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Hey, my name is Mike and as a former driving instructor, I’m here to help guide you and give you some tips! Houston is home to a lot of drivers ed schools, and the state of Texas as a whole offers several different options on how you can complete your driver’s ed requirements. There are also some things I know about Houston driver’s ed schools that I think you should know about.

Before I get into my Houston driver’s ed reviews, let’s quickly talk about what options you have.

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The Different Ways You Can Take Driver’s Ed In Houston

You have so many options available to you on how you wish to complete your Houston driver’s ed requirements. It can be a bit confusing at first, so let me break it down for you really easily.

Texas Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed: One of the most popular options in the state of Texas is actually a “homeschool” driver’s ed option. Texas has a program called Parent-Taught driver’s ed (PTDE). With this option, a parent or guardian can apply to become the driving instructor for their teen. Students are required to complete an online driver’s ed course, but all behind-the-wheel training is performed by a parent or guardian. This helps to save money and is a VERY convenient option. If you’d like to learn more about this option, check out my main page explaining how parent-taught driver’s ed works in Texas.

Texas Instructor-Taught Driver’s Ed: Instructor taught driver’s ed is more of a traditional option. You can either take your driver’s ed course in a classroom at a local driving school, or you can take your driver’s ed course online. You’ll complete your first 14 hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a certified driving instructor, at which point you can complete the remainder of your practice driving with someone over the age of 21. If you’re having trouble deciding on the best options, check out this article on the difference between parent-taught and instructor-taught driver’s ed in Texas

Public School Driver’s Ed: Many Houston public schools offer driver’s ed programs. These driver’s ed courses usually take longer to complete with more classroom and driving hours, but they are often more thorough as well. However, many schools in Houston are no longer offering driver’s ed courses, or you might need to wait longer than you’d like to start driving.

Online Driver’s Ed vs. Classroom Driver’s Ed In Houston

So, what’s the best option to go with? Should you take driver’s ed online or in a traditional classroom-based environment? This is more of a personal decision based on your specific learning style. As a former driving instructor, you might assume that I am against online driver’s ed courses, but the opposite is actually true. I think learning about the rules of the road and some of the boring material that needs to be memorized is learned much better with an interactive online driver’s ed course.

A classroom-based environment can be great for students who aren’t self-motivated or need structure, but as far as retaining the information, most students learn the material better by taking an online driver’s ed course in Houston instead of sitting in a classroom being lectured at. For example, if I were to teach you how to parallel park in a classroom, I’d likely show you with model cars. However, with an online driving school like this one, you can get 3D visual animations to show you the best way to parallel park. Check out the video below to see what I mean. Make sure you use your phone or mouse cursor to look around as it’s a 360-degree view!

NOTE: The above video is taken from Aceable, one of my highest recommended online driver’s ed courses certified in Texas

The Best Online Driver’s Ed Courses For Houston Driver’s Ed Students

Online driver’s ed courses in Texas are approved on a statewide level, so you don’t actually need to find a course that is specifically approved for driver’s ed in Houston. Whether you want to sign up for instructor-taught driver’s ed or parent-taught driver’s ed, just about every online driver’s ed course that is approved in Texas can help you.

I will give you a full list of all online driver’s ed courses you can take in Houston, but first, I’d like to give you my top 3 recommendations for the best online driver’s ed courses you can sign up for.

Top Pick: Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite online driver’s ed course ever created. This is the most recent online driver’s ed course to be approved in Texas. Most of the time, you’d think the older and more established driver’s ed courses would be the top recommendation, but in this case, it’s the opposite. Most online driver’s ed courses have become really outdated as they were all created more than 10 years ago. However, Aceable saw this issue in the market and decided to do something about it. They have created the most advanced user-friendly online driver’s ed course I’ve ever seen. Most online driver’s ed courses are just giant walls of text with some quizzes thrown in, but Aceable has games, videos, animations, cartoons, and all sorts of interactive features to keep students engaged. If I was forced to only give you one recommendation on the best online driver’s ed course to sign up for, Aceable would be my answer, and it would be an easy answer to give.

