Getting Your Teen The Best Online Drivers Ed Out There

Getting Your Teen The Best Online Drivers Ed Out There

Drivers ed can help teens to get a nice grasp of being safe on the road, and for parents, it can make those insurance premiums a little less painful, too! 

While there is no real set discount amount regarding driver’s ed and insurance premiums, most insurance companies do knock off a little something on the monthly premium for teens who’ve taken a course. 

As any parent can attest to, insuring teenagers can be a bit expensive, and every penny saved is a penny earned!

One big problem that many parents face today, however, is being simply way too busy. Parents and teens alike, actually, juggle work, activities, school, homework, and all kinds of other things on already full plates, so how are you going to fit drivers ed into this as well?

Online drivers ed really provides a solution, and it gives you and your teenager a way to go through the courses, gain better safety skills, and lower those premiums without having to move your entire schedule around.


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How Does Online Drivers Ed Work?

With online drivers ed, you’re getting the same education and learning the same concepts as you would with an in-person course, but your teen can take it in their own time and on their own schedule.

You won’t be remoting into a meeting while sitting in a diner parking lot somewhere because your son or daughter couldn’t miss their 5pm drivers ed class, and they won’t be skipping practice before a big game, so it’s a win/win. When there’s a little downtime left at the end of the night, they can continue on their course at their speed.

How this works is your teen can simply log in and log out as they see fit, and they can dedicate as much time as they’d like to their lessons.

If they happen to have time between practice and work, they can use that time to take on their drivers ed lessons, or if they have a free weekend day, they can put in some real time, and they can always log out when they’re finished, only to log back in when they’re ready to go again.

With this log in/log out method, they can always stop and save right where they are, and begin the next time right where they left off. This convenience to your teen’s schedule allows for a stress-free drivers ed experience, which an already place safe driving in a positive light.

They’ll have none of the additional stress in what may be an already stressful life, and their entire experience can be a relaxed and looked-forward-to one.

Finding The Right Course

Online drivers ed provides a ton of advantages…but only if you find the right course. Finding the best online drivers ed will take a little research on your part, but it’s simple stuff that anyone can do.

First and foremost, you’ll want to take a look at the reviews you can find regarding different programs, and make sure that others who have completed the course have had a good experience. Next, check out the online reputation of the program itself, and make sure they’re in a decent standing.

When looking at reviews, look for reviews that look natural and give good insight. Reviews that are too general don’t tell you enough, and they may not be legitimate, and reviews that read unnaturally with too many details should raise a red flag as well.

When you’re reading reviews and searching for the right online drivers ed program for your teen, make sure the reviews you’re seeing are those you want to see.

When looking up a particular program’s online reputation, take care to not fear the negative. A poor online reputation will often be supported by negative firsthand accounts, and these may not be as easy to find as any positive praise.

Specifically searching for “(company name) negative reviews” or something similar can lead you to lesser seen sources really showing what a company’s reputation may be all about. If these negative reviews and testimonials outweigh the positive, it can be fair to assume that their online reputation isn’t very good, and they should be avoided.

We have a few online drivers ed programs that we recommend, that are tried and tested for their legitimacy and what they offer today’s teens, and our top picks are:

Some of these programs offer both online traffic school and drivers ed, and it’s important to choose the right program for your teen. An online traffic school isn’t what they need, and you should make sure you’re opting for the drivers ed option. Included in some of these links are also promotional codes, which can help you to save while keeping your teen safe!

Once you’ve found a reputable online drivers ed program that will fit your needs, you’re good to go, and you’ll get peace of mind that your teen is being safe on the road, while they get skills they’ll use for a lifetime!

Homeschool online drivers ed programs are completed before the real road practice begins, and they can enhance the experience teens gain from road practice in general.

By keeping what they’ve learned in online drivers ed in mind, they’ll be working on the techniques and the strategies they should always use on the road, and they’ll be developing just the skills they need to develop to have a healthy relationship with safe driving.

The online age has offered us quite a bit in terms of convenience and ease, and online drivers ed is no exception! In today’s modern age, no longer do we have to juggle schedules to get our kids to drivers ed, and they can get the full experience with no stress to you or them!

Understanding the Parent’s Role 

For first-time teen drivers, the most critical period in their driving career is the first few months. This is also the period when they face the highest possibility of getting involved in a car crash.

With you as a parent, or a figure of authority, providing direction to your teens is imperative. Your support does not stop after they earn their driver’s license. You must continue providing feedback, and doing it consistently is important.

However, parents have to be careful with how they deliver the message. We know most teens will be at a rebellious stage and if they feel they are being closely monitored, your good intentions may put them off.

To navigate the conversation, you should be able to create driving rules together, as a team, not as a parent ordering a kid around. Remember that they want to be treated like a grown-up. So if you approach them in a friendly manner, you can easily come up with driving agreements that will not only help involve your teen, it will give them more control and ownership. If you achieve this, they will be more responsive and open to your feedback. 

Another way to help your teen without being too preachy is to set a good example. Teenagers, consciously or unconsciously, will watch your every move and may end up copying everything you do. So, be sure to practice safe driving habits yourself when you’re in front of your kids, even from an early age. 

Simple examples such as always wearing a seatbelt and not using your cellphones while driving help develop good driving habits in your teens.

If you have the time, you can also guide your teens when driving in different road conditions. You can even implement practice sessions in more intense driving circumstances such as when there is too much fog or during rainy weather.  

Allowing your teen to be exposed to a variety of conditions while under your supervision will not only make them more confident with their driving skills but also prepare them for the worst. With this, they’ll know what to do when they have to face those situations on their own.