How To Find A Great Driving Instructor For Behind-The-Wheel Training In Fresno, California

Finding the right driving instructor could be the difference between you obtaining your driver’s license or not. A great driving instructor could keep you safe, teaching you defensive driving techniques that could one day help you avoid an accident that otherwise could be potentially fatal. But, if you’re like most Fresno residents, you have no idea how to go about finding an excellent driving instructor for behind-the-wheel training. Fortunately, my tips and pointers should be able to help you find one without a problem.

Want The FAST Answer? This Is The Best Place To Find A Driving Instructor In Fresno, California

Start By Looking At Online Reviews Of Fresno Driving Instructors

The best way to get started looking for a great driving instructor in Fresno, California is by searching online. Today’s internet gives us access to hundreds, if not thousands of reviews, and it should be easy for you to quickly get an idea of who the great driving instructors for behind-the-wheel training are in the Fresno area. You may not get specific names in all circumstances, but you can at least find high-quality companies.

Be sure to check third-party websites like Yelp and Google Reviews for information about the quality of vehicles, driving instructors, customer service, etc.. Also, be diligent about checking the driving school’s social media pages. Often, the reviews left on these pages, or the comments left on the school’s posts, can indicate what other people think about the company.

If you have narrowed down your search to a few names, you’ll want to do even more research to ensure they are qualified to instruct behind the wheel. The California Department of Motor Vehicles offers a great tool that is available for public use. The department provides a database that allows students to search a driving school and view their certifications. If the driving school you had picked is not in this database, there may be a problem.

At the very least, they are not in good standing with the state of California. This could be for something as simple as they forgot to renew their professional license. Or, it could be something as wrong as you have found a fraudulent organization. Regardless the case, you should probably steer clear of this driving school instructor. If you choose to work with this instructor, you are liable to lose hundreds of dollars without making any progress toward achieving your driver’s license.

That’s because if the state of California has not certified a driving school instructor, any time you spend with them will not count toward your required six hours of behind-the-wheel drive time. The hours will count toward the 50-hour requirement because you completed the hours under the supervision of someone over the age of 21. But you’ll end up having to shell out hundreds of dollars more to re-take the drive time with someone who is in good standing with the state of California.

Finding The Best Fresno, California Driving Instructor Through Word Of Mouth

If you have tried to conduct online research but don’t seem to be getting there, I also recommend contacting your friends, family, and coworkers. These are all people that will give you their honest thoughts and opinions and have likely gone through the same things themselves recently. Friends that have children around the same age as yours often prove to work best for this scenario. Also, teens should help each other out by sharing which driving instructors are high quality and which ones are lower quality.

Once you have received recommendations from those you trust, you should still do a bit of follow-up research. Much like I suggested in the previous section, you should check the DMV database to confirm that any instructors that have come recommended to you are still in good standing with the state of California. An instructor who may have been great a year or two ago may have since decided not to renew their license.

Going With The Market Leader In Behind The Wheel Training Is A Good Bet

Perhaps the easiest way to secure an excellent driving instructor in Fresno is to forgo doing the research yourself and enrolling in a proven driving school like the one found at If you’ve lived in Fresno, California for any length of time, you’ve no doubt seen their little mini-cooper driver’s ed cars driving around. They are the market leader for a reason, they’re very good at what they do. During my years in the industry, I have seen that those enrolled in this program gain access to professional, patient, and experienced driving instructors. You can schedule your first lesson here.

Enrolling in a course like this is perhaps the easiest way to gain access to an excellent driving instructor while also setting yourself up to pass the licensing examination administered by the California DMV.

In addition to behind-the-wheel driver training, they also offer the “classroom” portion of training online. The way the program works is that instead of attending a physical driver’s education class, you complete the course online. The program has an online portal and is available on all laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices. This allows students to study at their own pace, ensuring that they can retain the information and prepare themselves for when they hit the open road. The program also grants access to unlimited practice tests, another excellent tool for students.

When they are reading, they can book a drive time with a behind-the-wheel instructor. Like I mentioned, these instructors are the best of the best. Their years of experience allows them to handle different personalities. Sitting in a car with someone, especially when you are learning how to drive, can be especially intimidating. These instructors will tailor the behind-the-wheel curriculum in a way that allows the student to be successful and grow as a driver.

The main thing to point out here, however, is convenience. This program provides an all-in-one source for students. They can take their required courses, behind-the-wheel drive times, defensive driving programs, and anything else needed to be in good standing with the state of California.

Furthermore, the driving instructors also stress convenience as well. The instructors allow students to book drive times from the online portal. The instructors can also pick up and drop off their students anywhere in the Fresno area. This proves to be especially convenient for students with hectic lives. If a student has to stay after school for soccer practice until five but has to be at work by six, they can squeeze a drive time within that hour frame without having to go home.

The program contains driver’s education courses for over 30 states and guarantees a 100% pass rate. Additionally, studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between completing the course and a reduction in the number of traffic violations and DUI arrests.