Cobra XRS 9745 Review

Cobra XRS 9745 Review

Cobra XRS 9745
There is nothing more troublesome than getting a speeding ticket while you’re on the way to work or just starting a long-distance road trip. Not only is a speeding ticket going to take time out of your day while the officer issues you a citation, it is obviously going to cost you money. For some, the cost is limited to the fine itself. For others, too many tickets can result in higher insurance fees and even larger fines in the future for repeated offenses.

Many drivers try to avoid the headache of a speeding ticket by purchasing a radar detector. Designed to identify law enforcement radar and laser signals in use, detectors provide drivers with audible alerts when radar guns and other equipment are in use within a certain range. We’ve taken the work of conducting research into the various radar detectors available, and compiled the relevant features, pros, and cons of the Cobra XRS 9745.

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Factors that Matter in Choosing Cobra XRS 9745

The first thing you need to consider in any planned purchase is the price of the product. This is always important. If you are buying from an online platform like Amazon and eBay, make sure you are getting high-quality products at the most reasonable prices. Try to compare prices before settling where to purchase your item.

Next, you might also want to check the product’s features and functionality. Make sure that you are buying the product because it has the features that you need. Check the specs and this article to get a full review of the features it offers.

Lastly, don’t forget to check on reviews from previous customers. This is a great way to get insight into their first-hand experience using the product they bought. These reviews are usually honest because they are hard to manipulate. You can trust that what customers’ feedback says is close to the reality of what you can expect from the product, in this case from Cobra XRS 9745.

Features of the Cobra XRS 9745

The Cobra XRS 9745 is the next-generation model of another Cobra detector featured on this site, the Cobra XRS 9370. This particular radar detector from Cobra is one of the most advanced models available for sale today. It offers 15-band radar detection that is capable of identifying seven radars, six lasers, and two safety signals. Not only is the Cobra XRS 9745 capable of detecting all radar and laser signals in use in the US and Canada, but it is also capable of detecting the most popular radar signal (Ku) used in Europe.

The beneficial features of this model are too numerous to list individually in this review, but we can go over some of the more impressive ones that should leave you with no doubts about purchasing one. For starters, the Cobra XRS 9745 comes with VG-2 and Spectre I/II protection, which means your radar device will not be detected by law enforcement detectors attempting to identify civilian equipment.

Cobra’s Xtreme Range Superheterodyne and LaserEye technology make it one of the most effective devices available. Xtreme Range gives this model a larger effective range, and its 360-degree LaserEye allows it to detect signals both in front of and behind your vehicle.

If you had to point out two features that truly set this model apart from the competition, it would be the DigiView Data display and the Voice Alert System. The DigiView display provides easy-to-read indicators during operation. Rather than looking down to see which indicators are lighting up as signals are detecting, the Cobra XRS 9745 provides audible alerts that tell you which radar bands have been identified and allow you to keep your eyes on the road.

Additional benefits include the IntelliMute system that automatically adjusts the volume of the unit based upon speed and the IntelliShield False Signal Rejection that provides a three-level City mode that helps prevent false alerts that are common in urban areas.

Pros of the Cobra XRS 9745

The power and accuracy of the Cobra XRS 9745 are almost unmatched in the market by other radar detectors. The Xtreme Range and LaserEye features on this detector function immaculately on the open road. Drivers already using this device find that not only does the XRS 9745 detect patrol cars before they are visible with the naked eye, but that it also identifies signals coming both from in front and behind vehicles.

Where this unit really shines is with the added features. Countless drivers have raved about the added benefit of the little extras the Cobra XRS 9745 possesses that other radar detectors don’t offer. The IntelliMute system reliably and accurately adjusts the volume as drivers speed up and slow down, ensuring that the alerts and audible signals are always easy to hear.

While most units boast a City/Highway mode that improves false signal rejection in urban areas compared to rural areas, the Cobra XRS 9745 takes it a step further. The City mode on this model has three levels of intensity, allowing it to more accurately adjust false signal rejection capabilities in dense urban areas. With a few exceptions, the three-level City mode performs as expected.

Last but not least, the audible alerts are extremely useful. Rather than taking your eyes off the road and having to focus on the radar signals, you can keep your focus on the road and let the detector alert you with audible cues so you know which radar and laser signals have been detected.

Cons of the Cobra XRS 9745

The biggest con involving this particular model is its relatively bulky size. Most drivers prefer to have a radar detector that has a slim profile, especially given the fact that law enforcement uses radar detector-detectors. While this device comes with VG-2 and Spectre prevention that makes it difficult for police to detect your radar detector, you can’t hide its larger profile when it is mounted on your windshield above the dash.

As with many devices, there have been complaints that this model does not live up to the hype when it comes to early warnings. When the number of consumers that praise the unit is compared to the number that complains about its effectiveness, it seems obvious that those who experienced issues in detection are anomalies.

Honest Assessment of the Cobra XRS 9745

You will be hard-pressed to find another radar detector on the market today that offers both the number of features the Cobra XRS 9745 has, at the same price this model offers. When you’re shopping for a radar detector, you will notice that many of the detectors that boast 15 band detection capability offer little benefit beyond that range.

If you want to spend in excess of $200, you will certainly find other models that have some of the same features as this Cobra model. What you won’t find is another detector with all of these features at an affordable price. For those looking to remain safe, and push the speed limit from time to time, the Cobra XRS 9745 is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself in the end.

Updates on Cobra XRS 9745 this 2023

Checking Amazon, this model is no longer available. Plus, there’s a note that they don’t even know when or if the item will be back in stock. The last customer reviews for this product are from 2014 and 2015. Some sites tag it as discontinued. However, it appears that brand new XRS 9745 is still available on eBay (though the latest customer review is from 2016).


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