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Did you ever stop to wonder how many Americans age 16 and up have driver’s licenses? How many adults own or lease a car and depend on it to get to work and run errands? If you actually look up the statistics, roughly 67 percent of all American residents have a driver’s license, and that’s when you include the 20 percent of Americans who are too young to get one. You’ll sometimes find an article that says young people aren’t getting licenses as often, but with numbers like these, driving is still clearly important to us. This also means that the vast majority of us are going to go through drivers ed lessons, and that’s why as a driving instructor, I decided to create this drivers ed reviews page to help you determine the high quality online drivers ed programs from the bad.

If it’s been a while since you took a course, or even if you’ve never taken one before, you can rest easy knowing that it’s still as dull as dishwater. There isn’t much anyone can do to make the rules of driving interesting, but then that’s practically by design. Road signs and defensive driving are there to make our streets safe and predictable.

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The Online Drivers Ed Option

There is one new wrinkle to the drivers ed experience, however. If you live in certain states, you or your teenage child can sign up for drivers ed lessons online instead of in person. This means you can go through the lessons at your own pace and potentially complete a 30-hour course in less time than they advertise. Or, if you need more time, you can go as slowly as you need to without having to worry about anyone else hurrying you up.

On the other hand, there is a certain problem with online drivers ed: which one should you pick? With in-person lessons, you don’t get much of a choice, but with online drivers ed you can choose any of the businesses that are certified to operate in your state. Not all of them are equally good, so how can you tell them apart?

Below I posted some drivers ed reviews, along with my personal ratings, user ratings, and even coupons that you can use before you sign up.

Top Choice – Aceable Online Drivers Ed

Aceable Drivers Ed
Aceable is without a doubt my top pick for every state it has been approved in. They are gaining approval in new states all the time, so click here to see if Aceable is available in your state. If they are in fact approved for drivers education in your state, look no further. This is the single best online driver training course that has ever existed online and I’ve pretty much gone through them all. While any of the courses I listed below will be higher quality, if you compare the Aceable site to the others, the difference becomes pretty obvious very quickly. That difference in quality definitely carries through into the course. Since I started creating drivers ed reviews many years ago, this is the best course that has ever existed.

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Review #2: iDriveSafely Teen Driver Course

5 Star Rating

iDriveSafelyTo date, iDriveSafely has historically been one of my favorite online drivers ed courses. For starters, they have an excellent reputation. They’ve been running online drivers ed programs for well over a decade and have a graduating customer base of about 5 million students as of this writing. In addition to the good things said about them in forums and drivers ed reviews online, they have also maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I also like that they provide both student and parent resources. When a young adult is learning to drive, it should be a combined effort between both teens and parents. The separate parent guide is a big help in that regard. Of course, they have a money back guarantee, 24/7/365 customer support, and offer videos, animations, and interactive games to keep things interesting. This is about as high quality as they come.

Review #3: Improv Traffic School Drivers Ed Program

5 Star Rating

Improv Traffic SchoolImprov Traffic School is my favorite online traffic school and I’m really excited they are now offering online drivers ed programs. Like traffic school, online drivers ed can start to get boring after a while. Learning about driving statistics, how to calculate safe following distances, and learning about traffic signs just isn’t all that engaging. Luckily, the folks from Improv Traffic School are capitalizing on this. A bunch of stand up comedians from the Improv Comedy Club decided to educate through humor and it works wonders. The retention rate when people are laughing and having fun is much higher than when the traditional “serious” (aka: “boring”) approach is used. This school isn’t available in all states yet, but if it’s available in your state, I highly recommend them. Just choose your state from the drop down menu and see if it’s available for you.

Review #4: Online Teen Drivers Ed

4 Star Rating

DriversEd.comHere’s another course that has been around for a really long time. I like sticking with companies that have been around for a while and this was one of the first online schools created. This school recently upgraded all of their videos and animations to give it more of a 3D look and they did a really fantastic job! Like all the other schools I recommend, they also include resources for parents and they’ve got an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau. They’ve also gone the extra mile and got TSC Certified as well. Whether you go with iDriveSafely or this one is all about preference and who you think looks better. They are both great options.

Review #5: Teen Driving Course Online

4 Star Rating

Teen Driving CourseI never really liked this course before because it was getting really outdated. I’m happy to say, it just went through a major face lift and it’s much better! I still think iDriveSafely or the Online Teen Drivers Ed courses are much higher quality, but the prices on this one are usually a little lower. Aside from the quality of the course being a bit lower (it’s not quite as interactive), the company is solid with an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, more than 10 years experience, are TSC Certified, offer a money back guarantee, etc.

Review #6: Driver Ed To Go Teen Driving Course

4 Star Rating

Traffic School To GoHere’s another good option. I don’t think it’s the highest quality of the bunch, but it’s a good one for the budget minded. Of course, the company is rated with an A+ through the Better Business Bureau, they’ve been around more than 10 years, and I’ve had them on my website for 2 years now without a single complaint, and they are TSC Certified. The reason I don’t like them as much is because everything is lower quality. They’ve got the animations, graphics, and videos, but it’s simply lower quality than the iDriveSafely course. However, they are legit and I know a lot of people like to buy based on price. Use the link below to check for current pricing, but chances are, they are the cheapest online drivers education course you’ll find.

Review #7: Safe2Drive Online Drivers Ed

4 Star Rating

safe2drive logo
Your first order of business is to find a stellar driver’s ed course and an A-list driving instructor to provide the best possible training. If you’re up for the task, the best way to ensure your child is in the most capable hands is to make yourself the instructor. That’s right, you can be the instructor, thanks to Safe2Drive’s Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education program. Safe2Drive is operated by Inventrum, LLC, which was founded in 2003 and provides online defensive driving, traffic safety, and driver’s ed courses in 11 states. Safe2Drive’s Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE) Course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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What Else Can This Site Do For You?

Back in the day, I started in order to review traffic schools, which have gone online in much greater numbers thanks to looser standards. Since then, however, I’ve expanded into drivers ed reviews and the kind of safe driving tips they don’t teach you in a standardized curriculum. You won’t find many other online drivers ed reviews out there thanks to how boring the material is, and so you could say that I’m doing it so no one else has to.

Because the lesson plan is very standardized, my drivers ed reviews focus on other aspects of the experience. Does the course make full use of the online medium? Does it offer interactive lessons, animations and full video, and presentations that use both text and audio? How long has the company been around, and how many successful graduates does it have? What’s their reputation, both with the Better Business Bureau and with the people leaving comments on social media sites?

My drivers ed reviews combine all this information to let you know what you or your child are in for when you sign up for an online course. After all, just because drivers ed is a dull experience doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than the best. I’ve also found coupons and discounts for some of the courses during my research, and you can take full advantage of them.

What Else I Offer

Once you’ve gone through my traffic school and drivers ed reviews, you can still make good use of my site. I spent years working as a long-haul trucker, and then more years as a commercial driver’s license instructor, and throughout all that time I maintained a perfect driving record. It’s this dedication to driving that inspired me to write drivers ed reviews in the first place, and I’ve written a few articles for my site in order to share what I’ve learned. This includes how to drive in bad weather and how to lawfully avoid getting a ticket.

So thanks for visiting, and I hope you find what you’re looking for while you’re here. Safe driving has always been a passion of mine, and thanks to my site I can now share my passion and help other people save their time and money at the same time.