FLVS: Your Guide to Florida Virtual Schools Driver’s Ed Program

FLVS Florida Drivers Ed

Virtual schools have become the hype when it comes to driving. Traffic infractions, violations, having points taken off your license, or reducing insurance costs, are some of the many reasons drivers take traffic school online. But, what is the FLVS (Florida Virtual Schools) Program? 

FLVS Virtual Tour

FLVS Is Fully Accredited Online Learning

FLVS is a fully accredited, online learning platform for Florida drivers. There are over 180 courses available on the platform. And, it’s not limited to a particular subject area. Students can find information in algebra, AP bio, or any other coursework in between. Courses are available for pre-k to grade 12 students. There are many NCAA-approved programs on the site also, so students can take coursework before going to college. 

Benefits of at-home Driver’s Ed Training

One of the many advantages of enrolling in FLVS is the ability for students to go at their own pace and take the courses when they’re ready to do so. In order to register for a driving course, a student has to be 14 1/2 years of age. Apart from this, there are no additional requirements. They can complete the state-approved course at their leisure and prepare for the driving exam. Since the instructors are state-approved and certified, students are also getting the information from those who are going to assist them and have the knowledge to help them pass their exams. And, with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world, students can complete the course no matter where they are, or what time of day (or night) works best for them. 

Take Driver’s Ed Online With FLVS

Another great benefit of FLVS is the ability for teens to take driver’s ed training online. Teachers are certified, and students can learn road rules, traffic signs, safe driving tips, and gain real-world driving knowledge. Courses are available 24/7, so drivers don’t have to sign up for a pre-approved course or go to a local school in order to learn how to drive. Whether students are getting ready to take their traffic test or are proactive and want to get a head start, it’s beneficial for teens to utilize this free, certified program in the state of Florida. 

Insurance Savings and Credits

Students can earn up to .5 course credit for taking the approved FLVS driver’s safety program training. And, drivers who can show proof of completion of the courses are also able to receive insurance discounts when they do get their license. There are numerous training modules, guides, and interactive tools that’ll help students learn the rules of the road. 

Start the Process Now

As long as students are 14 1/2 years of age, they can begin the program. They simply have to register, complete the course, then earn their TLSAE waiver. Then they complete the free Class E knowledge exam and visit their local DMV to complete the process. There’s no need to take lengthy schools, pay high costs for online education, or utilize other programs. This state-approved program is free, efficient, and students can earn high school credit for course completion. 

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