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Whether you’re gearing up to get your license for the first time, or you’ve gotten a ticket and need to take a defensive driving course, it’s likely that you’re in the market for a driving school. While first-hand experience is a good way to get real-world practice, that concept can be intimidating to the new driver. Starting out with driving classes online is a great way to get the basics down without having to worry over other people on the road, and many available offer real-world simulations that help with getting familiar with what to expect.

So now you may be wondering: How do I find the right driving classes online for me? Look no further! Here I’ll be providing you with my top five picks for driving classes online, and why they should be your top picks, too.

I Drive Safely

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I Drive Safely has been in the business of providing driving courses online for over 15 years, and provide a myriad of lessons at different skill levels to prepare you for whatever your driving needs may be. Are you a student getting their first driver’s license? They offer defensive driving and traffic school courses, as well as a course outlining all of the rules and responsibilities that you take on when hitting the road. In addition to that, they also offer courses for improvement of more experienced drivers and fleet driver training courses, as well as practice tests to make sure you’re well prepared to pass your driver’s test with your very first try. With this company, the results speak for themselves; they’re able to boast an average of a 5-star rating based on happy customers who have entered reviews, and they’re dedicated to making sure you get the education you need to start and keep driving safely.

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Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School
“I just LOVE going to traffic school’ …said no one, ever. To which we said EDUTAINMENT.”

This is how Improv Traffic school, who were created as a collaboration with the Improv Comedy Club, introduces themselves, and they’ve been providing driving classes online for over 20 years under that same motto. They are committed to making driving school as fun as it can be, while also providing the upmost in driver’s education.

Their courses are approved nationwide, and they boast an overall 4.7-star rating that’s based on recommendations, re-purchase rate, price, and product satisfaction, and they don’t disappoint. Their course allows you to learn at your own pace, while even saving your progress for you if you have to step away, and provide the ability to print your certificate of completion within 30 minutes of finishing. They’re known as “The driving school where you can laugh and learn,” and based on reviews, that’s just what you get: a professional and effective driving course that entertains you as you progress. What better way to learn a new skill?

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Traffic School 101

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If you’re hesitant about learning via “edutainment” and prefer to find driving classes online that provide more straightforward, no-nonsense education, then Traffic School 101 is the course for you. The way this course operates is simple: they provide you with the content you need, present you with the platform needed for testing, and then that’s it. This one really stands apart from the rest in the fact that it is entirely text based. No pictures, no videos, no voiceovers, just simple text that’s easy to follow and gets the job of educating done, and because it’s not filled with flashy details, the cost is pretty nice, too.

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Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School is one of the few that boasts a lowest price guarantee, and will beat any price you can find for driving classes online. While they do lack a bit on quality due to this, they make sure that you get the education you need to get driving, or to get approved by the courts to reinstate your license. If you’re looking for a course that is quick, easy, allows you to learn at your own pace, and is affordable, this one may be the right one for you.

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NDSS Traffic School

NDSS has been providing driving classes online for over a decade, and provides engaging courses to help you get the most out of your driving course. The course is approved nationwide, which ensures that you get a professionally tailored course that meets your state’s standards. It optimizes video and audio clips, interactive animations, and dynamic 3D graphics and texts to make the learning experience as entertaining as possible, and because there are no books or worksheet, it’s a completely ‘green’ option. All you need is your computer and a willingness to learn, and you’re all set. Also important to note is their around the clock customer service, who is there for you 24/7, day or night, to help with any issues you may encounter, and to answer any questions you may have. The price depends on your state, and they make it quick and easy to find all the information you need to start, and get registered to start learning as soon as possible.

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