Online Drivers Ed Programs That Take You Off-Road

Online Drivers Ed Programs That Take You Off-Road

When it comes to traveling on the roads, there are many things that your teen driver will need to deal with; traffic rules, other drivers, getting home before curfew.

Yes, the highway of life is often paved with both the good and the bad, while the highway of travel is just…well….paved.

Everyone loves the freshly-tarred and sealed highway that is smooth and free from bumps and grumps.

But what happens when the road is not so smooth; what happens when it’s not even paved?

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Unpaved And Adverse Road Conditions

There are several adverse road conditions that can throw even a seasoned driver for a loop, so you’ll need to take extra care when traveling.

Gravel and Dirt Roads. If you’re out in a rural area, you might come across one of these surfaces.

Though they usually have a firm base, the top layer is often made of loose gravel or dirt. You can easily lose control on a surface like this is you hit it at a high speed.

Remember to take this road slower and avoid any fast acceleration, braking, or swerving. If there are tracks that have developed from other cars travelling this road often, try to follow those to make for a better ride.

Sand. If you live near the beach, travelling on the sand can be a blast. Of course, SUV’s are the best to handle this surface, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, keep your vehicle at a steady speed and avoid any sudden increase or decrease in acceleration as this can bog you down.

Keep your car light so it is easier to skim over the sand.

And always stay on well-traveled beaches so that help will find you easily if you need it.

Creeks and Riverbeds. This can be a rather dangerous, but adventurous, undertaking. It should be left to the pros but just in case you ever end up in a situation, you should try to check the level of the water before you try to cross it by wading around to see if there is enough grip.

Don’t change gears while in the water, but keep driving at a consistent speed. And always roll down your windows and unbuckle your seat belt before you cross so you have an easier escape. And never drive into any water, creek or otherwise, unless you know how deep it is.

Off Road Driving Tips

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Teen Drivers Lack Experience

When it comes to teen drivers, many of these things can cause panic because they have likely not been exposed to many different situations. 

Unlike experienced drivers, these teens, especially the newbie drivers, have not seen much of the dangers of driving in different road and weather conditions. They’ve only learned these things from their driver’s education – whether through reading from textbooks and driver’s manuals or watching videos, animations, or driving simulations.

And we all know that this won’t be enough. Once your teen gets his driver’s license, you’ll be releasing him into the wild; gravel, dirt, and all. 

Though you cannot travel beside him every step of the way, you can give him an edge by making sure that he completes an online driver’s ed program.

Although driver’s education can be taken in person, an online driver’s ed program offers many benefits that your teen can take advantage of in the long run. It’s not all about getting insurance discounts if that’s what you’re thinking.

The learning materials used in online education programs are usually designed to encourage student engagement. This is to balance out the absence of an actual instructor to call their attention when they drift away from the lesson. 

Most visual resources also improve memory retention. What’s more, there’s a variety of course options to choose from, so your teen can decide which format will suit their learning style.

An Online Drivers Ed Program You Can Believe In

We have reviewed many online driver’s ed programs and we’ve found that there are many who live up to what they say they can do. is one of the best teen driving schools out there.

They have an excellent reputation and have been running online drivers ed programs for well over a decade. Plus, they have a graduating customer base of over 5 million students.

But the thing that we like the best about is that they have both student and parent resources.

When a young adult is learning to drive, it should be a combined effort between both teens and parents. The separate parent guide is a big help in that regard.

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What They Need To Know

With, you know that your teen will learn about driving in adverse weather, traffic, and non-typical road surfaces.

But you’ll also rest assured that she will learn the dangers of distracted driving, which is becoming one of the biggest causes of motor vehicle related accidents and deaths, as well as bicycles and pedestrians, alcohol and drug use laws (and consequences) and even basic vehicle maintenance.

There will be chapters that will introduce them to the most current driving laws in your state – DriversEd’s programs are state-specific. So instead of learning about the general rules of the road, your teen will be introduced to the laws governing drivers and driving in your state as well.

Another important part of the course lessons includes alcohol and drug use laws (and consequences), which is an important topic that all teen drivers must take seriously as part of their responsibility as new drivers.

They’ll also be learning about basic vehicle maintenance to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge in keeping their vehicles running smoothly, and of course, safely. prepares your teen for the realities and responsibilities of driving and owning a car.

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Doing It On Their Own Time At Their Own Pace

The best thing about your teen participating in an online driver’s ed program is the ability to learn at his own pace without distractions.

We know how busy life can get and he can take this class when he has the time to put into it. Plus, let’s face it, the classroom can be a busy place even when the teacher is leading.

In traditional classrooms, they spend long periods of time studying the course, often becoming bored and unresponsive.

With I Drive Safely’s online course, your teen can study whenever he’s ready – which helps him learn more and remember it longer.

Satisfaction For All

We’ve found that parents love the fact that is one of the online drivers ed programs that offers a money-back guarantee for all students.

If you find that you are not satisfied within 30 days of registering (and before the final exam), they’ll issue you a full refund.

They also have 24/7 customer support, which is great when questions arise.

Best of all, the process of registration could not be easier or more secure. All of your information stays safe and confidential. The teens love to learn in the unconventional way through videos, animations, and interactive games that keep things interesting.

So fret less, Mom and Dad, for your teen will learn as she goes. But before that, she’ll be well equipped to handle whatever comes her way.