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With a name like, you’d probably assume they’ve been around for a long time, and you’d be right. This was essentially the very first online driver’s ed course to ever hit the market. The good news is they’ve kept updating this course throughout the past couple of decades. What I really like are their 3D animations where a driving emergency occurs and you must make a decision on what to do. This is a unique feature I’ve only seen on Another HUGE advantage to is that they operate their own behind-the-wheel vehicles and have driving instructors in Houston. So, you can sign up for both your online driver’s ed course as well as local driving lessons right in Houston all from the same company and usually for a package deal. This is a phenomenal option for those who want to sign up for instructor-taught driver’s ed and don’t have any driving instructors lined up yet.

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Teen Driving Course

Teen Driving Course

Teen Driving Course is another online driver’s ed course that has been approved in Texas for decades. They were one of the very first online driver’s ed courses and have had literally millions of students graduate from their courses. Out of my top 3 recommended online driver’s ed schools, this is probably the one that is the most outdated. It is mostly a text-based course, so if you don’t care about fancy videos, graphics, and animations, check out this course. You’ll be rewarded by paying a lower price as they guarantee to be the cheapest. If you find a cheaper online driver’s ed course that is approved in Texas, they will match or beat the price. I can’t say that this is the highest quality driver’s ed program, however, it is still legitimate, fully certified, and will complete all of your requirements. I just wanted to provide a budget option for those of you who are looking to save a few bucks, but still want to sign up for a legit online driver’s ed course in Houston.

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Additional Online Driver’s Ed courses You Can Sign Up For In Houston

While I highly recommend you stick with my top 3 recommended online driver’s ed courses, you have several options to choose from. Here is a list of every online driver’s ed course that is currently approved in the state of Texas. As long as you sign up for one of these driver’s ed courses, you’ll be in good shape:

You can find the official and updated list here.

Houston Driver’s Ed Reviews For Local Schools

There are a TON of Houston driver’s ed courses to choose from. Below, I included a list of every certified driver’s ed school in Harris county. The vast majority of those driver’s ed schools are located in the city of Houston.

It’s very difficult to give specific Houston driver’s ed reviews on every school because things change so fast. A lot has to do with the specific instructor you happen to get. Every driver’s ed school in Houston will have some good instructors and some not so great. Some of that is luck of the draw, so I usually recommend going with a larger driving school that can pair you up with a different instructor or even multiple instructors so you can get several different teaching styles.

One thing that you need to be cautious about is taking your driver’s ed course during peak times and seasons. The peak season for driver’s ed in Houston occurs during the summer months and between school semesters. During those months, it can be very difficult to schedule a convenient time to take your driving lessons, and you might even need to schedule weeks in advance. This is by far the #1 complaint that driver’s ed students in Houston have. This is not an isolated issue in Houston, either. This is a problem plaguing most driver’s ed schools since the business is typically so seasonal. Even during the school year, just about every student wants to schedule driving lessons either right before or after school. So, please keep in mind that scheduling may be a big issue.

My top recommendation for taking driver’s ed in Houston is by going with this behind the wheel training program. They also offer an online driver’s ed class and can get you a package deal.

Here are a few additional top choices for finding a good local driver’s ed instructor in Houston. These are the driver’s ed courses in Houston that have the best reviews and feedback from former students.

