Cobra XRS 9345 Review

Cobra XRS 9345

Cobra XRS 9345 Review
Do you always follow the posted speed limit when you are out running errands or driving across the country? If you’re like the rest of us, you undoubtedly drift over the speed limit on occasion. Nobody is perfect behind the wheel. It is difficult to ignore the allure of the open road. When we encounter long stretches of open road on cross-country trips, it is hard to keep that needle below 65 (or 75).

Regardless of the circumstances, the police have a job to do. That job includes handing out fines to drivers traveling in excess of the local speed limit. In most cases, drivers are caught by police when they had no idea there was a squad car in the area. Police use radar guns and laser detection devices to determine the speed of your vehicle. Fortunately, those devices emit signals that are identifiable by radar detectors.

Cobra is a brand that is synonymous with radar detectors, and the Cobra XRS 9345 is one of its best-selling models. So, is the XRS 9345 worth it? This review takes a look at the features, pros, and cons of the XRS as analyzed by us and reported by other consumers.

Features of the Cobra XRS 9345

The XRS 9345 offers 14-band detection that helps drivers identify when some of the most common law enforcement detectors are in use in their environment. This model can detect a total of seven radars, six lasers, and one safety signal device. The XRS 9345 accomplishes this feat with the help of its LaserEye, a 360-degree detection feature that can detect signals coming from both the front and rear of your vehicle.

Police forces around the country have been cracking down on the use of commercial radar detectors by using equipment designed to identify when drivers are using them in their vehicles. You can combat this effort by law enforcement with the XRS 9345. The device is VG-2, Spectre Alert I, and Spectre Alert IV undetectable. This feature makes the device harder for police radar detector-detectors to identify. As an added fail-safe, the XRS 9345 has VG-2 and Spectre alerts to inform you when the area you are in is under surveillance by police.

One of the unique features of Cobra devices is the POP Mode radar gun detection. Police have adapted their tactics with the help of detection devices that have a super-fast instant-on mode that turns on quickly to tag drivers and shuts off just as fast. With POP Mode detection on this device, you’re better prepared to detect these guns and avoid an uncomfortable encounter with police. The list of features on the XRS 9345 is impressive, but do they work?

Pros of the Cobra XRS 9345

When it comes to offering the little extras, the XRS 9345 delivers with a number of features that make it easy to use while also improving performance. The City/Highway mode lets you adjust the performance of the radar detector when you switch between wide-open highways and the denser confines of city streets. There are a number of other signals that can interfere when you drive through urban areas (such as garage door openers, for example), and the available City/Highway mode switches helps compensate and avoid false alarms.

As far as the user interface is concerned, all Cobra models are noted for being easy to use. The IntelliMute Pro technology used in this device offers a speed-sensitive auto-mute that helps eliminate false alarms as you are driving. The safety alert feature is also highly reliable when it comes to warning drivers about approaching emergency vehicles and railroad crossings.

The display is another added benefit of the Cobra XRS 9345. The UltraBright data display makes it easy to read the alerts on the device, and the dim mode ensures that the detector’s display will darken at night so that it doesn’t distract you while you are driving.

One driver after another has praised the performance of the Cobra. This particular model has proven itself worthy by detecting police radar activity on a consistent basis. Like every good product though, there are some downsides to the XRS 9345 as well.

And unlike other detectors in this price range that have a tendency to fall off, you’ll get strong suction cups with the Cobra XRS 9345. Plus, you also get a sturdy bracket that has no problem in keeping it firmly in place, no matter how turbulent your journey is. So you won’t need to pull out any good old duct tape here!

Cons of the Cobra XRS 9345

As good as this device is at detecting radar, it fails in most cases to deliver on its performance promises. The XRS 9345 claims to have high-performance capabilities that make it possible for you to identify police signals before you make visual contact with officers. Unfortunately, the range of the XRS 9345 is questionable. While many drivers find it effective on the open road, its ability to perform at the same level in suburban and dense, urban areas remains questionable.

The most common complaint is that the XRS 9345 goes off too often. Numerous drivers have pointed out that this Cobra model will beep for almost anything, or worse, beep at nothing. Beeping at nothing is inconvenient, but beeping at everything is worse. When the device is constantly going off, the sense of urgency you get when you hear an alert is dampened. When you don’t trust your radar detector, you don’t listen anymore. Eventually, you may ignore the alerts and see a set of flashing lights in your mirror.

However, this is often the result of your Cobra XRS 9345 picking up bands that aren’t used by the cops anymore. Bands such as X used to be popular among the police force but aren’t now, and are seldom used in most areas where they’ve upgraded to new equipment. To adjust this you could read the manual for information on how to change band settings. But be sure to check the bands used by the cops in your local area first, as a few areas may still be using outdated equipment.

Another cause of false alarms is often new vehicles that emit waves as a result of all the new gadgetry that can be found in them. While the XRS 9345 does have features to prevent this, it isn’t perfect. This can make it a real problem around certain vehicles. And sadly you won’t be able to program it out either.

Honest Assessment of the Cobra XRS 9345

Generally speaking, Cobra radar detectors are held in high regard. Their devices are well known for providing consistent results. However, sometimes you come across a device that performs at the level you expect given its price. Higher-priced models are often more powerful and provide the type of results drivers expect. The Cobra XRS 9345 is moderately  priced at around $100 and performs to that level.

The best advice we can give you is to temper your expectations. If you are looking for a radar detector for the first time and aren’t a habitual speeder, this is a good device to start with. If, however, you are counting on something to protect you from excessive speeding on a frequent basis, you might be better off investing your money in a more reliable device.

But if you’re looking for something to get the job done to recoup the initial investment made, then the Cobra XRS 9345 will save you a fair few times, making it well worth the cost. And thanks to its age, you’ll be able to it on sites such as eBay, usually priced under $50!

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