Does Having A Crash Cam In Your Car Protect You Or Put You At Risk?

Does Having A Crash Cam In Your Car Protect You Or Put You At Risk?

The main reason many opt for having a dash cam in their vehicle is for protection, and while there are many other creative uses for a crash cam, like documenting a road trip or keeping tabs on a teenager’s driving skills, protection remains number one. One concern that’s often brought up, however, is if a crash cam actually protects you, or if it puts you further at risk.

A crash cam should protect you first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean having one plainly visible doesn’t sometimes get a little risky.

The main risk that comes along with having a crash cam in your vehicle is theft, and like having any electronic device prominently displayed in your vehicle, a nice device with a potentially high value can tempt those with intent to break into your car. To solve this problem, modern crash cam technology provides two options, a stealthy crash cam that really takes some effort to be seen when installed into your car, or a dash cam that monitors your vehicle with parking surveillance that can catch whomever may try to break in.

Crash Cam With Parking Surveillance

Parking surveillance on a crash cam works a lot like home surveillance – it begins recording when motion is detected at a certain range around your vehicle and keeps recording until that motion goes away. One such crash cam that offers parking surveillance is the Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD, which is easy to use, can be installed to work in two different vehicles, and keeps watch on your vehicle while you’re not around. This crash cam is equipped with Intelli-Batt anti-battery drain technology, so your car doesn’t need to be running to keep it powered, and its simple touch screen function makes it user friendly and easy to use right from the box.

The Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD offers a whole lot more than just parking surveillance, and this is a crash cam that can be used for just about any purpose you have in mind, from protection to recording the fun stuff like a road trip. Not just a crash cam, this unit is also fully equipped with a GPS hooked into Google Maps, and can track your location, your speed, weather, and your route as you go along on the road. The Falcon Zero is compatible with micro SD cards of up to 64GB, so you can record plenty of surveillance or driving footage at once without worry of the memory becoming all used up.

There are a couple of cons, however, with using the Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD for discreet surveillance, however, as the unit is flashier and looks more valuable than some others. The full HD touch screen can be enticing to those who may have less than great intentions around vacant vehicles, and should be placed in a position in your vehicle that isn’t as easily seen.

Crash Cam With Stealth

One of the best ways to ensure your crash cam is protecting you and not putting you at risk is to emphasize stealth in the crash cam that you choose. These stealthy units will typically go unseen while you’re driving or parked and can make sure you get a truly accurate account of a trip without worry. Another perk to these stealthy crash cam units is that they don’t distract, and you won’t need to be concerned with having your attention taken away from the road because you have a flashier crash cam in line with your peripheral vision.

Stealthy crash cams can come in all sizes, shapes, and specifications, so your options are truly limitless with a stealthier option. For something affordable and useful, the Pruveeo F5 is priced at under $40, and it has one of the stealthiest designs to stay concealed when installed onto your windshield. One great perk of this affordable and stealthy crash cam is that your footage can be viewed in real time using a smartphone application for both Android and iOS devices, so if you know how to use your smartphone, you already know how to access your footage. Over 230 customers on Amazon have given this stealthy crash cam a 4.3 out of 5 star review, proving that it’s a pleaser to those looking for convenience, stealth, and usefulness for a price that they can afford.

Stealthy crash cams can come with quite a few more bells and whistles than what the Pruveeo F5 offers, and if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more high-tech, you can get this, too. For instance, the Rexing V1P crash cam is a stealthy crash cam with dual camera capabilities to cover sweeping views both in front of and behind your vehicle, ideal for larger cars and trucks, it has WDR night vision technology, loop recording, G sensor, and has been tested to function in extreme weather conditions. Something that uses a bit more high-tech technologies will be pricier, however, but the Rexing V1P still comes in at a very affordable price at under $130.

Protection Without The Risk

Does Having A Crash Cam In Your Car Protect You Or Put You At Risk? The crash cam of your choice can offer you the protection without the risk if you consider first the type and model of crash cam that you’re investing in. The larger, flashier, and more expensive models left in your vehicle overnight or in high-theft areas will naturally be riskier choices than something smaller or able to take surveillance when you’re not around, and these are the types that will keep you protected no matter what. If you plan to leave your crash cam in your vehicle at all times, and not bring it in with you overnight, it may pay to opt for something with these functions or designs over a crash cam that is flashier in nature or boasts a more expensive look. With crash cams, protection should always be number one, and it remains so when you find the cam that is right for you.

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