While those are my highest recommended driving schools in Houston, you have MANY more options than that. Here is the full list of driving schools you can take in Harris county, as updated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Fountain Driving School9849 S Kirkwood RdHoustonHarris77099 281/748-7964
Safety-First Driving School8244 Antoine Dr Ste GHoustonHarris77088 281/591-7210
Houston Driving School11303 Chimney Rock Rd Ste 100HoustonHarris77035 713/551-2073
One of a Kind Driving School8621 Mesa DrHoustonHarris77028 281/924-3669
Houston Area Driving Schools5959 West Loop S Ste 190BellaireHarris77401 713/349-9888
M.V.P. Driving School12709 Beechnut St Ste 160HoustonHarris77072 281/495-0463
Apex Driving School8300 Bissonnet Ste 335HoustonHarris77074 713/773-3232
Tomball Elite Driving School1327 W Main St Ste ITomballHarris77375 832/403-9446
Saenz Driving School9030 North Freeway #107HoustonHarris77037 281/448-0430
Khan Driving Academy14619 Beechnut St Ste BHoustonHarris77083 281/530-3535
Gulf Coast Driving School Inc1701 S Shaver Ste 150PasadenaHarris77502 713/920-2886
South Region Driving School2826 Center StreetDeer ParkHarris77536 832/632-1329
Island Driving School9901 Spencer Hwy Ste CLa PorteHarris77571
Driver’s Point Driving School5623 S Main St Ste BCrosbyHarris77532 832/853-7093
All Ages Driving School7031 Barker Cypress RdCypressHarris77433 281/859-3100
Cy Fair Driving School6123 Wilcrest DriveHoustonHarris77072 832/647-3526
Stay Safe Driving School10850 West Rd Ste 107HoustonHarris77064 832/237-5300
Prime Time Driving School5405 T. C. Jester Blvd., Suite IHoustonHarris77091 713/497-5513
Think Safety Driving Academy12655 Woodforest Blvd Ste 610HoustonHarris77015 713/451-5434
Tony Driving School11360 Bellaire Blvd Ste 900AHoustonHarris77072 832/885-8076
Apex Driving School4654 Highway 6 N Ste 101ZHoustonHarris77084 281/858-5200
Road Ready Driving School5959 Westheimer Rd Ste 233HoustonHarris77057 832/831-5361
Cypress Driving School, LLC8588 Highway 6 NHoustonHarris77095 832/593-9170
Teach Me How To Drive7474 S Kirkwood Rd Suite 204 EHoustonHarris77072 409/229-8879
Success Driving Academy, Inc.2211 N. Fry Rd. STE LKatyHarris77082 281/579-0404
Coastal Driving Services Inc6702 Lyons Ave Ste 3HoustonHarris77020 713/227-2099
3-Way Instruction, LLC8530 FM 1960 RD E Ste 114HuffmanHarris77346 281/764-5113
All Ages Driving School9626A S Kirkwood DrHoustonHarris77099 832/327-7233
A to Z Driving School719 W. Mount Houston RdHoustonHarris77038 281/260-9419
Lone Star Driving School507 Uvalde RdHoustonHarris77015 713/451-2667
Liberty Driving School11210 Bellaire Blvd Suite 145HoustonHarris77072 281/564-9717
Baytown Driving School605 Massey Tompkins Suite DBaytownHarris77521 832/602-8902
Sears Driving School20131 Highway 59 Deerbrook Mall Sears StoreHumbleHarris77338 817/856-2000
Alpha Zone Driving School15626 Silver Ridge Dr Ste 102HoustonHarris77090 281/893-0405
V.I.P. Driving School501 West Gulf BankHoustonHarris77037 832/282-3493
SAFEKEYS DRIVING SCHOOL20403 FM 529 Rd Ste 250CypressHarris77433 281/656-8781
Houston Driving School321 Hillcroft Street, Suite 3201-FHoustonHarris77057 713/782-3100
4 C Driving School, LLC911 S Broadway StLa PorteHarris77571 281/470-0404
Amazing A+ Driving School105-5 Kennings RdCrosbyHarris77532 281/328-1356
Sears Driving School3000 Willowbrook Mall Willowbrook MallHoustonHarris77070 817/856-2000
Cypress Creek Driving Academy10540 Cypress Creek Pkwy Ste BHoustonHarris77070 281/477-7630
Driver’s Point Driving School11007 Fuqua St Ste AHoustonHarris77089 281/683-7476
Driver’s Point Driving School1717 Holland AveHoustonHarris77029 281/683-7476
E-Z Driving School14503 Bammel N Houston Rd Suite 404HoustonHarris77014 281/444-0200
Speedway Driving School15168 Bellaire BlvdHoustonHarris77083 832/230-4666
