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Florida Traffic School

Need to take the Florida 4-Hour online traffic school? The Florida 4-Hour traffic school program is also called the Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course. Typically, the Florida 4-Hour traffic school course is for those who committed a non-criminal moving violation and have been ordered by the court to complete a basic driver improvement defensive driving class. Fortunately, the 4-Hour traffic school is the fastest traffic school allowed by the state (as compared to 8 and 12 hour traffic school programs for more serious offenses).

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The Florida 4-Hour online traffic school reviews I provided below were created with a few things in mind. I am going to assume that you’re not taking this course by choice. I am also going to assume you just want to get this thing over with as quickly, easily, and as cheap as possible. So, below are the top 3 courses that are approved by the Florida DHSMV for your 4-Hour traffic school requirements. Who am I to be writing up these online traffic school reviews? Below the schools I recommend, I get into my qualifications and why I am a legit dude who is simply trying to help out.

IMPORTANT TIP: While you do not have to take your Florida 4-Hour traffic school online, those are the only traffic schools I will be recommending. Taking your course online is faster, easier, and cheaper. So, unless you enjoy sitting in stuffy classrooms while you get lectured at about how terrible of a driver you are, do yourself a favor and stick with the online options.

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My Top Recommended Florida 4-Hour Online Traffic Schools

Each of the Florida state approved online traffic schools below will get the job done. I wanted to give you a few different options, but note that I have listed these courses in order with my favorite school listed first.


I always recommend iDriveSafely for any state it is approved for. While it is not approved in all states, iDriveSafely has been certified in the state of Florida for many years now. They were actually one of the very first online traffic schools approved by the state of Florida. The reason I always recommend them is because they have truly proven themselves. This is a company who has been around since before online traffic schools ever even existed. Their online courses have seen more than 5,000,000 “students” and yet, they still have an A+ Better Business Bureau and a good reputation online. You also get 24/7/365 U.S. based customer support, it’s mobile friendly, and it won’t take you a second longer than the state mandated 4-hour minimum. If I had to sign up for a Florida 4-Hour traffic school, this is the one I would personally pick.

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Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School
Coming in at a very CLOSE second is the unique Improv Traffic School course. In the state of Florida, the course is actually timed. This is a government requirement and it absolutely sucks. Basically, on each page of the course, you have to wait for a timer before you can progress through the rest of the course. So, if you read a page in 5 minutes, you might be stuck on that page for another 10 minutes until the timer reaches zero. As if online traffic school wasn’t boring enough! Well, Improv Traffic School is owned by the nationwide chain of Improv Comedy Clubs and what they did was genius. They got a bunch of comedians together to create an online traffic school course that is actually fun and entertaining. The only real reason I rank this as my #2 choice is because not everyone will appreciate the whacky and goofy sense of humor they use in the course. However, if you have a goofy sense of humor, this course could make things a whole lot less painful.

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Go To Traffic School

The reason I list Go To Traffic School is because of their lowest price guarantee. All online traffic schools in Florida will be about the same price, but I also realize there are those of you who only want the cheapest state approved course you can get your hands on. Well, this is it. If you find a cheaper 4-hour BDI course in Florida, they will match or beat that price. You might not get as good of customer support and you don’t have world class comedians to listen to, but it’s fast and cheap. This online traffic school has also been around for well over 20 years and generally maintain between an A and a B rating from the BBB. Is it the best course you can sign up for? Not really. Is it the cheapest? YUP!

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Why I Created These Florida 4-Hour Online Traffic School Reviews

The short answer is, I have no life. The long answer is, I’m a certified driving instructor and I am very familiar with online driver training programs. Heck, I’ve even helped to create some online training programs myself. I also have seen first hand the types of scams that are run by supposed “state approved” traffic schools online when they are actually just some scam site run by a dude out of his basement. In order to help combat this and clean up the industry, I started writing online traffic school reviews without ever expecting my reviews to become popular at all. Turns out I was wrong! The reviews I’ve written are very popular and so, I just haven’t stopped. Nobody knows more about online traffic schools than I do. I’m not saying that proudly, believe me! LOL!

While those are my top 3 recommendations above, they certainly aren’t your ONLY options. If you signed up for any of the Florida 4-Hour online traffic school courses besides what I’ve listed above, please give us your input and tell us what you think. Just use the comment box below.

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