Quick And Easy California Traffic Ticket Dismissal With Online Traffic School

Quick And Easy California Traffic Ticket Dismissal With Online Traffic School

Have you recently gotten a traffic ticket from California’s finest?

If you have, then chances are you’re either planning on going to court for it or have already gone to court for it; nobody wants to pay a traffic ticket if they can help it. 

Whether this is your first point on your license or the last you can get (California law states that your license will be suspended after point number four), you probably asked if there was a way to get the ticket excused or keep points from showing up on your driving record; after all, in today’s world there’s not much you can do without a vehicle, and having your license taken away is more than just an annoying inconvenience.

In instances such as these, they will likely recommend you take a course in traffic school. If this is the case, you’re in luck!

I happen to be here to tell you about a California online traffic school that you can do within the comfort of your own home that’s quick, easy, and best of all, cheap, to get that ticket dismissed and you back out on the road. We even offer a discount code to make it a little easier on your wallet!

NOTE: While the online traffic school I’m about to talk about is my top choice, I know you probably want to check out ALL of the top-rated online traffic schools. If that’s the case, you can click here to see reviews for all of the highest-rated California online traffic schools.

…And The #1 Rated Online Traffic School Is? I Drive Safely

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I Drive Safely is available in many states throughout the country, but I’ll focus on California for this post. Now, I’m sure that nothing I can say is going to make you excited to take this or any online traffic school course, but those are the ropes, aren’t they?

Yes, it’ll be boring, but it won’t be difficult, and I promise you it shouldn’t take long. One of the great things about taking this course in California is that the state has no timer requirements, so not only can you break the course up into sections if you want or need to, but you can also fly through it in as little as an hour if you really want to get the experience over with as quickly as possible.

Bottom line is that I Drive Safely is the fastest online traffic school allowed in the state of California.

How Much Does It Cost?

For the state of California, I Drive Safely offers two different formats in which you can take the course: text only with an option “read along” feature, or text with video. Each has a different price point, with the text course being the lowest and the video course being about $10 additional. Since pricing changes all the time, be sure to click here to use our coupon link and see today’s pricing.

Personally, I’d recommend going with the video course over the text course; even though it is slightly more expensive, it provides at least a little more entertainment than just scrolling through seemingly endless text about defensive driving and driver safety. If you’re anything like me, the words all tend to blur together after a while, and the video helps break up the monotony a bit. I like that.

On the other hand, if you are only interested in getting the course done as quickly as possible, the text-only version is probably the fastest way to go. I always recommend people actually take the opportunity to brush up on driving safety as it IS the most dangerous activity most of us partake in daily. However, I also know that some people don’t care and just want to get it done. If you fit into that category, the text-based course will be the fastest way to go.

Is the Course Difficult?

Fortunately, even if the topics may be quite boring, the whole traffic school course isn’t difficult. 

It may be hard to concentrate at times because of the number of topics you have to go through, especially if you take the course in a classroom setup. 

The good news here is that it may not be the case if you enroll in an online traffic school. Online courses are designed to keep students interested in the lessons. So you’ll find their learning resources more entertaining and easier to grasp. 

The more popular traffic schools even divided the lessons into easily digestible units so that you won’t get overwhelmed. Even courses that are text-based include a few graphics and videos to make it a little more bearable. 

You’ll also get to answer easy short quizzes at the end of each lesson to help you recall the key concepts. Don’t worry, most traffic schools will provide an overview page that goes over the basics of the section you just finished before the quiz starts. Besides, the questions are multiple-choice and you can answer them without even having to take notes… 

Here are some answers to the I Drive Safely test questions here.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve registered for the course, they’ll ask you how you want to pay, and they even offer a ‘Make Payment Later’ option that allows you to get a little way into the course before having to pay for it.

After that, they ask you to answer a few personal authentication questions, and you’re in. Be warned; throughout the course, they will require you to answer these questions correctly in order to move on. This is to ensure that it’s you taking the course, and not someone taking it for you.

Save Money With This I Drive Safely Coupon

The course itself is broken up into eight sections: Highway Safety, The Driver, Alcohol and Drug Impaired Driving, Other Impairments, Traffic Laws, Driving Environment, Driving Emergencies, and The Vehicle.

At the end of each section, they will quiz you on the material, and you’re required to get at least 80% of them correct before moving on to the next one.

At the end of the course, you will take the final exam, and as long as you’ve been paying attention and making the effort, you should pass it with ease. If you pass, they give you the option to have the certificate of completion sent to you or to send it directly to the courts for free, and you’re all set. If for some reason you fail the final exam, you are allowed one chance to retake it at no additional charge.

Do I Have Other Traffic School Options?

Don’t get me wrong — iDrive Safely is definitely one of the best online traffic schools in California.

But just in case you’re wondering what else is out there, check out Best Online Traffic School

This is one of the newer online traffic schools in California. 

Its platform aims to make getting through traffic school easier. 

Non-native English speakers can choose to change the website’s language to either Spanish or Chinese — so if you’re more proficient with either of these languages, you can go through the course material comfortably.

Instead of presenting long, monotonous pages of text, Best Online Traffic School breaks up content with interesting images. In turn, this makes learning more enjoyable and digestible.

The course doesn’t have a timer, so you can learn at your own pace. It saves you from the stress of ticking clocks and makes it all about getting the information you need to become a safer driver.

So if you want to finish traffic school as fast as possible, go to Best Online Traffic School. 

Will Traffic School Erase Points From My Record?

If you elect to take an online traffic school course and are able to prove that you’ve passed by providing the court and DMV with the certificate of completion, it will keep the point from showing up on your driving record.

However, unfortunately in the state of California, points do not get erased from your driving record with the DMV. Taking an online traffic school course can help to keep those points from showing up on your license, but they will remain on your actual driving record.

Can Points Be Erased From My Record if I Attend Traffic School?

Unfortunately, once a point has been added to your driving record, there’s no chance to have it  erased in the state of California, 

However, if you decide to take an online traffic school course, the points you receive can be dismissed. This way, the point doesn’t show up on your license in the first place. You just need to prove that you’ve completed the course by providing the court and DMV with your certificate of completion.

Make sure that you receive permission to take the course from your court handler first before signing up if you don’t want your efforts to go to waste. 


If you think I Drive Safely’s online traffic school course for California is right for you, sign up today!

To sweeten the deal even further, Drive Safely offers a discount code for this course, which can be found here.

You get the best price around, a quality course, and you can help your ticket go away; what better reasons are there?

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