How to Sell A Car Quickly and for a Good Price

How To Sell A Car Quickly

Most people will have to sell a car at some point. The process can seem tricky and complicated at first but in reality, it’s quite simple. Following these five simple steps will allow anyone to efficiently sell a car quickly and for a price that is fair and reasonable.

1. Sell a car quickly by preparing it properly

If you want to sell a car quickly, you need to prepare your vehicle for sale. The most basic and essential element of preparation is cleaning. Scrub the vehicle thoroughly to ensure it’s spotless on the inside and out. Remove any items from the interior and insert an air freshener before polishing the outside. Statistically speaking, clean cars sell quicker and for more money than dirty or unkempt ones. Potential buyers will naturally use the cleanliness of the car as an indication of the level of care it has received over the years.

Once you’ve cleaned the vehicle, you can decide whether you want to make any more significant preparations. Repairs to the bodywork or engine could be expensive to implement but would possibly have a positive impact on the saleability of the vehicle. Assess your options by comparing the cost of the work against the potential effect it could have on the asking price. If it’s not worth the investment, don’t waste your time.

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2. Advertise in the right places to sell a car quickly

To sell a car quickly and to get the best price for your vehicle, you need to know where and how to advertise. The major automobile listings sites are a good place to start but might not be the best option for vehicles with a niche appeal. If your car has a specific following, research regional owners’ clubs or hobbyist websites to see if they have a listings section. If you can find people with a passion for your vehicle, you could achieve a quicker sale at a more attractive price.

In the advert itself, you need to include a lot of well-lit pictures and a wealth of detailed information. Include all of the car’s best features in the description but don’t withhold any significant information that isn’t flattering. Being honest in the advert is the best way to attract buyers that are serious about the purchase and won’t waste your time. Research other vehicles on the market that are in a similar condition in order to calculate your asking price. Quote a price of roughly 10% higher than you want to sell for to give yourself room for negotiation.

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3. Scheduling viewings and positive test drives to sell a car quickly

Arrange viewings at the same address as is listed on the vehicle’s documents wherever possible. There are many valid reasons to arrange it elsewhere but buyers could become justifiably suspicious if the viewing is at a different location without good cause. Ask a friend or family member to keep you company if you’re concerned about inviting a stranger into your home.

Make sure the vehicle is in a good position for viewing before the potential buyer arrives. Place it somewhere they can easily assess its condition from all angles but don’t run the engine for too long before they arrive. A savvy buyer will want to know the car starts well with a cold engine so will be immediately put off if you’ve warmed it up in anticipation of their arrival.

The buyer will probably ask to test-drive the vehicle if they’re happy with the initial inspection. Let them do so only if the car is taxed and they have proof of insurance. If their documents check out, accompany them on the test drive. If you don’t think they are legally covered to drive the vehicle, you can offer to drive it yourself with them in the passenger seat.

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4. Don’t sell a used car quickly without setting up proper payment

If the inspection and test drive goes well, you can start to negotiate the price and agree on the terms of payment. Before the discussion begins, you should give yourself an amount that you’re not willing to drop below. Stick to the plan and be prepared to walk away if necessary. Let the buyer broach the concept of haggling. If you’ve done your research and have a figure in your head that you’d be happy to sell for, negotiating shouldn’t be difficult. If they make an offer you’re happy with, accept it. If they don’t, walk away.

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5. Sell a car quickly by having your paperwork ready

Once you agree on a price, all that’s left to do is complete the paperwork. Firstly, you need to write out a receipt for the purchase. You can download receipt templates online or you can do it yourself by writing the car’s identifying information and the name and address of both parties on a slip of paper. Add the details of the payment and then both sign and date at the bottom. Write it out twice and give one to the buyer and keep one for yourself. If you’ve agreed to accept payment via bank transfer, the details will also be stored digitally so you’ll have an extra layer of protection if necessary.

The registration documents you need to fill out will vary by country, but you can find all the information you need online. Research the process before the viewing so that you can be fully prepared if the viewer chooses to buy the vehicle.

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Selling a car doesn’t need to be complicated. The process is relatively simple and getting a good price for the vehicle is easier than many people expect. Buyers generally respect a seller who knows what they’re doing and is proactive in their preparations. By controlling the process through considered yet decisive action, you can sell your car easily and for a great price.

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