Illinois Online Traffic School Reviews

Illinois Online Traffic School Reviews

Well, hey there fellow Illinois residents, and welcome to my Illinois online traffic school reviews! Yap, I’m from Illinois myself. Born and raised in Mundelein, IL about 30mi north of Chicago in Da Burbs. I’ll be honest though, after 30 years of living in Illinois, I got the HELL out of there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the city of Chicago (minus the traffic and murders), but it’s too damn cold in the winter, it’s too damn hot in the summer, when it is nice out there are too many mosquitos to enjoy it, and there’s just too many damn people.

It’s not all bad, though. There’s a lot about the Chicagoland area that I really miss. For starters, pizza. Holy crap people do not know how to make pizza outside of Chicago. To those who say New York has good pizza, you’re wrong. Just plain wrong. How do I miss Chicago pizza? Oh, and hotdogs. I mean, Portillos is just the bomb. Riding the 12:10 am Metra home completely sloshed after another thrilling Cubs loss was always fun, too. Damn, actually, I really miss Chicago.

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Bad News – There are Only FEW State-Approved Online Traffic Schools in Illinois

The state of Illinois only approved a few online traffic schools and one of which is the Northwest University Traffic Safety School. Initially, this was the ONLY online traffic school allowed in the state of Illinois. Why? Probably because somebody is getting paid a lot of money to keep it that way! 

Today, there is another state-approved online traffic school, and that is GoToTrafficSchool. Well, this school has been around since 1999, offering probably the most affordable course you’ll ever find in the state. Their mobile-friendly course is equipped with interactive materials such as animated videos and text lessons that are 100% online. The course is also self-paced, so you can work on your lessons whenever you want.

In most other states, there are a bunch of online traffic schools available, but not in Illinois. Oh, and make sure you specifically have permission from the court to take your course online, otherwise, no dice. Damn you Illinois corruption!

More Useless Crap

Illinois Online Traffic SchoolOh, and by the way, I used to be a security guard at Six Flags Great America. The games are totally rigged. The basketball hoops are smaller and they over-inflate the balls, the ring toss is won by maybe 2 or 3 people per WEEK based purely on luck, and the games where a lot of people play at the same time are definitely not fair. The same friggin’ numbers win almost every time. So there it is. I blew the whistle.

Still, Here’s my Choice

Well, hey. That’s all I’ve got. Normally I’d review several different online traffic schools for you, but, in Illinois, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever course the courts say you get to take. If you somehow got special permission to take a 3rd party online traffic school, check out my full list of online traffic school reviews.

Here is one of the choices that I recommend. Although it is not Illinois state-approved, you can still access the course online whenever you want supplemental learning. You can also check with your court if they will allow you to complete online courses from these schools. Why bother? Because this online traffic school course is one of a kind, let me show you why.

Created over 20 years ago, My Improv Traffic School was founded in partnership with the renowned Improv Comedy Club. They offer a course that is not only convenient and cost-effective but also one that won’t bore you to death when completing it. Their Illinois Defensive Driver Course has been under numerous studies to prove how effective it is in ensuring that students retain the information they learn.

The comedians from the Improv Comedy club themselves designed the courses, so guaranteed that they’ll be funny and entertaining. It is truly a refreshing experience compared to the usual lessons you’ll see online. And yes, you also get a 100% money-back guarantee if you decided that their lessons aren’t your style. What’s more, they offer 24/7 customer support service to help you any time you need it. 

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