What Is The Best In Car Dash Camera To Buy?

What Is The Best In Car Dash Camera To Buy?

If you’re considering investing in a car dash camera, one of the first questions you’re like to ask yourself is “What is the best in car dash camera to buy?” Naturally, you want to get the most bang for your buck in terms of your investment, and with the vast range of car dash camera options on the market today, there is a whole lot to look through in order to find what best suits your needs. A great way to determine where to start is to piece together just what you’re looking for, and this will require determining your size, style, price range, and any special specifications you may be looking for.

Car Dash Camera Sizes

Car dash camera sizes vary widely, and there are just as many suitable larger cameras as there are smaller and stealthier options. Before deciding on a size you want, first consider your vehicle, and how your chosen camera will fit into your vehicle for the best possible match. Sports cars and smaller cars, for instance, won’t mesh well with a larger LCD screen option, while a large vehicle may be too much for a small front-facing only camera with smaller angles. You want your car dash camera to not distract you from keeping your eyes on the road, but you do want it to capture a sufficient angle of the road ahead or behind in order to record the footage you need.

Car Dash Camera Styles

A car dash camera comes in a vast array of styles, and these range from stealthy to flashy and high-tech. If you want a car dash camera that blends in with your vehicle and doesn’t stand out, you’ll want something like the Rexing V1P car dash camera that has a stealthy design as well as a dual-camera function that works for both smaller and larger vehicles. This car dash camera won’t be spotted by passersby or other drivers right away, but its substantial enough that its style can work for just about any type of vehicle you decide to install it into.

Car Dash Camera Price Ranges

Like size and style, the price ranges of today’s car dash camera also vary widely. Whether you’re trying to spend under $50, or you’re comfortable spending a couple hundred dollars, you’re going to find just what you want with a suitable car dash camera that fits your needs. One excellent affordable car dash camera option is the Pruveeo F5, which is stealthy, has a 140 degree viewing angle, and features WiFi capabilities that allow you to view footage in real time from your iOS or Android device. The Pruveeo F5 is priced at just under $36, making it a great beginner car dash camera for the driver who doesn’t want to spend too much, but wants to get a feel for what a basic car dash camera is able to offer them on the road.

Car dash cameras with additional bells and whistles will cost more than the Pruveeo F5, and if you’re looking for high-tech WDR technology or GPS capabilities, drivers can expect to pay a little more for them. The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD runs along the higher end of the price range scale at just under $200, but it features 24/7 automobile surveillance, a touch screen, an included 32GB MicroSD Card, GPS capabilities, and multi-vehicle use along with various other specs.

Drivers are able to find just what they’re looking for in car dash camera price ranges, but cameras from these different ranges will range themselves in capabilities. The best way to determine the best you can get for your price is to first outline the specifications that mean the most to you in a car dash camera, and then to research what that combination of specifications is like to cost on average.

Your Car Dash Camera Use

What Is The Best In Car Dash Camera To Buy?There are many uses for a car dash camera, and your specific inspiration for investing in one will matter a great deal in making sure you’re investing in just the right device. A few of the most common uses for a car dash camera include:

  • Monitoring teens on the road – A Car dash camera is a great way to hold teens accountable for their road responsibility, and they can help them to build a solid foundation of respect for driving. If you plan to invest in a car dash camera to monitor your teen on the road, one with GPS and geo-tagging as well as wide viewing angles and the ability to record plenty of footage may be your best bet. The GPS tagging will show that they’re going where they say they’re going, and many even monitor their speed to ensure they’re adhering by road rules.
  • Road tripping – One of the more fun reasons why some may invest in a car dash camera is to record their road trip. While taking a trip, we tend to emphasize the stops in our photos, but why not the time spent on the road as well? A car dash camera provides a safe way to record the entire trip, and make memories that will last a lifetime. For this use, you’ll want to find a camera with maximum memory capabilities.
  • Fraud prevention – Preventing insurance fraud on the road is another common reason why many invest in a car dash camera. If you plan to use your camera to protect you from those trying to cash in on insurance fraud causes, opt for a camera that is stealthy and blends in when installed, so you can get accurate footage when it is needed most.
  • Surveillance – Some of today’s car cameras will also have surveillance capabilities that keep watch on your car when you’re not around. For a car dash camera to provide surveillance, opt for one that has a parking mode feature to turn on and begin recording whenever it senses a collision while you’re not around or movement within your vehicle’s vicinity.

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