Louisiana Driver’s License Renewal (A Complete 2024 Guide)

Louisiana Driver’s License Renewal (A Complete Guide)

Before you know it, 6 years have passed. 

And do you know what that means?

It’s time to renew your Louisiana driver’s license

But 6 years is a long time, you probably don’t remember all the details about renewing your license. Or, maybe it’s your first renewal. 

Whatever the case, we’re here to help. 

Today, we’ll go through the complete guide to Louisiana driver’s license renewal. We’ll show you all the steps and requirements for the different renewal methods. 

So without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in Louisiana

Drivers in Louisiana have three options regarding license renewal:

  • Online or mobile app
  • By mail
  • In-person

However, not everyone is eligible for all channels. That’s why knowing the requirements, as well as the steps, for all methods is crucial. 

So let’s go through each channel one by one. 

How to Renew A Louisiana Driver’s License Online

As with most things nowadays, doing it online or through a mobile app is the most convenient way.

Those eligible for online renewal can complete the process in minutes while remaining comfortable at home. Plus, drivers with multiple commitments can renew their licenses on the go — all it takes is downloading the LA Wallet app.

But, as we mentioned, you can only use this channel if you meet the requirements. 

Here are the requirements for online renewal:

  • Your previous renewal was not done online
  • You received a computer-generated renewal invitation by mail.
  • You are comfortable using a debit or credit card to pay for your fees.
  • You do not have to change any of your personal information (i.e. last name, address, etc.).
  • Your driving privileges are not suspended (if they are, your license must be reinstated before you can complete your renewal)

If you meet the criteria, then here are the steps to renewing your Louisiana driver’s license online: 

  1. Log on to Louisiana’s Office of Motor Vehicles online portal. Don’t worry, you can easily create an account if you don’t have one. 

NOTE: Alternatively, you can download the LA Wallet App from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. 

  1. Confirm that you meet all the conditions qualifying you for an online renewal.
  1. Enter your driver’s license number and date of birth.
  1. Follow the rest of the prompts.
  1. View the fee breakdown and pay the amount.

NOTE: The breakdown will include $32.25 and a state fee. If you renew past your license’s expiration date, you will spend an additional $15.

  1. Receive your new driver’s license in the mail.

NOTE: Your new credential may take up to 30 days before it arrives. If you do not receive it by then, visit an OMV office within 60 days of your renewal application to get a replacement at no cost.

And just like that, you’ve completed the renewal process. 

How effortless was that?

How to Renew A Louisiana Driver’s License by Mail

What if you aren’t eligible to renew online but still want to avoid going to an OMV office? 

Your second option is to complete the process by mail.

However, like the online process, not everyone can go through it. Here are the requirements for mail renewal: 

  • Your previous renewal was not done through the mail
  • You don’t need to change any personal information 
  • You received an invitation from the OMV to renew your license by mail

NOTE: You can do mail renewal without a mail renewal invitation IF you are 70 years old or older and have a medical condition preventing you from appearing in person at a local OMV office.

If you pass the requirements, proceed with your renewal through the mail.

  1. Refer to the renewal notice and gather the required documents indicated.
  1. Enclose a check payable to the Office of Motor Vehicles for the renewal fee
  1. Send the documents and payment to this address: 

Office of Motor Vehicles

Attention: Reconstructed License

P.O. Box 64886

Baton Rouge, LA 70896

  1. Wait for your new driver’s license to arrive via mail 

How to Renew A Louisiana Driver’s License In-Person

The most common way to have your driver’s license renewed in Louisiana is to visit a local OMV office. 

There are no restrictions for this channel.

Here are some situations where you must do an in-person renewal:

  • You didn’t receive an online or mail renewal notice
  • You completed your last renewal by mail or online
  • You must retake any tests (these are typically required if your license expired more than a year ago)
  • You need to change personal information in your license 

And here’s how to complete an in-person license renewal in Louisiana:

  1. Choose a local OMV office to visit. Check whether you need to make an appointment or not.
  1. Prepare the following documents and bring them on your visit:
    1. Your driver’s license (it serves as proof of identity and residency)
    2. A document showing your Social Security Number
    3. Proof of insurance for each vehicle you own
    4. Proof of name/address change (if applicable)

NOTE: Non-immigrant Resident Aliens need to present their passport and documentation showing their status in the U.S. (provided by Homeland Security)

  1. Pass the vision test 
  1. Pass a written test (if applicable) 
  1. Pay the $32.25 renewal fee. If you renew your license more than 10 days after it expires, you will have to spend an additional $15.
  1. Get your new driver’s license. 

And that’s it. 

Sure, it isn’t as convenient as online and mail renewal, however, it’s still pretty simple. 


Got some questions? Then let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Louisiana driver’s license renewal. 

When does my driver’s license expire in Louisiana?

Your Louisiana driver’s license expires every 6 years, on your birthday. However, you don’t need to wait until the last minute to renew. You can begin the process as early as 180 days before the expiration date.

What do I need to bring to the DMV to renew my license in Louisiana?

Don’t forget the following if you’re renewing through a local OMV office:

  • Your active driver’s license
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Your insurance card (or any document showing you have liability coverage for all your vehicles)
  • Proof of personal information change (for example, you can present your marriage certificate if you’re going to change your last name) 
  • Passport and US citizenship (if you are a nonimmigrant resident alien in Louisiana)

How long can your license be expired in Louisiana?

You have a 10-day grace period in Louisiana. If you renew your license within that period, you won’t have to pay an additional fee.

However, you’ll need to pay a $15 penalty if you exceed it. It also puts you at risk of receiving citations if a law enforcement officer pulls you over.

What counts as proof of residency in Louisiana?

You can present several documents to prove your Louisiana residency. The easiest ones to get are:

  • Utility bills (water, sewer, gas, electricity, cable/satellite TV, internet, telephone, mobile, etc.)
  • Financial statements (bank/credit union account, investment account, credit card account, or loan/financing documents)
  • Unexpired driver’s license, permit, or ID
  • Employer verification (paycheck, paystub, W-2, or military orders)

The Wrap Up

And that concludes your complete guide to the Louisiana driver’s license renewal. 

As you can see, the process is very straightforward. Plus, it’s very convenient if you can qualify for online renewal. 

If not, there’s always mail and in-person renewal to consider. 

But whether you renew online, by mail, or in person, you now know what to prepare and do. 

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and renew your Louisiana driver’s license.

Don’t delay!

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