The Fastest Fresno County California Online Traffic Schools

The Fastest Fresno County California Online Traffic Schools

Got a traffic ticket in Fresno County? Have too many points on your driving record and need to have them reduced? Whatever reason you are taking a Fresno County Online Traffic School, chances are pretty good you’re not doing it by choice. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Want The Fast Answer? THIS Is The Online Traffic School You Should Sign Up For

Who am I, exactly? Only the world’s greatest driving instructor, that’s all.

Ok, well, the real story is I WAS a driving instructor and I even helped to develop some online driver training courses for commercial truck drivers. As I’m sort of “in the industry”, I started to write reviews about the various online driver training programs out there.

Shockingly, those traffic school reviews became insanely popular, so I keep expanding that section of my site. This article will cover the fastest and best online traffic schools specifically for Fresno County, California.

Why are these online traffic school reviews necessary? Because the state of California has literally HUNDREDS of online traffic schools approved for Fresno County. The vast majority of those traffic schools are operated by some dude (or chick) sitting in his or her bedroom. The sites aren’t updated, most don’t work well on mobile devices, there is ZERO customer support (or it’s outsourced to some low-budget offshore company), and they are usually about the same price as the higher-quality online traffic schools.

On top of all that, the Fresno County court system is not allowed to make specific recommendations. All they can do is list the approved courses and allow you to make a decision.

That’s where I come in. My goal is to help you get your online traffic school done quickly, easily, and with as few headaches as possible. To make things easy, here’s a list of the highest-rated online traffic schools in Fresno. I’ll get into my specific recommendation below…

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My Top Choice Online Traffic School

If you read this entire paragraph, you are about to save yourself a lot of time. I’ve already caught some crap for doing this, but what if there was a legit online traffic school course that you could sign up for AND have the majority of the test questions already answered for you? I have that solution for you my friend. The first thing you’ll want to do is sign up for this online traffic school, which is my top choice anyway (I’ll explain why below). Once you’re all signed up, check out all the questions and answers on this page. And there ya go.

Now, why do I like iDriveSafely? For starters, they are a legit company. Why does this matter? Because you are dealing with your driving record here. What if the court is never notified? Who do you call? That’s why these online traffic schools run by individuals are such a problem. When there are issues, it’s almost impossible to get them resolved.

So, how do I know they are legit? Because I live in San Diego and these guys are headquartered in Escondido, California which is a very short drive. When I asked for a tour of their place, they were more than happy to show me. I saw firsthand their U.S.-based customer service team, the people working on course improvements, and all that other good stuff (cubicles and everything).

This means you can contact them 24/7/365 via phone, chat, or email. It also means they will send the certificate electronically to the courts for you. Oh, and did I mention they take their A+ Better Business Bureau rating very seriously? Worse case scenario, just file a complaint with the BBB and it will get resolved. You can’t do that with many of the other online traffic schools out there.

Of course, people usually like options, so here are a couple of other online traffic schools you can sign up for.

An Online Traffic School Invested In Your Learning Through Fun and Modern Features?

Here’s your first alternative — Best Online Traffic School!

It means business when it comes to learning. 

After each chapter, it checks your understanding with a quiz. To move forward, you need a 70% pass rate, ensuring that you’ve truly grasped the material before proceeding. 

Then comes the final exam — a 25-item test that you have two attempts to pass. If you don’t score 70% or higher, you’ll have to start the course over. It’s clear that the school’s emphasis is on learning and not just course completion.

That said, the course isn’t a drag to complete. Its website has a modern look and the pages have a clean layout.

Say goodbye to walls of text — Best Online Traffic School breaks these into learning blocks using images. And these visuals are awesome — definitely something that sparks your interest.

But if you’re not a visual learner, activate the course’s voice-over option and let the recording go through the lessons for you.

Now with all these features, it’s not surprising that their price isn’t the cheapest. You’ll shell out $19.99. But take note that you only need to pay this to take the final exam. The course is totally FREE!

An Online Traffic School That’s Actually Humorous?

There are a lot of comedy-based online traffic schools available in Fresno County, but my favorite (and the only one I’d sign up for myself) is called Traffic School by Improv.

This is the same company that runs all the Improv comedy clubs around the country, but they are based out of Hollywood. In short, they got a bunch of their comedians together to create an online traffic school program and they did an excellent job with it.

You really need to have a goofy sense of humor to enjoy it (don’t expect high-budget stuff here if you know what I mean), but it really is funny and helps you remember the material. You also get 24/7/365 customer support and all the other good stuff.

A Cheap Online Traffic School

So, maybe you don’t need to have all the questions and answers already done for you like in my top choice school. And maybe you don’t care about Hollywood comedians making you laugh during a course like my second choice. Perhaps all you care about is paying the lowest possible price you can get away with while still going with a reputable company.

Well, in that case, Go To Traffic School is for you. The course is a little outdated and the customer service isn’t as good as my previous choices, but this course will guarantee you the lowest price online traffic school. They have had millions of people go through their course and they are actually approved in almost every state in the U.S. (rare for online traffic schools).

BONUS: Those Are ALL The Fastest Fresno, California Online Traffic Schools

So, here’s a nice little kicker for you… All of the above-mentioned Fresno, California-approved online traffic schools are the fastest available by state law. How fast? Pretty much as fast as you can get it done.

They are all set up in the same basic way. There are 6 sections with a short quiz after each section. Once you’re done with all 6 sections, you will need to take and pass a “final exam”. These final exams are simple, so don’t get too stressed over it. Well over 99% of people taking the final exam pass it on the first try and you get several tries to pass.

What’s nice is, with most online traffic schools in other states, you are timed on each page. In other words, you can only progress through the course as fast as the pre-programmed timer will allow. None of the top 4 above-mentioned online traffic schools have course timers at all, so you really can get it done as quickly as you can pass the quizzes and final exam.

So I hope this helps and feel free to leave a comment about the online traffic school you ended up choosing.

What to Look For in an Online Traffic School 

An online traffic school offers you the convenience of completing necessary traffic school courses from the comfort of your home. There are times, however, when you might come across some difficulties when taking an online course. 

To ensure that you’ll have a smooth online traffic school learning experience, you should prepare yourself to face some of the difficulties listed below and find a way to avoid them.

First thing first – the school must be DMV-certified or court-approved. You don’t want to spend all your time, money, and effort in completing a course that won’t be credited in the end. To be sure, always check with your local DMV or court handler if taking the course from the school you have chosen will serve whatever purpose you need it for.

Make sure that the school is capable of issuing your Certificate of Completion on time. It may not matter if you plan to complete the course way ahead of your deadline, but we cannot be sure what lies ahead.

So just in case you find yourself in a tight spot and you end up with only a day or two to finish the course, it’s comforting to know that your school will be able to send it to the court as soon as possible. Remember that supplying the Certificate of Completion is your responsibility, not the school’s.

Another thing to consider that most students take for granted is reliable customer service. You may have questions that need to be answered promptly, so it’s important to register with online schools that offer 24/7 customer service.

Meanwhile, you also have to be careful because some courses have hidden fees that are not revealed during your registration. So make sure to read the fine print and don’t just sign up. Make sure you are aware of the terms and conditions before you agree to it.

Lastly, make sure to do your research. Read traffic school reviews and previous customer feedback to confirm if what the school promises are provided to the students who took their course. 

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