Idaho Defensive Driving Courses

Idaho Defensive Driving Courses

If you need to take an Idaho defensive driving course, we can help you sign up for the right course at the right price. The state of Idaho does not regulate pricing so the price difference between courses can be pretty significant. The courses I’ve recommended are the best online defensive driving courses you can take in Idaho for ticket dismissal, accident prevention, and point reduction purposes. As a certified CDL driving instructor and creator of an online training program for truck drivers, I know what to look for and I know who the quality companies are. Trust me, there are some shady online traffic schools out there, including schools that will tack on hidden fees once you’ve completed the course. Stick with one of my recommendations and you’ll be good to go.

Want The FAST Answer? This Is The Best Online Defensive Driving Course In Idaho

My Recommended Online Idaho Defensive Driving Courses

Luckily, Idaho has quote a few defensive driving courses certified in the state, including the best courses available online. Not all online traffic schools are approved in every state, so you have to be careful that the course you’re signing up for is actually certified. With that said, my recommended course for Idaho defensive driving is iDriveSafely. This course has been available for well over a decade now and they have had more than 5 million people complete the course. You also get 24/7/365 customer support and a full money-back guarantee until the course has been completed.

If for some reason you don’t like the iDriveSafely course, there is another fantastic option. Check out Improv Traffic School and if you use this link you’ll get a $5 discount. The reason I like Improv Traffic School is because of the comedy aspect involved. The course was created by a bunch of stand-up comedians in Hollywood and it shows. You’re probably well aware that the biggest issue with taking a defensive driving course is the boredom factor. With this course, you don’t have to worry much about being bored. Will it be a wonderful time? Probably not. But at least there are jokes, videos, animations, and even some entertaining games thrown in for fun.

My final recommendation for your Idaho defensive driving course is Go To Traffic School. This course has been around for about 15 years with millions of “graduates”. The kicker, however, is that they have a low price guarantee. If you find a price lower than them, they will match or beat it. As I mentioned before, Idaho does not regulate the prices for online defensive driving schools. You really need to shop around to get the best price. This school takes the shopping out of the equation. They don’t just SAY they are the cheapest – I’ve looked around and they really are.

Detailed Idaho Defensive Driving Reviews

The above recommendations are just quick blurbs about the schools I like, but I have written a ton of info for each school and even took some screenshots of each. For starters, check out my full list of online traffic school reviews. If you just want to read reviews for the defensive driving courses I listed above, check out the following links:

Full List Of Certified Idaho Defensive Driving Courses

If for any reason you don’t like the courses I recommended above, feel free to check out this full list of all defensive driving courses approved in the state of Idaho. This list of approved driving schools was taken directly from the Idaho Transportation Department website. Do not EVER sign up for a defensive driving course if it is not approved by the state of Idaho or else it will not count!

AARP Driver Safety Program1-888-227-7669Call for statewide locations or
Ace Driving School(208) 479-4858Pocatello
American Safety Council1-800-771-2255
Bruce’s Defensive Driving Course(208) 232-2743Pocatello
College of Western Idaho/ National Safety Council(208) 562-2050Nampa
College of Western Idaho/ Truck Driving School(208) 562-2050
A Comedy Defensive Driving Course by Improv1-800-660-8908
Drive Defensive Idaho Traffic School(208) 368-9909
Drive Safe Today1-800-991-0310
Excel Driving – 371-3869Boise
Gem County Driving Academy(208) 794-0891
Go To Traffic School.com1-888-329-7069
Idaho Safety Council (Online)(208) 201-1829
La Pier & Associates(208) 754-4643Eastern Idaho
911 Driving School(509)324-0911 and (888)440-0911Spokane
NTSI- National Traffic Safety Institute1-800-588-6874Boise & Twin Falls
NTSI Online- National Traffic Safety Institute1-800-588-6874
Online Traffic School Inc.1-877-972-4665
Traffic School Online, Inc.1-800-800-3579

For additional DMV information, contact Driver Services via e-mail at:

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