How To Have The Best Car Mounted Camera Setup

How To Have The Best Car Mounted Camera Setup

The best car mounted camera set up will first depend on just what you’re looking for in your car mounted camera as a whole. What may be the best set up for one person may not work for another or their vehicle, and this is something to take into consideration when choosing the best car mounted camera for you. There is no singular best in the wide world of car mounted camera devices, and this is a personalized decision that will require a little thought on your behalf.

What Do You Need It For?

If your car mounted camera set up is for documenting a road trip, you’re going to want something a little different than the person who is looking to protect themselves against cases of insurance fraud. The very first thing you should be thinking about when crafting your ideal car mounted camera setup is what is your primary use, and what specifications will benefit this use the best.

If you want something basic, affordable, and simple, the Pruveeo F5 is perfect. This stealthy little camera will hide along your rearview mirror when installed, and it will record all necessary footage in a 140 degree wide front facing viewing angle. For those who simply want to protect their small to mid-sized car from accident liability or fraud, this is a great car mounted camera setup for a really affordable price. For less than $40, the Pruveeo F5 gives you a suitable 140 degree viewing angle, sleek and stealthy discreet design, and the ability to hook into WiFi in order to view your footage in real time right from your Android or iOS smartphone device.

For parents looking to invest in a car mounted camera to protect their teens on the road or hold them accountable for their level of road responsibility, you may want something that gives a little more than the Pruveeo F5 has to offer. For this use a few specs to highlight are a GPS with geo-tracking, a high memory capacity, and user friendliness, which can all be found in the KDLINKS X1. Priced at just under $170, this car mounted camera setup works beautifully at keeping teens responsible on the road, but can be used for any family vehicle as well. With an 8GB microSD card included, the KDLINKS X1 is user friendly and comes ready to set up straight from the box.

If you plan to use your car mounted camera to document your road trip, you’ll want to focus less on flashy specs and stealth and more on memory capacity. A 32GB microSD card is able to record about 10 hours of seamless footage at once, making it the perfect starting point for ensuring you get to record all the memories you want to keep on hand. The Vantrue N2 car mounted camera setup can support a microSD card of up to 64GB, which can provide you with up to 20 hours of road trip footage you can then edit, size down, and turn into a beautiful commemorative souvenir of a time you’ll never forget.

The Size Of Your Vehicle Matters

Another really important thing to remember when looking for that perfect car mounted camera setup is the size of your vehicle. Something as small as the Pruveeo F5 with a 140 degree viewing angle will work perfectly for a small vehicle or sports car, but that angle simply may not be enough to sufficiently cover a van or truck. While, on the other hand, some of the larger car mounted camera setups that work for these larger vehicles may simply be too big to rest on the dash or windshield of a smaller vehicle without being a distraction.

For larger vehicles, a great route to go on is a dual camera investment, as this can protect the front and back of your vehicle to eliminate blind spots and create much wider viewing angles. One such car mounted camera setup that is small and stealthy, but provides wide viewing angles, is the Rexing S500, which works in both small vehicles and large trucks to give you a single car mounted camera setup to adapt to any car you drive. Dual cameras aren’t the only thing that the Rexing S500 offers, either, and this camera also provides a discreet design, a 32GB microSD card, superior night vision with WDR technology, and rotating front and back lenses for an always perfect view. If you’re looking for a versatile camera that covers any vehicle of any size, the Rexing S500 is one of the best car mounted camera setups money can buy.

Prioritizing Specs For The Best Car Mounted Camera Setup

How To Have The Best Car Mounted Camera Setup Once you’ve figured out your use and your vehicle size needs, you’ll then want to prioritize your most desired specifications and come up with a price range that is suitable for your needs. Today’s modern car cameras come in prices ranging from under $40 to more than $200, and what you’ll pay depends on what features you simply can’t live without. To come to your best car mounted camera setup, make a list of features and specs you must have in your car camera, and this will give you the price range you’re looking at to get all of those things out of one device. To bring your price range down, eliminate any specs that can be eliminated, and if you still have some room in your budget, add in any features that you simply think would be interesting to have.

As always, before investing in or researching your best car mounted camera setup, check the legalities in your area. Some regions have local laws against public recording, making your investment in a car mounted camera illegal to use, and causing you to waste money on an investment you’re unable to fully enjoy. While these areas are few, they do exist, and should be researched before any driver decides that a car mounted camera system is right for them.

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