button and accident auto-detection feature to prevent videos from becoming erased. Both cameras allow for easy mounting, and the provided cables are of a sufficient length to hide along the headliner for a professional looking install.

The rear dashboard camera goes on the back windshield and does not record the cabin, so it may not be the right choice for protection during carpools. However, the videos can prove fault in accidents that occur at the front, or rear, of the vehicle. Wide Dynamic Range catches license plate numbers, obstacles on the roadway, and uncourteous drivers in a detailed and precise manner.

Both cameras, the DX2 or N2, are made of high-quality materials. The mounts are reliable, and the units are sturdy and durable, which provides you with a long-lasting option to record videos with, trip after trip. Of course, don’t just take my word for it, take a peek at other reviews, news on manufacturer web pages, and other information about dash cams, to make an informed decision, on which dash camera is right for you.

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