Colony Driving School Review – Is This A Good Driving School?

Colony Driving School Review

Colony Driving School is a popular driving school for driver’s education in the Sugar Grove, Texas area. As a former driving instructor, I created this blog to help drivers ed students and their parents find high quality driving schools.

Unfortunately, many driving schools and drivers ed programs out there will lure you in with big promises and then fail at delivering a positive experience.

For example, a massive issue in the driver training industry is the lack of high quality driving instructors.

You are either stuck with booked instructors which means it could take many months to get enough drive time, or you get stuck with low quality or even brand new driving instructors.

This is frustrating for students and parents for good reason.

Is Colony Driving School High Quality

After performing a thorough review of Colony Driving School, it does appear this is a high-quality drivers ed school with a very good reputation that has been built over a 20 year period in the Sugar Grove, Texas area.

Their main focus is behind-the-wheel training. While they do offer classroom-based drivers ed training as well, the vast majority of students are taking their “classroom” portion of their driver’s ed training online.

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The driving lessons at Colony Driving School are structured into 7 different lessons. 

Many driving schools simply take students out on the road for the sole purpose of completing their driving hours without much of a structure to ensure students experience a vast array of driving conditions. 

It’s nice to see Colony Driving School providing a structured outline. 

With my experience in the industry and after performing my Colony Driving School review, I can confidently say this is a high-quality driver training facility and I would consider Colony Driving School to be above average as compared to other driving schools in the area. 

So, if you’ve been thinking of signing up, I see nothing of concern.

Alternatives To Colony Driving School

While Colony Driving School does appear to be an entirely legitimate and high-quality driving school, the state of Texas has given students and parents some rather enticing alternatives.

For starters, I would always recommend using this online driving school to complete your classroom portion of driver’s ed.

While all students are different and some may learn better in a typical classroom environment, I’ve found that the majority of students are able to learn and retain information better through the use of an online driving school that can deliver material in interactive ways.

However, there is another option you can use that most of the local driving schools don’t want you to know about.

The state of Texas has what is called Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE).

With Parent Taught Drivers Ed, driving students complete their classroom portion of the training online, and the parent/guardian then becomes the driving instructor for their child.

That means, you never have to use a private driving school for behind-the-wheel training in Texas if you don’t want to.

For many parents and students, this is a massively beneficial option and most parents are just fine taking on the role of “driving instructor”.

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Recommended Parent Taught Drivers Ed Course

If you decide on opting for a Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed, here are 2 online schools that are highly recommended.

The first one is (PT108. Online Course for Ages 14-17). 

They are one of the first online driver’s ed courses approved for parent-taught driver’s ed. In addition to that, they have an A+ BBB rating, which ensures that they are providing good service to their clients. 

DriversEd’s Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed Program is perfect for busy families because the course is 100% available online.

As soon as you get the TDLR approval, you will receive a comprehensive PTDE Program Guide, along with the receipt of your purchase. 

Without any additional requirements, your teen can start the online course right away. He or she can access the course anywhere, using any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc). The platform has an auto-save feature so your teen can switch between devices, and, log in and out of the course without losing his or her progress.

For the in-car training part, DriversEd’s program will provide you maximum freedom in choosing how you want to teach your teen. You don’t need to follow a strict schedule as long as you meet the required training hours.

Next, we got Aceable, which is one of the newer state-approved parent-taught driver’s ed courses. But don’t worry, despite being new, Aceable provides a state-of-the-art parent-taught driver’s ed course. 

Just like DriversEd, they offer sufficient resources for both students and parents to go on with the training.

But what’s great about their course is that they have the most modern and highest quality videos as compared to other course providers – the perks of being one of the newest driving schools.

They also provide convenience, with a mobile app that allows your teen to access the course while on the go. 

Final Thoughts About Colony Driving School in Sugar Grove, Texas

Colony Driving School is an excellent place to learn how to drive whether you’re a teen or an adult. They have a fantastic reputation and I see no reason to avoid this school.

In fact, compared to many other driving schools in the area, this is one of the better options to go with.

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