How To Find The Perfect Dashcam

How To Find The Perfect Dashcam

From dual lenses, to wide viewing angles, to GPS tagging and g-force sensors, there are a lot of dash cams on the market today. Most dash cams on the market, including the most popular and best selling dash cams, are not made by brands you are likely to recognize. That makes finding the perfect dashcam a bit more difficult. Let’s get into the different features to look for in a quality dash cam so you can at least decipher for yourself which dash cam is the best fit for your specific wants and needs.

WDR Technology

WDR technology, or Wide Dynamic Range technology, provides today’s modern dashcam with optimal night vision convenience. With WDR, the camera will be able to adjust itself automatically in different lighting conditions, so you’re getting the same great footage during the middle of the day as you are in the middle of the night. Another benefit of WDR technology is that it helps to deflect glare and lighting disruptions caused by headlights on the road, so you never need to worry about lighting getting in the way of capturing what you need to capture.

Cameras of all types and price ranges can be found with WDR technology, and whether you want a basic model for under $100, or something on the higher end, it’s something that is relatively easy to find. One inexpensive dashcam option that uses this technology is the Icefox Dash Cam, at just under $60. The Icefox model also includes other features such as a 170 degree wide angle, G-sensor technology that locks in footage if a collision is detected, smart recording that begins when the camera detects movement, and easy mounting.

VIDEO: WDR Compared With Non-WDR Footage

App Capabilities

Being able to connect your dashcam to a smartphone app is incredibly convenient, and a really simple way for dashcam beginners to get the footage they need without having to be too tech savvy. Some of today’s modern cameras are WiFi enabled and have their very own developed smartphone applications for iOS or Android that allow footage to be viewed with the simple tap of a screen. This means that what your camera captures can be seen in seconds using technology you’re already familiar and comfortable with. Much like WDR technology, these app capabilities can be found in dashcam units of all price ranges.

One of the most affordable dash cameras that uses app capabilities is the Pruveeo F5, which is priced at just under $36. This stealthy and basic camera option uses HD recording, a 140 degree viewing angle, and nonstop recording to provide you with excellent quality video you can view from the comfort of your smartphone in real time. Check out the Pruveeo F5 dash cam on Amazon here.

Front And Rear Lenses

Some dashcam units also offer both front and rear lenses, which provide sweeping views of the vehicle’s surroundings from all sides. These front and rear dashcam options are perfect for capturing essentially everything around your vehicle.

One such dashcam that offers a sweeping total of 290 degree views is the KDLINKS DX2. This dashcam uses a front and rear 2 lens system with a 165 degree angle up front, and a 125 degree angle in back, covering sweeping views of your car, van, or truck from all sides. In addition to using front and rear cameras, the cam also includes superior night vision technology with WDR, comes equipped with a 16GB micro SD card for storing footage, and G sensor automatic accident detection. For those who live in particularly hot or cold climates, the KDLINKS DX2 is a rugged piece of equipment, and has been tested to withstand temperatures ranging from 170 degrees to -40 degrees Fahrenheit for up to six hours without taking damage. The KDLINKS DX2 is priced at right around $200, but you essentially get double the amount of camera for a still affordable price. Check out the positive reviews on Amazon here.

High Memory Capacity

One reason that many seek out dash cameras is for documenting road trips or vacations, and not necessarily just for protecting against fraud or accident liability. In these instances, you’ll want to prioritize some different things than those who simply want their dashcam to provide protection. For documenting long spells on the road, a high memory capacity really comes in handy, and you should seek out a camera that holds at least 32GB of footage in a micro SD card or more. This 32 GB capacity will get you around 8 to 10 straight hours of driving footage, which is plenty to take home after your trip and edit to turn into something really special.

The Thinkware X500 dash cam comes fully equipped with a 32GB micro SD card ready to use, and is a great option for cementing those memories on the road. In addition to high memory capacity, the Thinkware X500 also offers GPS tracking which embeds your location into each piece of footage it records, so you can mark your trip geographically while also capturing surrounding footage on the road. Driver awareness features also help when you’ve been on the road a bit too long and are looking for a place to spend the night, helping you to remain safer while on your travels. Priced at just under $280, this is a dashcam on the higher end of the budget spectrum, but it comes with plenty of features to make it worth your while.

Choosing What You Need

While these are just some of the great technologies and specifications offered by today’s dashcam, they are some of the most sought after. Other specs such as GPS and speed tracking, LCD touchscreens, and simple mounting may be on your dashcam priorities list, and these, too, can be found within dash cams in all price ranges. Finding the perfect camera means finding the aspects you need and what would make a perfect cam experience for you.

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