Nebraska Driver’s License Renewal (A Complete 2023 Guide)

Nebraska Driver’s License Renewal (A Complete Guide)

Need to renew your Nebraska driver’s license

Don’t know how or where to renew it?

We’re here to give you a complete guide to Nebraska driver’s license renewal. 

Everyone has to renew their driver’s license at some point. And when the time comes, the best thing to do is know your options and exactly what to do. 

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to walk you through all the channels, requirements, and steps. 

So let’s dive right in!

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in Nebraska

The Nebraska DMV sends out a notice of renewal 30 days before your license expires. 

In this notice, you’ll be given options on how you can renew: 

  • Online
  • In-person
  • By mail

Remember, not everyone is given all 3 options, so it’s important that you follow what the notice says. 

But, in case you have the 3 options at your disposal, let’s look at the requirements and steps for each one. 

How to Renew A Nebraska Driver’s License Online 

Good news, drivers! 

You can now renew your driver’s license online for a fast and convenient process. So if you have the option to renew online, we recommend taking advantage of this.

But what are the requirements for online renewal? Let’s take a look:

  • You didn’t have any name change during the period that you have your current license
  • There are no significant changes to your appearance
  • You haven’t replaced your license online at least 2 times within the past 5 years 
  • You are below 72 years old

NOTE: If one of these conditions applies to you, you must renew your driver’s license in person. 

For those who are lucky to renew online, here’s how to do it: 

  • Prepare the following:
    • Your email address and telephone number
    • A MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Credit Card (to pay the fee)
    • 2 proof of residence in Nebraska. Check the list of valid documents here.
  • Start your application by filling up all the necessary information. 
  • Upload your 2 proofs of Nebraska residence. You should also upload proof of address change (if applicable) 
  • Pay the renewal fee of $24 + a security surcharge fee of $5
  • Wait for your new license to arrive in 14 business days. 

And you’re done. That was easy! 

How to Renew A Nebraska Driver’s License In-Person

Chances are, if you can’t renew online, then you have to renew in person. 

The good news is that you can renew as early as 60 days before your license expires, so you don’t have to wait until the last minute. 

That said, here’s how to renew your Nebraska driver’s license in person: 

  • Prepare the following documents:
    • A completed Operator’s License ID data form. You can complete this at the office, but doing this in advance makes the visit faster. 
    • 1 form of identification
    • 2 proof of Nebraska residence
    • Cash to pay for the renewal fee
    • Your renewal notice 

NOTE: You can check for accepted documents here.

  • Submit all the necessary documents. 
  • Pay the fee of $29 (including the renewal fee of $24 and the security fee of $5). 
  • Wait for your driver’s license to be mailed to you within 20 business days. During this period, you can use the 30-day receipt given by the DMV for your driving privileges. 

And you’re done in just a few steps! That wasn’t too bad, right?

How to Renew A Nebraska Driver’s License by Mail

Mail renewal is only for those that are out of state when they need to renew their driver’s license. Also, you can only use this method if your license photo is up to date. 

You can send your in-mail renewal:

  • For those turning 21: 60 days before license expiry
  • For those 21 and above: 90 days before license expiry

NOTE: those renewing a CDL cannot renew by mail.

Here are the steps:

  • Complete a vision test.
  • Prepare the following documents to include in the mail:
    • A photocopy of your valid Nebraska driver’s license
    • A photocopy of a valid identification card
    • 2 proof of Nebraska residence. See accepted documents here
    • Your renewal notice (if any)
  • Mail all these documents and the data form to this address: 

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

PO Box 94726

Lincoln, NE 68509

Fax: 402-471-4020

  • Wait for an issuance certificate to be sent to you. Use this to attach your $29 renewal fee.
  • Sign the issuance certificate. 
  • Mail the signed certificate and documents back to the DMV (see address above). 
  • Receive your 30-day Temporary Driving Receipt.
  • Wait for your official driver’s license to be mailed to you in 10-14 business days. 

So even if you are out of state, there’s no need to worry about renewing your Nebraska driver’s license. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For more info, we added some FAQs that can further help you in your license renewal process. 

When does my driver’s license expire in Nebraska?

If you are below 21 years old, your driver’s license will expire on your 21st birthday. If you are 21 and above, your license will expire on your birthday, every 5 years.

What do I need to renew my driver’s license in Nebraska?

To renew your Nebraska driver’s license, you will need to prepare a valid ID and proof of residence. 

Here are some examples of the documents you can show.

  • Proof of residence:
    • Account statement from a bank or other financial institution issued within 90 days
    • Federal, state, or local government documents issued within 90 days
    • Valid Nebraska vehicle registration
    • Valid life, health, home, or auto insurance policy
    • Nebraska DMV renewal notice
    • Nebraska voter registration card
  • Proof of valid ID:
    • Social Security Card
    • A certified birth certificate issued by a State Government Office
    • A valid, unexpired passport
    • A valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card

How long do you have to renew your driver’s license after it expires in Nebraska?

You have up to one year to renew your license after it expires. That said, if you are late, you will need to pay a penalty fee. 

Also, if you are caught driving with an expired license, you will face harsh penalties, such as a big fine and even jail time. 

Do I need an appointment to go to the DMV in Nebraska?

Some DMV offices accept walk-ins. However, to make it quicker, we recommend scheduling an appointment online


And that was the Nebraska driver’s license renewal process for the 3 options available. 

Even if it seems like an inconvenience, renewing is a must. 

Thankfully, you have the convenient option to do it online. If not, then in-person renewal is still very easy. 

Out of state? No worries, you can renew by mail, too. 

Now that you know all this, don’t forget to renew on time!

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