MT Driving School6201 Corporate DrHoustonHarris77036 832/640-9567
Texas School of Driving12280 Almeda RdHoustonHarris77045 713/230-8457
Friendswood Driving School5018 Luella AvenueDeer ParkHarris77536 281/479-2644
Sky’s The Limit Driving Academy19540 Clay Road Suite FKatyHarris77449 281/856-7414
Friendswood Driving School126 S Friendswood DrFriendswoodHarris77546 281/996-9404
1st Priority Driving School507 Dell Dale StChannelviewHarris77530 281/864-5333
Driving School of Houston6135 Airline Dr Ste BHoustonHarris77076 713/692-7433
Champions Driving School11734 Grant RdHoustonHarris77070 281/477-6177
Driver’s Point Driving School2301-B N Alexander DrBaytownHarris77520 281/683-7476
Lola Escuela De Manejo14619 Beechnut St Ste BHoustonHarris77083 713/585-5611
Safeguard Driving School8621 West Airport Blvd Suite CHoustonHarris77071 713/777-7783
All Ages Driving School2611 FM 1463 Ste 200KatyHarris77450 281/665-7662
I Teach Drive14555 Skinner Rd Unit CCypressHarris77429 281/746-2288
Life Saver Driving School9156 Will Clayton PkwyHumbleHarris77338 713/633-6614
Cy Fair Driving School17151 Westheimer RdHoustonHarris77082 832/647-3526
Tomball Driving School24914 State Highway 249TomballHarris77375 832/420-3029
Mom Approved Driving School6601 Cypresswood Dr Ste 119SpringHarris77379 281/655-4640
DriversEd.com4201 FM 1960 Ste 100HoustonHarris77068 888/651-2886
Bay Area Driving School, Inc.5232 East FwyBaytownHarris77521 281/427-7364
Houston Driving School8561 Long Point Drive, Suite 209HoustonHarris77055 713/461-4900
Elite Driving School2325 Atascocita Rd E103HumbleHarris77396 281/446-2608
Lone Star Driving School-Yale Street417 W Parker RdHoustonHarris77091 713/695-1615
Stay Safe Driving School 2, Inc.13551 Will Clayton Parkway #3HumbleHarris77346 281/913-5833
Sears Driving School400 Memorial City Memorial City Mall Sears StoreHoustonHarris77024 817/856-2000
Monroy Driving School5205 Telephone Rd Ste BHoustonHarris77087 713/239-2275
Apex Driving School805 Dumon St Ste 207South HoustonHarris77587 713/643-3400
Brighter Future, Inc.9888 Bissonnet Ste 285HoustonHarris77036 713/283-0249
Payless Driving School10303 Nortwest Fwy Ste 208HoustonHarris77092 281/501-2303
Cypress Driving School, LLC13131 Fry RdCypressHarris77433 832/593-9170
South Region Driving School212 S Friendwood Drive Suite AFriendswoodHarris77546 832/632-1329
Child and Adult Development Center of Houston, Inc.1126 West Tidwell RoadHoustonHarris77091 713/688-1985
Sharpstown Driving School7565 Bissonnet StHoustonHarris77074 713/272-7486
Global Driving School6559 W Bellfort StHoustonHarris77035 832/766-0023
Safety Center Driving School11326 Fondren RdHoustonHarris77035 713/541-0129
Quick Lane Driving School13553 Bammel N. HoustonHoustonHarris77066 281/802-3050
All Ages Driving School-South East3809 South Shaver Ste 140PasadenaHarris77504 713/947-7322
Broussard Enterprise2990 Richmond Ave Suite LL-16HoustonHarris77098 713/524-7444
I Drive Safely4201 FM 1960 Rd W Ste 100HoustonHarris77068 760/692-3235
Cy Fair Driving School6773 Highway 6 SHoustonHarris77083 832/647-3526
Lee’s Defensive Driving School5039 Reed Road #3HoustonHarris77033 832/419-4333
Nam Driving School, Inc.7001 Corporate Dr Ste 322HoustonHarris77036 281/498-0100
A-Plus Driving School4409 Spring Cypress RdSpringHarris77388 713/560-6267
Payless Driving School10101 Harwin St Ste 280HoustonHarris77036 281/564-0805
Cy Fair Driving School17036 West Little York Road, Suite 500HoustonHarris77084 832/687-1240
Collision-Free Driver Ed11665 Fuqua St Ste A100HoustonHarris77034 800/562-6405
Cypress Driving School, LLC24914 HWY 249 Ste 120TomballHarris77375 281/345-4177
Tony Driving School2382 S Dairy Ashford Rd Ste BHoustonHarris77077 832/929-6238
Joya Driving School13655 Bissonnet St Ste 203HoustonHarris77083 281/983-5694

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