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Hi and welcome to my online Kentucky traffic school reviews page! I create online traffic schools for each state specifically and Kentucky is one of the easiest states for me to perform reviews on. Why? Because the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet online recommends one online traffic school. That online traffic school is iDriveSafely. Ironically, this is normally the school I recommend anyway as it’s high quality with a great reputation. Oh, and you can use this coupon link to check current promo pricing for Kentucky.

Want The Fast Answer? This Is The Best Online Traffic School In Kentucky

Is A Kentucky Online Traffic School Better Than A Classroom?

Absolutely. No question about it. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes driving to a community college on a perfectly good Saturday to sit in a classroom with total strangers while being lectured at about safe driving by an instructor who probably doesn’t even want to be there. But, for the other 99.9% of us, taking your Kentucky traffic school online is much easier. You can log in and out of the course whenever you want, you have access to 24/7/365 customers support, and you can complete the course on your schedule. Online traffic school is easy and costs the same. There’s no reason to sit in a classroom just for a ticket dismissal course.

How Does Kentucky State Traffic School Work?

Kentucky Online Traffic School
First the district court where you received your ticket has to refer you to take traffic school. Next, you’ll get a letter with instructions on how to enroll in a class. And finally, you complete the course which usually removes the traffic violation from your driving record. The only people who will have access to your violation is law enforcement, courts, and government agencies. Your auto insurance company will not have any record of the violation.

How Do I know If I’m Eligible For Kentucky Traffic School?

For starters, your license can’t be suspended and you can’t attend a traffic school for any conviction with a mandatory license suspension. Traffic school in Kentucky is only for minor traffic violations. Also, you are only allowed to complete a state approved Kentucky traffic school once ever 12 months as a maximum. And finally you must be referred by the district court where the violation occurred. For more information, check out this page.

What If I Really Want To Use A Classroom Based Traffic School?

If you don’t want to take an online traffic school for whatever reason, you can complete your requirements in a classroom setting. The classroom course will last 4 hours and you can get a list of locations here. The course can have up to a six week waiting period and if you do not complete the course within’ one month, your license can be suspended (yeah, try figuring that one out!). So make sure you schedule to enroll right away if you want to take your Kentucky traffic school in a classroom. You can get signed up here.

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