Why American Drivers Are Installing Dash Cams – And Why You Should Too

Dash Cam

If you are looking for accessories for your vehicle, a dash cam is probably not the first thing you think of. Even so, a dash cam could prove to be far more valuable than a new set of chrome wheels or a smartly-styled spoiler.

Dash cams are so important and so valuable that many countries, including Russia, now require their use. While Atlanta area drivers are not required to install dash cams, many of them are doing so anyway. Here are just a few reasons why a dash cam is the ultimate automotive accessory.

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Back Up Your Story During a Traffic Stop

No matter how well you drive, there is bound to be a moment of panic and trepidation when you see those flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. Being pulled over by the police is never a pleasant experience, and it is even worse when you are convinced you have done nothing wrong.

A dash cam can provide valuable backup if you are indeed innocent. The view from your dash cam can provide vital information on everything from the weather conditions during the traffic stop to the demeanor of the officer who pulled you over. If a question arises later, the video your dash cam captured can provide a valuable legal defense and back up your side of the story if you end up in court.

Make Accident Recreation Easier

No one wants to be involved in an accident, but crashes happen just the same. One of the hardest parts of any accident is determining which driver was at fault. While it is only natural for each driver to blame the other, it is important to have an independent witness describe what really happened.

A dash cam is the ultimate independent witness. The view from the dash cam can be very telling — and that video footage could prove invaluable to the insurance adjusters trying to reconstruct the accident and establish the chain of events.

Keep Young Drivers Safe Behind the Wheel

While parents love to see their children becoming more independent, many dread their offspring’s 16th birthday. They worry that their son or daughter will not be a good driver, or that they will engage in risky behaviors like texting while driving or riding with a driver who has been drinking.

If your teenager is looking forward to getting their license but you are fearing for their safety, installing a dash cam is a great way to set your mind at ease. Simply knowing mom and dad will be watching can be enough to improve teen driving, and parents can check in on their new driver any time they are worried.

Lower Your Insurance Costs

Car insurance companies have a vested interest in how well you drive, but until now it has been hard for insurers to make that determination. While car insurers could look at things like accident history and past tickets, those criteria were limited in scope and rarely told the whole picture.

Advances in technology have made it possible for insurers to gain a better and more accurate picture of how their customers drive. Some insurance companies place so much value on this information that they offer significant discounts to drivers who demonstrate their safety behind the wheel. Black box devices are currently being used to record driving behaviors, including speed and braking techniques. In the future, insurers may back that information up with dash cam videos and offer even steeper discounts for drivers who are willing to share the information.

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